The Best Wine Club Gifts

Sarah Pritzker
Joining a wine club is a great way to give gifts to those you love
If you've ever had to buy a gift for a wine lover, you already know that their favorite present is “more wine”. But you also know that just buying them a bottle of wine is a big mistake. Not only do you risk buying a type of wine they don't like, but you also open yourself up to a long explanation about exactly why it was the wrong choice.

No need to take that chance.

That’s why the best gift you could get for the wine lover in your life is a wine club gift, which keeps on giving. 

Here are the 5 best wine club memberships to give as a gift to your favorite wine lover:

1. Firstleaf

  • Gift cards cost: $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, or $200
  • Subscriptions cost: $90 per shipment, less to simply gift wine from the store
  • Gift card via: Email
  • Best for: Wine club gifts any time of year, such as holidays, birthdays, or vacations

If you know a wine lover who’s enthusiastic, but still developing their taste preferences, a Firstleaf membership is an ideal gift. Your gift recipient can enjoy award-winning wines through regular wine club shipments or can just buy bottles of wine in the online store.

Firstleaf will still match wines to your recipient’s taste preferences, letting them fill out the entry quiz to select wines they’ll like. As each month goes by, the wines get more and more customized to the recipient’s palate, so the wine club gift just gets better and better.

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2. Nocking Point

  • Subscriptions cost: $99 per quarterly club shipment, $49 per monthly club shipment
  • Gift card via: No cards, just subscribe your friend or family member on their behalf
  • Best for: Giving gifts within both the US and Canada

The best wine club gift for enthusiasts who also love a little celebrity glamor, Nocking Point was founded by TV stars Andrew Harding and Stephen Amell. It features exclusive wines that are produced exclusively for Nocking Point Wines. Each month, at least one bottle in the delivery was developed by a celebrity “tastemaker,” giving your gift recipient major bragging rights.

If you’re looking for a wine club Christmas gift, Nocking Point may be a great bet because of all the additions you can add. Along with exclusive wines, Nocking Point also sells artisanal coffee and unique, funky T-shirts, both of which are included in the quarterly wine club boxes. It’s an added bonus for foodies and cool people everywhere. 

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3. Gold Medal Wine Club

  • Subscriptions cost: $39 for the Gold Wine Club, $188 for the Diamond, and everything in between.
  • Gift card via: Downloadable gift announcement cards that can be printed or emailed
  • Best for: A huge selection of wine gift sets as well as the subscription packages

Gold Medal Wine Club is the wine club to gift for aficionados of all descriptions. There are 6 levels, from the Gold Wine Club Gifts for beginners, all the way up to the Platinum and Diamond Wine clubs which specialize in premium, luxury wines. You can give Pinot Noir wine club membership to loved ones who enjoy their reds, or Garagiste wine club membership to wine snobs who want artisanal, small-batch wines. Every Gold Medal Wine Club comes with the backstory and tasting notes to each bottle so that your gift recipient can expand his/her wine knowledge.

The Gold Medal Wine Club also offers International Wine Club membership, which delivers rare wines from little-known family estates around the world, along with gourmet foods from the same region.

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4. Winc

  • Gift cards cost: You choose the amount and if you want to buy enough for a gift box or a subscription
  • Gift card via: Handwritten note and card by mail or email
  • Best for: Corporate wine club christmas gifts and other large recipient lists

When you give the gift of membership to the Winc wine club, you’re opening up a whole new range of wines for the wine lover in your life. Winc sends wines chosen from all over the world, but it matches them to the recipient’s palate. Don’t worry—when you give a Winc wine club gift subscription, your loved one will get a virtual gift card that invites them to sign up for free, so they can complete their taste profile themselves to make it more accurate.

Winc wines come with tasting notes and pairing suggestions, making it a great way to get a newbie wine drinker started on the adventure and to introduce wine experts to little-known international wines.

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5. Naked Wines

  • Gift cards cost: $10, $20, $50, or $100
  • Membership costs: $40 per month
  • Gift card via: Handwritten note and card by mail or email
  • Best for: Custom 6 pack gift boxes for any time of the year

When you give a wine love a gift membership to Naked Wines, you’re really transforming them into a big-shot wine investor. Wine clubs don’t get much more exciting than that—or not without running away to buy a chateau.

Members of Naked Wines are called Angels because your $40 monthly fee goes straight to the up and coming, artisanal winemakers. Then the recipient can use their credit to buy exclusive wines that aren't available anywhere else at hugely discounted prices.

The Party Never Ends

No matter which of the best wine club subscriptions you choose, you’re sure to delight the heart—and taste bud—of the wine lover in your life. Choose the frequency of the deliveries, how many bottles are delivered in each shipment, and the right mix of reds and whites to make someone very happy, whatever the occasion.

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