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Angie's List House Cleaning Review

Sarah Badani

In a Nutshell

Angie’s List gives users an easy, fast way to access multiple service providers for any home improvement project, including for house cleaning. Once you enter your personal information, you will receive quotes from relevant house cleaning service providers. Angie’s List also hosts a range of resources, including millions of verified user reviews, to help you better choose the best house cleaning service for your needs.


  • Millions of verified reviews
  • Numerous resources available
  • Access multiple service providers quickly


  • Access requires entering personal information
  • Users may be contacted by numerous service providers
  • Many benefits only for paying members

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Angie’s List at a Glance

Services offered
Service provider matching 
Average price range
$180 per visit
Work guarantee
Verify with service provider
Contract requirements
Verify with service provider
Cleaning Supplies/Equipment Included (Y/N)
Verify with service provider

Cleaning Services Offered

There are as many types of cleaning services as there are types of mess, so take a moment to determine what your specific cleaning needs are before using Angie’s List to find relevant service providers.

Basic cleaning will include tasks like dusting, bathroom cleaning, mopping, and other light work. For deeper cleaning, for example, after a renovation or before putting your house on the market, basic cleaning services won't suffice. Of course, the deeper the clean, the higher the cost. In addition to the premium for deep cleaning, you may also be charged more for specific tasks like duct cleaning or carpet shampooing. Make sure to check with several service providers before committing to make sure you are getting the right individual or team for the job.

Aside from basic residential cleaning and residential deep-cleaning, many cleaning services offer commercial or janitorial cleaning and eco-friendly options. When using Angie’s List, you can look for companies specializing in cleaning larger high-traffic areas like offices, or request that the company use less harmful, natural cleaning products. No matter what your preferences are or what type of cleaning service you are looking for, Angie’s List will find a cleaner for you.

Equipment and Supplies

When you use Angie’s List to find a local cleaning service, you have the freedom to find house cleaning professionals that meet your specific requirements. Some professional house cleaners bring their own tools and cleaning supplies, while others rely on homeowners to provide them. If this is something that is important to you, Angie’s List will help you find the house cleaning service that meets your needs.

Hiring a cleaning service that provides all of the equipment and supplies will save you time but may cost slightly more. On the other hand, some homeowners prefer to control which supplies or products are used in their homes. This may include using only eco-friendly and non-chemical cleaning products or non-scratch mops and cloths for more delicate jobs.


The national average cost for house cleaning services is $180 per visit, or between $25 - $45 dollars per hour. Some services are less expensive, and others are more, but this is a ballpark estimate. This is the estimated cost of having a standard cleaning service for around 4 hours of work. However, if you need specialized cleaning tasks, these will likely be priced separately.

Some examples of projects that will incur an added cost are duct cleaning, carpet shampooing, and cleaning behind and under large appliances. Make sure you discuss all of the details with candidates before closing the deal to avoid confusion or disappointment.


“Before Angie's List, selecting a service provider was like throwing darts blindfolded. Those who report on Angie's List have helped me make informed, logical, educated decisions. I am truly grateful.” Nancy from Minnesota

“When I had a problem with a service provider, Angie stuck up for me, and I got action immediately. I wish I would have called earlier!” Robert from Ohio

Work Guarantee

Most reputable house cleaning service providers will stand by their work and resolve any issues immediately. Using a company with a satisfaction guarantee will give you peace of mind that the cleaners will do the best job they can, and is a good indicator of a company's credibility. When you use Angie's List to find a house cleaning service near you, you can verify whether the company offers a work guarantee before committing. In addition, check Angie's List verified user reviews to find a company that others have been satisfied with.

Other Services Offered

Angie's List is an online platform matching qualified home improvement professionals with registered users. With vetted pros in hundreds of home improvement categories, Angie's List members can quickly receive quotes for any job. In addition to matching users with service providers, Angie's List hosts a review platform for verified users with millions of reviews. This is helpful to other members that may be deliberating between different network partners—Angie's List reviews give real information about specific affiliates, so you can make an educated decision. Angie's List also delivers a range of educational resources on almost any home improvement topic.

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If you are fed up with house cleaning or need a deep-cleaning after a renovation, Angie's List can help. With a vast network of cleaning professionals, all you have to do is enter your information to receive quotes quickly. Angie's List offers several tiers of paid membership in addition to free Green Member status. However, even those using the free version can access millions of verified reviews, price calculators, and other resources to help you find the best house cleaning service for your needs and at a price you can afford.

Sarah Badani writes for top10.com and has extensive research and review experience in the finance industry. With a degree in psychology and education, she brings a level of depth and understanding to her writing along with her own flavor to spice up each topic in a unique and inviting way.
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