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Norman Brauns
Fantasy Football
Kickoff might still be a while away, but you can feel your pulse rising already. You got your dream draft picks, your can’t-miss playmakers and those perfect match-ups running through your head all off season and you’re just dying to get it all online.

Whether you won a trophy last year, or finished dead last with a bullet in your fantasy football league, you don’t need to sit it out in the offseason. Building your own fantasy football website is a great way to bring your league to the next level and make things even more interactive - and addictive - than ever before. 

Setting up a website is like having your own front office - the league manager will be able to share updates about player injuries, trades, who’s on a hot streak and who’s in a slump, and which players you might be sleeping on. It’s also a great place to talk smack with other owners and create your own weekly competitions. Take a look at some different fantasy football web design theme ideas, and then get to building your site. 

Wix Sports Blog Template

You might want to run your website with a blog format that uses short, quick updates that you can put up one after another with a clickable photo, short headline, and subhead. 

The Sports Blog Template offered by Wix has a simple design which you can use to post quick updates during, before, and after games so that every member of your league can stay up to date with injuries, trades, scores, and who’s climbing the leaderboard. You can also set it up so other members of your league can post updates. 

If you want you can also add an “About” tab that lets you post information about your league, including the team owner biographies and the history of your league.

On the template you can set up different tags like “top plays,” or “playmakers,” and then tag relevant articles so they’re easier to find. 

You can easily incorporate images and videos into each post, which increases engagement and gets your league members coming back and spending more time online. 

Another fun way to keep things high-paced is to open a Twitter account for your league and then embed the Twitter feed on your blog. Then, when it’s game day, get a couple screens going and tweet updates to your blog and watch the followers come rolling in. 

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Wix Football Fansite Template

This template was created in order to pay homage to a real-life team, but you can easily tweak it to be a custom website for your league.

The template can be designed with 4 clickable sections at the top. You can design one to lead to a “news” section, where you post updates and short articles about the league or individual teams, one where you post pictures or videos (or plays of the week), and one where you post predictions for the weeks to come. You can also set up a section to list the separate teams one by one with stats weaved in to create a deeper experience. 

Use the “News” section to update league members about important NFL news and player updates, and transform the “Team” page into a listing of your fantasy leagues team owners. The “Next Game” space gives you a place to showcase a big fantasy matchup in the coming week. Pictures and videos of the biggest plays in the previous week can also be added– perhaps a video of the touchdown that allowed an underdog to come back and win his fantasy match.

Squarespace Wells Template

Squarespace offers some of the most beautiful, captivating templates of any website builder, which all but make you want to dive directly into the monitor and get lost for the afternoon. 

The templates are also responsive and easy to customize, so they’re perfect if you want to tell a story with your fantasy football league website. 

The templates are organized by group, with headings like “entertainment and media,” “food and drink,” and “music,” to name a few. What so many of these templates have in common is that they really put images first, allowing you to create a truly interactive, visual experience. You can use templates like “avenue,” “montauk,” or “wells,” to to combine images from game day with news about the movers and shakers in your league and really make the website stand out. Look at this way, just because your website is about football doesn’t mean it can’t look like a work of art too. 

With Squarespace photography templates you can easily change the default links from “photography” and “paintings” to instead feature your playoff bracket, pics of the top players, or other images that can go side by side with blog posts about what happened on Sunday and who came out on top. 

Like with Wix and other web builders, the blog posts are a great way to get the other league members involved more heavily. Allow them to create their own blogs on the website, and make this a team effort. 

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Go Long 

When it comes to your fantasy football league, sometimes it can feel like winning isn’t everything - it’s the only thing. Vince Lombardi may have had a point, but he left us long before personal websites, blogging, and social media became a major part of what it means to be a sports fan. So when you go for that championship in your fantasy football league, keep your eye on the prize, but also put some thought into creating a website that can really take things to the next level. 

Norman Brauns
Norman Brauns is the founder and CEO of PACIFIC, a digital marketing agency based in San Diego, California.