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Top 10 Misconceptions About Buying Glasses Online

Top10.com Staff
It’s easier than ever to buy eyeglasses online. Yet many people are hesitant about ordering glasses online, in large part because there’s a lot of confusion over what the process entails. Here’s a look at the 10 most common misconceptions about buying glasses online and a glimpse into how smooth the online process can actually be.

Myth #1: You Can’t See How Your Glasses Look on You

The most common myth about buying glasses online is that you can’t see how your glasses will look on your face. That’s a big deal for most people, since your eyeglasses are as much a part of your identity and style as your haircut.

The truth is, though, that it’s easy to see how your glasses will look. Most online retailers offer a virtual visualizer using your computer’s camera. These visualizers offer the same experience as if you were looking in a mirror with your glasses on.

Myth #2: The Selection is Small

Another all-too-common belief is that when you shop online, you’re forced to choose from just a handful of different frames.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Many online glasses stores have hundreds of different frames from a variety of popular brands. Plus, if you can’t find the style you’re looking for, you don’t even have to drive to another store - you can just click to another online glasses shop with a different selection.

Myth #3: There are No Designer Glasses

People also commonly believe that to buy designer glasses, you have to go into a brick and mortar store. But that’s not the case, either.

In fact, online glasses stores frequently carry designer brands. If you have a brand you like, you can easily filter the selection just like you might visit that brand’s shelf in a physical store. In addition, some eyeglass frame designers have their own websites where you can order directly.

Myth #4: Online Glasses are Lower Quality

It’s true that you can find cheap online glasses that don’t live up to expectations. But it’s not true that all online glasses are of lower quality than their in-store counterparts, or even that most are.

In many cases, the glasses you buy online are the same high-quality, durable frames you could buy in stores. The reason they tend to cost less isn’t because they’re cheaper knock-offs, but because it costs the retailer less to sell online than to maintain a physical store.

Myth #5: Online Eyeglasses are More Expensive

The myth that buying glasses online is more expensive than buying glasses in a store simply isn’t true. In fact, the opposite is more likely to be true. You can typically find the same pair of glasses online that you might find in a store, but at a 10-20% lower price.

To be fair, some online retailers charge extra for lenses, coatings, and other add-ons. But you’ll face these same charges at a traditional eyeglasses shop.

Myth #6: You Can’t Use Online Glasses if You Need Specialty Lenses

If you wear specialty lenses, such as multifocal or high-index lenses, it’s true that you might have a harder time finding glasses online than someone who needs more common lenses. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get specialty lenses online.

Many online retailers offer multifocal and high-index lenses. You’ll just need to check upfront whether this is the case for the shop you visit, since you don’t want to spend time finding the perfect frames online to discover that you can’t get the lenses you need for them.

Myth #7: There’s No Way to Get the Fit Right

Fit is another major concern that keeps people away from buying glasses online. To be sure, there’s nothing worse than a pair of eyeglasses that doesn’t quite fit right.

However, you don’t need to visit a store in-person in order to be fitted for eyeglasses. Most online stores have a virtual fit process that involves taking measurements of your face through your webcam. The process is quick and enables you to get the perfect fit every time you buy online.

Myth #8: Prescription Errors are Common Online

One myth you might have heard is that online stores are likely to mix up your prescription and send you lenses that don’t work for your eyes. The truth, though, is that this issue is much more common at traditional glasses stores than at online glasses shops.

That’s because online stores typically cut and customize their frames in-house, whereas brick and mortar glasses stores often send your frames out to third-party vendors for customization. The fewer times your prescription information needs to be transferred, the lower the chances that it will be lost in translation along the way.

Myth #9: It Takes Too Long to Receive Your Glasses

Many people believe that ordering eyeglasses online takes longer than ordering them in-store. However, the average time from order to delivery for online glasses is around 10 days, whereas the average for brick and mortar stores is over 14 days.

The difference is because online glasses stores do all the customization in-house. That speeds up the cutting and lens crafting process significantly. Plus, many use two-day shipping to get you your glasses as quickly as possible.

Myth #10: It’s Hard to Return Online Eyeglasses

Perhaps the best thing about buying eyeglasses online is that, despite common misconceptions, they’re incredibly easy to return. If for some reason you don’t like the frames or they don’t fit right, you can typically send them back with no questions asked.

Many online glasses stores will even pay for return shipping so you don’t have to spend any money on a pair of eyeglasses that’s not right for you.

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