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Top 10 Reasons To Sell Your Car Online

Ioana Andrei
Top 10 Reasons To Sell Your Car Online
No matter how much your car’s worth, you want to sell it quickly, securely, and for a fair price. However, traditional methods such as the note-in-the-window and spreading the word locally don’t always support this aim. Private car selling could take a while, delaying your use of the sale funds—plus some buyers may try to negotiate below your asking price.

So, should you sell your car online instead? What are the benefits of online selling sites versus offline methods, and are they worth it? 

This guide answers these questions, as well as how your car is valued, collected, and paid for using online platforms. Here are 10 big reasons why you should sell your car online in the United Kingdom.

Top 10 Reasons To Sell Your Car Online

  1. Reach a wider buyer audience 

Many online car-selling platforms, such as Motorway, offer you a buyer audience of thousands of buyers, including dealers and individuals. This increases your reach to potential buyers from all over the country, boosting your chances of finding the right match. 

By contrast, selling offline to local dealerships or private buyers limits your audience. This means you may have to wait longer to find a buyer, and you may not be offered as much compared to nationwide buyers.

  1. Get an instant car valuation

Many websites provide an instant valuation based on car details, such as:

  • Make and model

  • Age

  • Mileage

  • Condition 

  • Service History

Usually, you only need to enter your car registration number and mileage for an instant valuation. Car-selling platforms use this alongside data such as current UK car market prices and past sales figures for similar vehicles on their site to quickly calculate your car’s value.

Leveraging these tools is far more efficient and accurate than the DIY version, which could involve time-consuming internet searches and trialling different price levels with private buyers.

  1. Sell your car more quickly

Selling your car privately—by leaving a note in your car window or spreading the word among friends—could take several weeks or months. Plus, results aren’t guaranteed. Worst case, you may not be able to secure a buyer for a fair price, especially if you live in a scarcely populated area.

By contrast, advertising your vehicle on a specialised website could get you an offer within a few days. Some sites say it’s as quick as 24 hours depending on the car make and other factors. For you, this means fewer hours spent advertising to neighbours and less anxiety while waiting for the right offer. 

  1. Enjoy the convenience of online selling 

Selling your car from the comfort of your desk or sofa is convenient—to say the least. First, you save time and money by not driving around to meet dealers or participate in auctions. Plus, you don’t need to worry about navigating a new town or area or give up precious evening or weekend time you’d rather spend with your loved ones.

In addition, lots of car-selling platforms have iOS and Android apps that are quick and easy to use. This means you can get a car valuation and sale updates on the go and accept an offer with just a tap.

  1. Get a fair deal

You’ll likely get a fair deal when you sell your car online. This is thanks to an impartial, data-based valuation and, on some platforms, the competition between potential buyers—usually in an online auction. 

Contrast this to alternatives such as visiting nearby dealerships or selling privately in your local community. Due to lower competition among buyers and, in some areas, low disposable income, both private buyers and dealers may negotiate your price down. 

  1. Get cash directly to your account

Many car-selling sites send your payment directly to your bank account when you accept an offer. Some platforms buy directly from you, while others facilitate transfers from buyers’ accounts. This is more efficient and less risky compared to arranging cash payments or bank transfers with private buyers you don’t know. You get:

  • Payment security: The platform stores and uses your bank details safely.

  • Peace of mind: Avoid the uncertainty around buyers retracting their offer or re-negotiating prices at the last minute.

That said, some platforms only connect you to buyers and don’t facilitate payments. Research whether and how sites process transactions to ensure the method suits you before selling your car.

  1. Get your car collected with some sell-to-company sites 

Sell-to-company sites buy the car from you directly for the stated valuation price. Once you agree to sell your car, many companies will pick it up for free. Assuming the car looks and works as you described, you’ll get paid the valuation price, and the company employee takes it off your hands.

By contrast, selling your car offline may require you to drop it off at a dealership, a private buyer’s home, or an auction location. You can save the time and money it takes by choosing an online platform—and avoid planning how you’ll return home without a car. 

  1. Avoid test drives with sell-to-company sites

Selling privately often involves arranging a meet-up and test drive with interested individuals. This can get tiring if you have a busy schedule. You also might not want to share your home address or have strangers driving your car.

However, you avoid that hassle by selling directly to an online company. You just provide the platform with all the relevant details about your car, and when they show up, they quickly assess and collect it. You must still make time to be present during the collection—but you won’t have unverified individuals driving your car and potentially rejecting the sale. 

  1. Avoid time-wasters with sell-to-dealership sites

You don’t know people’s intentions when selling privately. Unavoidably, you may bump into some time-wasters. For instance, they may be casually looking (and not telling you) or hoping you’ll bring the price down after a face-to-face meeting. 

However, you can reduce this risk by using sell-to-dealership sites like CarWow. Many of them work with thousands of verified dealerships that compete in auctions to purchase cars. A commitment to buy your vehicle is typically binding, so you don’t risk buyers changing their minds.

You avoid time-wasters by using sell-to-company sites, too. If the firm says they’ll buy your car, they will.

  1. Sites find buyers for you

Whether selling directly to the online company, indirectly to dealerships or connecting with individual accounts—you’re spared the heavy lifting of finding a buyer. For instance, you avoid having to print car sale ads and share announcements in social networking groups. 

Instead, you just add your car details and sometimes create an ad for your vehicle. Depending on the platform model, the site decides to buy it from you, auction it for dealers, or recommend it to its buyer user base.


Selling your car quickly and for a fair price is no small feat, but you get closer to this ideal when using car-selling sites like CarWow or Motorway. Many platforms can provide instant valuation and connect you to buyers or purchase from you directly. They may also pay quickly; some even collect the vehicle from your home.

Overall, selling online is convenient, saves you time, and increases your chances of getting a great price for your vehicle. However, you must research different platforms to understand the types of buyers they work with and whether and how they arrange payments.

Ioana Andrei
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