5 Best Weight Loss Plans to Try in 2020

Sarah Pritzker
5 Best Weight Loss Plans to Try in {year}
Losing weight is always at the top of the New Year’s resolutions list. But by Valentine’s Day, those resolutions are usually long gone. Why? More often than not it’s because we didn’t have a good plan in place when we took on those lofty goals.

Losing weight is always at the top of the New Year’s resolutions list. But by Valentine’s Day, those resolutions are usually long gone. Why? More often than not it’s because we didn’t have a good plan in place when we took on those lofty goals.

Using a dedicated weight loss program transforms those airy sentiments into concrete action, and often that action transforms our bodies, minds, and lifestyles as well. Here are 5 of the best weight loss programs in 2020 and how they can help you achieve your fitness and health goals at last.

The Top Weight Loss Plans

Jenny Craig
South Beach Diet
Diet To Go

Best for

Best variety of food options/lack of restrictions

Getting support and guidance from caring professionals

Overall healthy living

Healthy, ready-made meals

Science-based, healthy lifestyle option



$99 enrollment fee ($49 on sale) + $19/month for Premium




Weight loss

Up to 13 lbs and 7" in the first month

Up to 16 lbs in your first 4 weeks

Up to 7 lbs in the first 7 days

Freshness guarantee

Satisfaction guarantee


Weight loss counselors, dietary counselors

One-on-one consultations

Weight loss and dietary counselors

Standard customer support

Registered dietitians and fitness experts, medical professional (Dr. Cederquist, MD)

Special offers

Week’s worth of All-New FreshStart shakes free + free shipping
Refer a friend discount

Get paid $100 to lose weight challenge

35% off on auto-delivery + free shipping
Refer a friend bonus

10% off first week’s order

Get 25% off + free shipping

No. of menu options


Almost 100


More than 100 variations


Fitness features

My Daily 3 fitness plan, 2-week activity plan, NuMi app

Personalized fitness plan

Exercise suggestions, fitness tips and tricks on the website


Customized online fitness programs and tracking tools, fitness information, access to fitness experts

Get to Know More About the Plans

You’ve had a quick glance at the main highlights of each of the best weight loss plans of 2020. Now take a closer look at each of the 5 plans to see what makes them the best and how they can help you lose weight this year.

1. Nutrisystem

Easy to follow, few restrictions

  • Delicious, healthy, prepared meals

  • Lose up to 13 lbs in the first month

  • Dietary and weight loss consultants on hand

Uniquely Yours
Uniquely Yours Plus
Price per day


  • Lots of variety in the menu options

  • No calorie counting

  • Money back guarantee

  • Delicious foods

  • Includes snacks

  • Different plans for dietary and physical variations

  • No prep time required


  • Doesn’t really accommodate eating out

  • Doesn’t focus on certain food allergies like gluten

  • No focus on heart health

Nutrisystem takes all of the hard work out of dieting, which is probably why it's so successful. A diet plan that's easy to follow is easier to stick to as well, helping you achieve and also maintain your weight loss goals for the long-haul. Nutrisystem makes an impressive claim: lose up to 13 pounds in the first month of your diet. That's massive! Of course, the average weight loss was closer to 8-10 pounds per month, but that is still a significant accomplishment, especially when you consider the program.

With the Nutrisystem weight loss program, you'll eat 6 times a day. This is important because one of the reasons diets fail is because people are too hungry to maintain the diet. Offering you 6 smaller meals spread out over the course of your day ensures that you are never hungry, your body is always in calorie-burning mode, and you can stick to your diet plan for as long as you'd like to or need to.

Nutrisystem offers members delicious menu options designed and prepared by qualified chefs. You can choose from mouth-watering options like chicken marsala, 4 cheese manicotti, artichoke and spinach-stuffed chicken breast, or cheesesteak pizza. Plus, there are scrumptious breakfasts and snack options like cinnamon buns, double chocolate caramel bars, and ice cream sandwiches. With options like these, you’ll never get bored. All meals are made with farm-fresh ingredients and designed to include just the right balance of nutrients for you.

Nutrisystem Nutrisystem View Plan

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2. Jenny Craig 

Best support and guidance

  • Total weight loss program and prepared meals

  • Up to 16 pounds in your first 4 weeks

  • Incredible support via phone or local support centers

Trial Plan
Premium Plan
Regular pricing
$99 enrollment fee + $20/month
Sale price
$49 enrollment fee


  • Easy to follow

  • Ready-made food by professional chefs

  • Delivered to your door

  • Incredible support staff to personalize, tweak, encourage, and advise

  • Nutritionally-balanced meals for every option


  • Pricey in the long and short term

  • Doesn’t include eating out guides

  • No flexibility to cook your own meals in the initial stages

Through a combination of healthy food choices, fitness regimen, and positive behaviors, Jenny Craig helps people jumpstart their lives and lose weight like never before. Following this program, you can easily drop up to 2 pounds or more each week. Jenny Craig has the standard program or a low-carb option for those with Type 2 diabetes, and the system has an excellent track record for really getting results.

