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WonderSmile AU Clear Braces Review

 Jake Parker

In a Nutshell

WonderSmile is making waves in the smile industry by offering a convenient, affordable, safe, and easy way to get straighter teeth. Treatment is done in the comfort of your home and costs nearly 1/5th of the price of traditional braces. WonderSmile uses safe plastic aligners that are invisible to others, so you can subtly straighten your teeth easily and without breaking the bank. WonderSmile even offers a lifetime guarantee.


  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Continuous progress tracking
  • At-home scanning or in-clinic


  • Need to pay separately for retainers
  • Initial scan experience may differ depending on location

WonderSmile WonderSmile Visit Site

WonderSmile at a Glance

Starting price
From $2390
Treatment duration
Six months on average
At-home fitting
Accepts insurance
Money-back guarantee

Best For

WonderSmile is good for fixing all sorts of dental imperfections. This is not a solution for major dental defects or oral complications. But it will work splendidly for regular issues, including:

  • Gaps in teeth
  • Overbites
  • Underbites 
  • Overcrowding of teeth
  • Crossbites

How Does it Work?

WonderSmile offers an easy treatment plan. Get a dental scan or create an impression at home. Then WonderSmile will create your aligners and treatment plan. Follow the plan to get your straighter smile. That’s it in a nutshell. Now let’s take a deeper look:

  • Ordering 

Take the three-question quiz to see if you’re eligible for the WonderSmile treatment. If you are, you can start the process by ordering an impressions kit online or booking an in-person scan. To book a scan, choose your date and location. You’ll get a free 30-minute consultation with an orthodontist, during which they take a 3D scan of your mouth. Reviewers rave about this in-person experience, FYI.

Alternatively, you can order the kit online. It costs $45, but that’s put towards your aligners or refunded if you’re not a good match for the program. 

  • Reviewing 

The dental team at WonderSmile will review your case and decide if you’re a good match for the treatment. If so, they’ll create a treatment plan complete with 3D rendering of the various stages of teeth movement for you to see. 

  • Wearing your aligners

When your aligners arrive in the mail, you’ll wear them every day for 20-22 hours, only removing them when you eat. Change aligners when your treatment plan dictates, and most people see results in 6-9 months. I like that WonderSmile sends out notifications to remind you to change your aligners at the right time.

Once treatment is completed, it is highly recommended to order and wear your retainer to preserve the results. Yes, you have to pay separately for the retainer—it doesn’t come included in the cost of the treatment. What’s more, if you don’t wear your retainer, you may not be eligible for the lifetime guarantee on the results. So it’s worth paying the $99 to gain that guarantee. 


WonderSmile has affordable pricing options, especially when you consider payment plans. You can pay it out over the course of a year or pay the whole thing in a single payment.

Clear Aligners
Night Aligners
Single payment
Payment Plan
12-month plan with 20% initial deposit
12-month plan with 20% initial deposit

Shipping is free, as is the return shipping for the impressions. You’ll pay for your initial kit, but that payment will be put towards your aligners. WonderSmile retainers cost $99.

What You Get

WonderSmile clear braces come with:

  • Impressions kit that includes trays and mold for creating the impressions, instructions, and mouth retractor. You’ll also get gloves and a prepaid return label for sending back your impressions. 
  • A full set of clear braces teeth aligners
  • An online account that lets you track your progress, allows the staff to monitor your progress, and sends you reminders to change your aligner 

WonderSmile also offers tons of support. For one thing, a staff of professional dentists monitors your progress regularly. So, if there are any issues with treatment, they can correct them quickly and keep you on track. What’s more, WonderSmile has customer support from a competent dental team available seven days a week. So you can call to ask questions or get support every day. There’s also a handy blog with useful information about dental hygiene as well. 


This is one of the best parts of the company. WonderSmile offers a lifetime guarantee on its results. If you use the product and retainer properly and find your teeth shifting after some time, you can cash in on this guarantee for a full refund or a new set of aligners. This is a solid offer that the vast majority of clear braces providers will not offer their customers. 


WonderSmile does not accept any form of insurance. Since teeth straightening treatments are considered cosmetic (and therefore elective procedures), insurance policies will not cover such treatments. 

Customer Service

WonderSmile has an online email contact form and phone support that’s available every day of the week. What’s more, there’s a staff of professional dentists available as well. You can ask questions, get advice about treatment, and voice concerns as you wish. What I find particularly encouraging is the overwhelming amount of positive feedback from users online. WonderSmile also has a helpful blog with information about taking care of your teeth. 


“Amy from Chadstone has been so amazing, and I can't be more thankful. She has shown phenomenal customer service skills, as she took time out of her very very busy day to explain everything about WonderSmiles. As someone who was quite hesitant about buying aligners, she did an amazing job of convincing me that WonderSmiles is a trusted organisation. She was very kind and didn't hesitate to answer any of my questions, no matter how stupid they may have sounded. I am so thankful for reaching out and communicating with Amy, as she has made this experience very pleasant.” 

“Cheaper alternative to Invisalign & easy to order!” - Lily

“I feel very lucky that I found wondersmile to help with straightening my teeth. They are always quick to reply to my emails and address any concerns I have. I recommend wondersmile to everyone I know.” - Rebecca 

“Amazing company! I had the Clear Aligners for around 6 months due to my bite being wide and my bottom teeth being out of place. they have completely changed my smile and made me confident again (my bite made me never want to smile) would 100% recommend and they are really easy to use.” - Cissy Jones

WonderSmile WonderSmile Visit Site

Bottom Line

WonderSmile brings professional cosmetic dentistry to the general public by using affordable and at-home teeth straightening treatment plans. You can even choose to pay it out over the course of a year. What’s more, results are monitored professionally and guaranteed for a lifetime.

Jake is a freelance writer from Britain and writes for After studying climate science, he began writing full time in 2018 and his favorite topics include sustainability and technology. When not travelling and writing, he can be found editing videos or trying to fix some mechanical problem, normally on his latest cheap vehicle.

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