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Top 10 Best Internet Service Providers Of 2024 - Comparison & Reviews

Daniel Blechynden
Best Internet Providers

Choosing the right internet service provider (ISP) means finding the right balance of price, speed, infrastructure, and logistics. While price is always an important deciding factor, you’ll also want to consider which connection type best suits your internet usage styles, which speeds you’ll require, and which providers service your home. A family of five, for example, will likely require a different set of features than a serious gamer.

There are currently thousands of internet service providers in the US, ranging from a handful of large, nationwide ISPs to many smaller, local providers (or subsidiaries of large providers). 

We’ve researched and reviewed a number of ISPs from across the industry and rounded up the top 10 internet providers options for you to choose from. 

  • CenturyLink -
  • Earthlink - Fiber -
Frequently Asked Questions
Are there any hidden fees in internet plans?+-

Yes, internet plans can surprise you with loads of hidden fees. These can include equipment rental costs, installation fees, excess data usage charges, and early termination fees.

Is “unlimited” data really unlimited?+-

It depends. Some providers, such as Google Fiber, offer truly unlimited data with zero data caps. Others advertise “unlimited data” with data caps; though technically you always have more data, these providers will significantly reduce your network speed once you hit the data cap.

Are advertised internet speeds accurate?+-

Advertised internet speeds usually represent the maximum speed your plan supports. It’s rare to ever actually reach them, and you may experience speeds more than 10 times slower than advertised.

What’s the difference between home WiFi providers and other ISPs?+-

An ISP delivers an internet connection to your property, but it will often be up to you to set up WiFi or wired connections. A home WiFi provider will help you develop an effective WiFi solution to ensure you have a high level of connectivity across your property.

Daniel Blechynden
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