On the program, you’ll receive personalized meal plans along with exercise goals and workout plans to get your body slim and fit. You will also get a one-on-one meeting with your personal consultant either on the phone, via video chat, or in person at one of the Jenny Craig weight loss centers. The one downside is that the fees are high. In addition to a pricey enrollment fee, you’re charged a monthly membership fee on top of the cost of meals.

Possibly the biggest benefit you’ll gain from using Jenny Craig is the support. It is statistically proven that dieters lose more weight and maintain that weight loss better when they have an active support system set up. Jenny Craig offers what might be the best support system in the industry. You have access to trained consultants who will sit with you, tailor your diet plan to fit your lifestyle, goals, and body type, and offer you insights through every step of your weight loss journey. These consultants not only teach you the ins and outs of eating healthy but they offer support, encouragement, and compassion during the difficult times as well.

Jenny Craig Jenny Craig View Plan

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3. South Beach Diet 

Best diet plan for rapid results and overall healthy living

  • Healthy eating plan + prepared meals

  • Up to 7 pounds in first 7 days

  • Weight loss and dietary counselors on staff

Price per day from


  • No calorie counting

  • Cheats allowed while on the diet

  • Lets you eat carbs on a regular basis

  • A generally healthier way of eating

  • Good for heart health

  • Eating out is totally doable

  • Great app for tracking and ideas


  • You have to buy some of the ingredients yourself

  • Difficult to maintain in the long-term

  • Requires your own cooking time in later stages

The South Beach Diet embraces natural, healthy foods to its fullest. Rather than restrict people with a long list of no’s, this diet offers healthy alternatives that will fill you up and satisfy both our hunger and your appetite for something different all the time. The South Beach Diet focuses on differentiating between healthy carbs and fats and unhealthy carbs and fats. So, your menu plan will be heavily loaded up with vegetables, proteins, and whole grains that contain the right nutrients that your body needs to burn fat and trim down.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to a diet is the restrictive nature. Cutting out carbs and fats from your regular diet is a recipe for disaster for most people. That’s why the South Beach Diet is so well-received. You can have carbohydrates and fats all the time, you just have to stick to the healthy ones. Carbs that are low on the glucose index scale are better at keeping your blood sugar at a constant level, helping you feel fuller longer, and stabilizing your metabolism. So, you can expect to see lots of whole grains like spelt bread, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, and fruit in your diet plan.

In the initial stages, you’ll buy your ready-made meals and snacks from the website. In the second and third stages however, the South Beach Diet actually encourages members to cook their own meals, and this is a good thing. While it may take more time to prepare your own food, knowing how to do it will ensure that you can maintain those kinds of eating habits in the long run.

Finally, the South Beach Diet comes with an excellent app. You can track your weight loss, chat with a counselor any day of the week, and get recipes and meal plans on-the-go.

South Beach Diet South Beach Diet View Plan

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4. Diet To Go

Best no-nonsense diet/meal delivery program combo

  • Fresh, professionally prepared, healthy meals delivered

  • Easy delivery options

  • Dieticians, nutritionists, health coaches

2 meals per day/7 days a week
2 meals per day/5 days a week
3 meals per day/7 days a week
3 meals a day/5 days a week

*Pricing is for the Original Balance Plan, 7 days a week. Other plan pricing may vary. Price discrepancy for men and women is based on higher or lower caloric allowances per meal.


  • Healthy, delicious meals delivered to your door

  • No prep time at all

  • Menu personalization

  • No calorie counting

  • Certified health coaches available for free


  • Not a full diet program, so lacking some features

  • Meal delivery is an extra fee

  • Limited calorie plan can be hard to stick to

Diet to Go is not your typical diet plan. It combines the strengths of an online diet program together with a meal delivery service to offer members the best of both worlds. You get meals that are professionally prepared and ready to eat, along with the proper proportions and nutrition balance, so you can lose weight and maintain your weight loss goals in the long-term. These meals are also accompanied with the support of serious diet programs, so you really are getting the best of both worlds. Reach out for help, advice, and encouragement from registered dieticians, nutritionists, and certified health coaches to keep you on target and able to reach your goals.

Diet to Go offers 4 different menu plans to choose from, so you can get the meal plan that works best for your body type and lifestyle. Choose from Balance, Balance-D, Keto-Carb30, or Vegetarian plans. Each one has meals that cater to that specific dietary need, so you know you’re getting something healthy for you. While the Balance meals will have things like chicken pesto salad, turkey picadillo, and shrimp alfredo, the Vegetarian menu will have a variety of vegetable-based dishes such as Aztec quinoa salad, vegetarian penne pasta with tomato sauce, and vegetable quesadillas.

