SiteBuilder Pricing Plans: What Are Your Options?

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So you’ve decided to build your own website, but now what? If you’re not a graphic artist or a web designer, how do you go about creating your own site? Fortunately, there are a number of truly high-quality do-it-yourself website builders. SiteBuilder is one of those top sites, and here we’ll take an in-depth look at its pricing and plans to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Choosing a Pricing Plan offers 4 pricing plans: Starter, Pro, Premium, and Ecommerce. None of these plans is technically better than the other; they simply offer different things. In order to decide which one you want, you need to first determine your needs and goals. So while there’s no “better” plan, there certainly is a plan that is best for you.

Monthly Cost for Annual Subscription
Total Cost (not including VAT*)

*Prices last updated June 2018

*Hidden Fee Alert: Prices do not include VAT; that is tacked on at the end and you can only see the full total once you’ve entered your payment information and are ready to checkout.

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The Starter Plan is free, which means that you can choose from thousands of SiteBuilder templates to create your own site. The Starter option is good for someone who wants a personal blog or a forum to share their thoughts and ideas. When you choose the Starter Plan, your domain name will reflect that it’s a free plan, and SiteBuilder ads will appear (which is standard practice for all free website building services, including Wix and Weebly).


Pro is SiteBuilder’s most popular plan, and it costs $9.22/month for an annual subscription. When you purchase Pro, you get your own domain name (no more, an ad-free website, and a free email address. If it’s important to have your own domain name but you don’t need to sell anything online, Pro is a good option.


If you’re considering Premium, it means that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for your needs. SEO and customer support are the main additions to the Premium Plan, and these extra features bring the price to $12.29/month for an annual subscription. People who rely on Google searches for exposure and new clients would do well with this plan, since SEO is what makes your website appear high up in web search results.


This is the plan for anyone who wants to set up an online store. It comes with all the features of Premium, with the addition of a fully-equipped Ecommerce store, which means users can display products and accept payments from customers. Ecommerce option costs $19.98/month for a yearly subscription.

Below is a table detailing the costs of annual subscription pricing plans.

Annual Subscription vs. Monthly Billing

The prices listed for the plans above apply only to those who order an annual subscription. An annual subscription means that you pay a lump sum. For example, if you’re ordering an annual subscription of the Pro Plan, you will be charged $110.64 when you checkout; this translates into $9.22/month.

You also have the option of monthly billing, which means you will be charged a much lower amount, once per month. However, monthly billing always comes out more expensive than annual billing in the long run.

Something that may help you decide is to first create a website using SiteBuilder’s free plan—after all, all of the website building features are the same as the paid plans. If you’re happy with the result, you may decide that you are ready for a long-term commitment and opt for an annual subscription, as opposed to monthly. (Or vice versa!)

In the table below you can see a price comparison of SiteBuilder’s annual subscription costs vs. its monthly billing costs. Please note here as well that prices do not include VAT.

Monthly price
Total price (monthly billing)
Monthly cost (annual subscription)
Total cost (annual subscription)

As you can see, when you order an annual subscription, your total cost will be less than if you pay 12 months with monthly billing. However, with the Pro and Premium plans, the difference is not very significant—about $8-$9. When it comes to Ecommerce, the difference between ordering an annual subscription and paying monthly for a year is about $60.

How Do SiteBuilder Pricing Plans Compare to Top Competitors?

SiteBuilder offers fairly competitive pricing plans, though the features and services do not necessarily match those of other website builders, like Wix, Weebly, and GoDaddy. Below we’ll take a look at how SiteBuilder’s pricing plans compare to those 3 competitors.

SiteBuilder vs. Wix

Like SiteBuilder, Wix offers a free plan, which comes along with a Wix domain name and Wix ads. However, if you want a more comprehensive plan, Wix has 5 paid options, as opposed to SiteBuilder’s 3 choices.

SiteBuilder’s Pro and Ecommerce annual subscription plans are more expensive than those of Wix, while its Premium plan is only a few cents lower than Wix’s comparable plan. In terms of monthly billing, SiteBuilders’ Pro and Premium are cheaper than Wix’s plans, but it’s Ecommerce monthly fee is more expensive. Both SiteBuilder and Wix add 17% VAT at checkout.

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SiteBuilder vs. Weebly

Weebly offers a free option and 4 additional paid options:  Starter, Pro, Business, and Performance. Similar to Wix, Weebly’s highest level plan, Performance, doesn’t really have a counterpart in SiteBuilder; SiteBuilder’s highest-level plan only goes up to Weebly’s 3rd-level plan.

SiteBuilder’s first 2 options—Pro and Premium—are a bit more expensive than Weebly’s plans when it comes to annual subscriptions. But when it comes to monthly billing, SiteBuilder’s prices are a lot cheaper.

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SiteBuilder vs. GoDaddy

Unlike SiteBuilder, Wix, and Weebly, GoDaddy does not offer a free option. It does offer a 30-day trial, but after that you need to choose a paid plan if you want to keep your website. Its 4 paid plans are: Personal, Business, Business Plus, and Online Store.

GoDaddy’s Personal and Business plans are cheaper than SiteBuilders’, both for annual and monthly subscriptions. GoDaddy’s Online Store, however, is more expensive than SiteBuilders—but GoDaddy’s plan seems to have more features. Depending on your needs, you may decide that it’s worth it to pay more and get more; or you may decide that SiteBuilders’ features suit your needs and there is no need to pay more.

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SiteBuilder’s website building pricing plans are very competitive, but the features and services they come with are not as comprehensive as similar plans of competitors. SiteBuilder’s plans seem to be better for personal and small business use, whereas medium-sized business owners and serious sellers may benefit from more inclusive plans offered by other website builders.

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