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Wix Login: a Step-By-Step Guide to Logging into Your Wix Website StaffDec. 02, 2018
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Do you love your Wix website but hate trying to get into your account? Despite its popularity, the Wix platform has one glaring flaw – it’s not simple to login to edit your Wix website! We’ve heard the call and we’re here to offer an easy guide.

Take a deep breath, bookmark this page, and read on to figure out how to get into your account using the Wix login—even from your phone!

Even though it is one of the best website-building tools on the planet, many new users still struggle with the Wix login. So don’t worry if you get stuck trying to access your account; you’re not alone. Though Wix could’ve made logging into the platform a bit more obvious, this helpful guide will show you exactly where you should be looking. And after you see how simple it is to login, you’ll be ready to start creating fantastic content for your visitors.

Finding the Wix Login

While the Wix login button is somewhat hidden, it’s not hard to find once you know where to look.

Go to, then look in the top right corner – there’s a small button labeled, “Sign In.” Click that button for your Wix website login.

This action brings up the Wix login page where you sign in with your email address and password, or you use your Facebook or Google account to sign in.

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When using your email address, take note of the two radio buttons between the email and password text boxes. If you already have a website, make sure you select “I’m an existing user.” Be warned, though. Even if you have an account, selecting that gives you the option to sign up a second time, which runs the risk of overwriting any progress you’ve already made on your site. It would be awful if all of your hard work was lost over a login snafu.

Another easy way to find the Wix website login button is to simply look at the scrolling image gallery on the home page. The large “Start Now” button will also take you to the Wix login screen. From there, follow the same login instructions as above.

Signing Up for Wix for the First Time

If you do not already have an existing account, simply go to Wix and select the “Get Started” button in the middle of the screen. This button brings up the sign in screen. Simply enter your email address in both of the top boxes, and your password in both of the lower boxes. This is for verification. After that, just click “Sign Up” underneath to enter the editor.

The next page you come to is the management page. From here, you can explore Wix’s various options, set up a paid account for premium features, and more. To edit your website, select the blue “Edit Site” button in the center of the screen. Editing is simple: Double click the element you want to modify and use Wix’s built-in options to make the necessary changes. The builder is easy to use and you’ll have a great-looking site to share with the world in very little time at all.

The toolbar on the left side of the screen will allow you to add more pages, look at Wix’s vast app market, design the background of your site, and change the colors and fonts. Numerous small businesses have used Wix to start their own websites and easily edit them. Despite the difficulty of finding the Wix login page, Wix is a versatile web development suite that even the most inexperienced person can use to create a beautiful, functional website.

Remember where to find the Wix login button so you can access your site and make changes after you’ve set it up. If it helps, you could put a sticky note on the edge of your screen pointing to the exact place to look! Once you enter your login information, click the check box at the very bottom of the screen to enable cookies. This allows Wix to save your login name and password so you can go straight to your site with a click of the mouse. If you are doing this on your smartphone or tablet, Wix login from mobile devices follow the same protocol.

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