You can have your meal delivered to you each week for $9.99/week, or you can opt to pick up the food yourself at one of the 200+ locations around the country. This is a nice option since it means you can get the food on your schedule and don't have to worry about delivery or shipping fees.

Diet-To-Go Diet-To-Go View Plan

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5. BistroMD

Best all-inclusive weight loss, food prep, meal delivery, and exercise program

  • Nutritiously-balanced, flavorful meals prepared and delivered to your doorstep

  • Customize your meal program

  • Registered dieticians and fitness coaches, medical doctor

7-day Program
5-day Program
Custom Program
Three meals a day
Custom pricing
Two meals a day
Custom pricing


  • Certified medical professional backing the program

  • Most flavorful meal options available

  • Based on metabolism-correcting science

  • Customizable meal plans

  • Free diet analysis

  • Different plans for men and women


  • Gets expensive after a while

  • Meals are frozen upon delivery

  • Some meals aren’t as good as others

BistroMD is a big hit for those looking to lose weight without having to worry about making food for themselves. This meal delivery service was ranked highly for its nutritious and delicious dishes, and what a variety available! You can pick from more than 150 different meal options, so you don't have to worry about meal prep, clean up, or boredom.

What’s even more impressive about this company is the science behind it. Its founder, Dr. Cederquist, studied and practiced medicine for more than 20 years before she crafted this healthier alternative to the standard fad diets out there today.

BistroMD has a customizable menu that lets you choose how many meals, which food items, and when your food is delivered. Choose from a vast range of programs that cater to different dietary needs such as gluten-free, heart-healthy, or diabetic. Plus, BistroMD even has different programs for men and women to accommodate for the biological differences between the 2 genders, such as menopausal women and breastfeeding mothers.

BistroMD focuses a lot on the health aspect of losing weight and eating properly. The entire program is heavily backed by scientific research, and every step of the journey helps members lose weight safely, take care of their bodies, get useful information, and generally how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Bistro MD Bistro MD View Plan

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Weight Loss Plan FAQs

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we get about these weight loss plans and their answers:

Q: Which diet is right for me?

A: Obviously, no one diet is the perfect solution for everyone. Variations in body type, activity level, lifestyle, motivation, and many other factors will contribute to the success of one diet program over another. If you’re interested in losing weight, you should review the various options available that have been proven to be successful, and decide which one works best with your weight loss goals, lifestyle, and personality.

Q: Why are these weight loss programs better than the fad diets that help you lose weight fast?

A: After years of research, it is abundantly clear that fad diets just don’t work. For one thing, losing weight so quickly is actually detrimental to your health. For another, rapid weight loss through restrictive means is not maintainable. In plain English, fad diets are unhealthy, often unsuccessful, and whatever weight you lose will probably come back within a short time.

The weight loss plans from above have all stood the test of time, and are proven to work, even in the long-term. They are also healthier alternatives to starvation diets and help keep you motivated for positive results and healthier living.

Q: Do I have to exercise with these diets?

A: Some diet plans require a specific workout regiment, while others are more casual. In general, successful weight loss programs recommend a half an hour of activity at least 5 times a week to really see results.

Q: What's the biggest benefit of using a weight loss program versus going it on my own?

A: The obvious benefits of opting for a structured program are that you get everything you need for weight loss success packaged into a single plan. Menus are planned, prepared, and balanced for optimal health and weight loss. Workouts are planned according to your goals and physical abilities. There are professionals and fellow weight loss enthusiasts available for support, advice, and encouragement. And most plans come with online tools or apps to make the whole process easier and more enjoyable.

Q: Can breastfeeding mothers use these weight loss plans?

A: Most weight loss programs require a breastfeeding mother to wait until her baby is a minimum of 6 weeks old before starting any type of diet or exercise plan. This is to ensure the health and safety of both mother and child. After this time, you can usually be cleared by a doctor to implement any of these healthy living alternatives. Note that all diet plans should be cleared by your healthcare provider before being used.

Q: If I have diabetes, can I still use a generic diet plan like these?

A: Most of the plans we’ve chosen to highlight offer various menu options to cater to different types of dietary needs. In fact, these diet programs have specific plans for people living with diabetes. These meals are tailored to fit your dietary and health requirements perfectly.

Q: What is Metabolic Dysfunction?

A: Metabolic Dysfunction is a frequently-occurring condition that makes it harder to lose and easier to gain weight for those who have it. It has lots to do with hormonal changes in the body which can have direct effects on the metabolism and nutrient distribution within the body. Some programs such as BistroMD are designed to work with and counteract the negative results of Metabolic Dysfunction so that you can overcome this frustrating hurdle and achieve weight loss goals.

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