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10 Reasons To Send Your Loved One Flowers

Ioana Andrei
Offering flowers to close friends, partners, or family members is a gentle gesture with the power to revive or strengthen a relationship. However, with so many alternatives to show you care—from text messages to gift cards—it’s hard to identify appropriate times to send a real-life bouquet.

Worry not—we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll examine the top ten reasons to send your loved one flowers, including examples of floral arrangements you can create for the occasion.

10 Reasons To Send Your Loved One Flowers

Here are some creative ideas for sending flowers to family and friends.

  1. It’s their birthday!

Who doesn’t feel loved when someone close remembers their birthday? Follow-up question: who doesn’t appreciate a flower bouquet accompanying a birthday wish? 

Show your friends or loved ones how well you know them by choosing a bouquet with their favorite flower. Or, you could go for one that complements their personality—for instance, a big multicolored bouquet for your slightly eccentric friend. Consider their lifestyle, too. If they’re green-fingered, you could go for a potted indoor flower, such as the anthurium or African violet.

Sending flowers is especially thoughtful if you can’t make someone’s birthday bash. Pick a bouquet using an online flower delivery service and let the florist handle the arrangement and delivery.

  1. They achieved something awesome.

Most of us enjoy recognition. If your friend achieved a personal milestone—maybe they got a promotion or completed a marathon—mark the occasion with a celebratory bouquet. Victories are that much sweeter when an ally sings your praises.

The thought counts here, so you don’t need to spend much time or money. For instance, you could take your friend out for a “congratulations” lunch and bring a discreet bouquet of tulips or carnations.

  1. They helped you move in.

Or maybe they looked after your pet, provided excellent relationship advice, or something else—you name it. While their help was unconditional, you can still express your appreciation with a floral arrangement, reminding them what a good friend they are.

Be specific about what you’re grateful for because this can make your loved one feel even more appreciated. For instance, you might send a colorful, fragrant bouquet with a handwritten note that explains what their support means to you.

  1. You’re celebrating a milestone together.

Is it your first-date anniversary as a couple? Or maybe it’s been five years since you went on a friendship-defining trip together? By marking the milestone with a memorable bouquet, you show your loved one that you care about how far you’ve come.

A creative way of choosing milestone flowers is evoking the original event’s time of year with seasonal blooms. For instance, consider freshly cut roses and dahlias in summer or tulips and freesias in spring.

  1. They’re going through a tough time.

Oprah Winfrey said, “Everyone you meet just wants to be seen and heard.” Whether your loved one is grieving a loss, processing bad news, or generally feeling a bit rough, you can remind them they’re not alone.

Send them a bouquet to show your sympathy and support. For instance, white roses or a live potted orchid can symbolize purity and reflection. Alternatively, opt for a lively yellow or orange arrangement to lift their spirits.

  1. You want to rekindle a memory.

Close friends (or partners or family members) often have inside jokes or stories. Perhaps a recent conversation reminded you of the moment you shared with your loved one. Bring some laughter and lightheartedness into their life by sending a floral reminder. 

You can link a specific flower to that memory. For instance, if you remember a trip to Amsterdam, opt for a tulip. Otherwise, match the arrangement to the mood of the memory—say, an unconventional bouquet with many different flowers symbolizing the time you attended a music festival together. 

Finally, add a note to explain your intention because it may not always be obvious!

  1. You’ve spent some time apart.

You can deeply care about someone even if you don’t speak much. Factors like living in different cities and entering new life phases can force loved ones into spending time apart. A simple gesture like sending a bouquet to their home—using, for instance, an international online florist like 1-800-Flowers.com—reminds your friend that you still care.

Pick their favorite bloom to make them feel special, complement their personality or home style, and be creative. Do they have a spacious, airy lounge? Send a bursting bouquet of peonies. Are they a studious, introverted personality type? Offer a subtle mix of peace lilies or a pot of forget-me-nots.

  1. You’re apologizing.

Did you forget to call back, or did you have to work late on their birthday? A flower bouquet can’t replace the words “I’m sorry,” but it can accompany them, all while brightening up their home environment.

Consider how you want the other person to feel when receiving the flowers. For instance, send a single white rose as the messenger of peace for a non-intrusive approach. Or, to remind them of the joy and love in your relationship, pick a bright pink, orange, or yellow arrangement—for instance, a mix of roses, lilies, and carnations.

  1. You’re thinking of them. 

You needn’t be a New Age follower to believe that sometimes, people pop into your head for a reason. Who knows? Maybe they’re thinking of you, too, or they just got some bad news and need comforting. If you’re thinking of them, let them know with a heartfelt (and colorful) gesture.

Here’s a challenge—follow your gut instinct when selecting your flowers. Your loved one entered your thoughts without notice, so why not pick a bouquet spontaneously? Visit a local florist or an online flower shop like FTD, and intuitively pick an option that feels right for you.

  1. Just because

We might all be happier humans if our friends sent us flowers “just because.” So be that sender yourself! Whether you last saw them yesterday or last year, you’re well within your rights to celebrate your loved one with a glorious bouquet.

To make it special, send a special trinket with flowers that your friend might enjoy. For instance, write down a quote that recently inspired you, create a silly four-line poem, or—if you run out of ideas—remember that everyone likes chocolate. 


If your loved one is like most people, they’ll enjoy receiving a gorgeous flower bouquet whatever the reason—whether it’s their birthday, you’re rekindling a fun memory, or you’re simply thinking of them. Matching the arrangement to the occasion, their personality or the season makes it even more special. 

Don’t forget to add a personal touch, like a note explaining your reason for sending flowers, or a creative addition, such as a poem or quote. And if you can’t present the bouquet in person, try an online flower delivery service to bring the gift right to your friend’s doorstep.

Ioana Andrei
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