The Best Wine Clubs for White Wine Lovers

Scott Hirsch
The Best Wine Clubs for White Wine Lovers
Wine lovers come with all types of palates and preferences. Some choose by grape, some by color, while others yet prefer wines from a certain country or region. Some wine drinkers will happily bounce between whites and reds while others choose precisely based on the time of day, the type of meal, the occasion, the season, the guests, or a million other factors.

And then there are some who just like white. White wine has that distinct, refreshing, bouncy quality that can leave your lips tingling and your feet floating just an inch above the ground. Who could blame them?

For lovers of white wine, wine clubs offer the opportunity to take a liquid plunge into the genre, sampling hand-selected bottles that come from all over the world and include the stamp of approval from curators and sommeliers. Whether you’re a seasoned omnophile or new to the vast world of wine, a wine club can help you stock up with a bottle for every occasion. Here’s a look at the 5 best wine clubs for white wine lovers. 

1. Winc

Best for: Funky bottles, refined wines

Let’s be honest—for some of us, a colorful label can attract us more than any knowledge of the wine inside. Winc makes sure you get both.

A winery, wine club, and start-up all at once, Winc brings both a funky aesthetic and refined sensibilities to the wine club game. Its wines are made at its own winery or else hand-picked by in-house sommeliers based on each customers’ preferences and tastes. With an eye for indie and small-batch wineries, as well as celebrated international varietals, Winc is a good bet for keeping you surprised and satisfied, to say nothing of brightening up your cellar with labels like the 2018 Brethren of the Road Gewürztraminer, a vegan white with a light, minimalist profile, and the Field Theory Albariño with its fruity top flavor and earthy undertones making it perfect with a plate of sushi and an afternoon stroll. 

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2. Tasting Room 

Best for: Imported whites at stateside prices

Tasting Room partners with wineries in the top wine-producing regions throughout the world. But instead of shipping bottles across the globe, Tasting Room imports them in bulk cargo tanks and bottles them in their own California-based facility. They produce their own labels as well based on their tasting notes. Though unconventional, this is a highly beneficial method: the result is drastic discounts for the buyer, saving you as much as 60% off the retail tags of high-profile wines from France, Italy, and Argentina.

Another unique feature to Tasting Room: instead of taking an online preference quiz, you’ll be sent six mini bottles to try. Your feedback will serve as the basis for your personalized wine profile, which includes your own styles, tastes, and preferences. From there Tasting Room will hand-select 2, 6, or 12 bottles per shipment at whatever frequency you’d like. You can choose to receive only white wines, or mix it up with the occasional red and enjoy a new batch of wines every month such as the 2017 Curieuse Pays d'Oc Viognier from France, a distinct, flowery varietal with notes of stone fruit and ginger that’s best served on the beach over a meal of fresh seafood. 

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3. Plonk

Best for: Hand-picked organic whites  

Plonk’s pitch is to use your wine preferences as a basis to scout out hidden gems from across the world and deliver them to your door. With its focus on organic and biodynamic wines, Plonk delivers hand-picked wine bundles that evolve as you go based on the feedback you share in order to curate perfectly tailored selections that will both satisfy and broaden your palate. 

The artisanal wine club offers an exclusive white wine package that will make any white wine lover squeal with joy. The selection includes a globe-trotting slew of varietals such as the rare Tsiakkas Xynisteri Cypriot wine, a bright island wine from Cyprus with notes of peach and nectarine, the Spanish Garnacha Blanca with a savory undertone that pairs well with poached tuna and summer squash, and a zippy Quinta Da Boa Esperança 2016 that can transport you to Portugal’s Lisboa region on the very first sip. 

Plonk’s white wine club includes 4 or 12 diverse bottles per shipment along with a professional-grade screwdriver and a good collection of supplemental reading with descriptions, tasting notes, and recipe pairings. 

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4. Bright Cellars

Best for: White wine for every occasion 

Bright Cellars uses an algorithm to pair each member with bottles best suited for their taste preferences, offering an international docket of wines that have passed a rigorous selection process before being featured. 

Bright Cellars first asks you to take a quick quiz in order to glean your taste preferences. Using an algorithm that takes 18 factors of wine into account, the club selects 4 bottles of wine per package based on your flavor preferences and feedback, making it a great choice not only for stocking red wine but learning about its vast types of varietals, regions, and distinctions.

Bright Cellars claims to feature only 1 in every 12 wines it samples. Its wines cover lots of ground, from Chile to Napa, and features diverse flavor profiles in each package you get sent so you’re sure to have a bottle regardless of whether you’re entertaining guests, sitting by the pool, or enjoying a quiet night at home with a glass of Chardonnay and your favorite book. 

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5. Wine Insiders

Best for: Discovering new wines 

If you’re tired of staring blankly at shelves of wine at the liquor store, using only the labels and price tags to help you decide, then Wine Insiders is a good bet. This wine club was formed with the mission of helping wine lovers spend wisely and sip happily. 

To that extent, Wine Insiders has partnered with world-class wineries to bring customers better wines at prices they can afford. The selection is noticeable for its size and scope; you’ll find wines from the 15 top wine-producing regions including Bordeaux, France, Valencia, Spain, Tuscany, Italy, and Napa Valley.

Wine Insiders doesn’t require a membership in order to benefit from its selection and prices. Customers can simply purchase bottles at whatever quantity they want, though the membership is worth it for white wine lovers looking to receive a new selection every month, which can not only save them money but give them a tour of the world’s most celebrated regions and introduce them to new favorites.  

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