The Best Premium VoIP Services for Enterprise StaffJan. 13, 2019
The Best Premium VoIP Services for Enterprise
Using an effective VoIP system can mean huge savings for a company on phone expenses, and most top VoIP systems include a host of features that can make your company run smoother.

With enterprise VoIP, we’re talking about VoIP solutions that are tailor-made for large organizations with major telecommunications needs. Enterprises need VoIP solutions that can be easily scaled as the company grows (or shrinks) without any of the red tape of the old phone services. Such companies can specifically benefit from features like video conferencing, call analytics, routing, and international call rates. Also, companies on this scale can benefit a great deal from the fact that most VoIP services offer free communication within a company’s network.

Here are 5 of the best VoIP systems for enterprise that deliver savings, loads of features, and high-quality sound and security:

Vonage Business

  • Superior voice quality
  • Conferencing for up to 300 users
  • Mobile and desktop applications allow workers both in-site and working remotely to collaborate seamlessly
  • Integration with Salesforce, Gsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, Clio
  • Vonage will install and service all hardware
Monthly Cost
$14.99 + $0.03/minute metered plan
Minimal Subscription Option

1 unlimited extension + 1 phone number ($39.99)

Monthly Price per Extension

Metered Plans
$14.99 + $0.03/minute

Vonage is a major player in the VoIP industry, and offers a series of built-in features that rival any competitor. Vonage markets its enterprise-grade VoIP packages under the “Vonage Premier” title, which are meant for medium-size and larger businesses.

Features of Vonage’s “enterprise cloud communications” package include auto attendant to manage your incoming calls (as an add-on in Vonage Premier Plus), multiple call forwarding options, fax mail (in premier plus), push to talk, unified messaging/voicemail, virtual numbers, visual voicemail (in Premier UC and Premier Plus) and dozens more.

Vonage business VoIP can be hooked-up to work on employees smart phones, and to send chats, faxes, tests, and to video conference remotely or in house. The provider’s cloud-based system can handle “from 3 extensions up to 3,000,” and has some of the best call quality available.

Popular add-on features of Vonage premier include audio connect (conferencing for up to 300 people), speak2Dial, fax mail, web connect, and call recording.

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  • End-to-end encryption on every call
  • Integration with a series of business tools
  • Affordable, with extensive customer service
Premium Package
$34.99/month per user
Enterprise Package
$44.99/month per user

Even at its most basic plan, RingCentral offers full call management including advanced call forwarding, call screening, unlimited video conferencing with screen sharing, multi-level auto attendant, and the ability to send and receive texts from your company’s business number.

The service is also fully mobile-ready, meaning you can access it remotely and work from anywhere.

When it comes to integrations, RingCentral works with Outlook, Oracle, Zendesk, Box, Google, Salesforce, Okta, and more, though some integrations may require paying for an add-on.

While the enterprise package is the best plan for an enterprise level business, if your company isn’t especially large, then RingCentral’s premium package may be enough.

The premium package costs $34.99/month per user, while the enterprise package is $44.99/month per user. With the enterprise package you get 10,000 toll free minutes as opposed to only 2,500 with premium, as well as the ability to host 75 people in video meetings, as opposed to a maximum of 50 with the premium package. Other than that, the only other feature that enterprise provides which is lacking in premium is voicemail to text.

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  • Auto attendant standard
  • Enterprise-level analytics provides comprehensive overview of phone usage
  • Integration with over 20 programs
  • Virtual office mobile app allows remote accessibility

5-9 users10+ users
Monthly Cost

Virtual office pro costs $5 more per month plus $10 more per user

“A full range of Fortune 500 features” is a hell of a claim, but 8x8 provides a long list of features in a top-of-the-line enterprise VoIP package that can back it up. The “Virtual Office X8” package is what 8x8 refers to as “truly unified.” It’s a unified communication package that combines a cloud-based phone system, conference meetings, and a contact center, suited for large businesses.

All 8x8 packages come with unlimited calling and auto attendant standard, but with the X8 package, you also receive 2,000 contact center minutes, 3 months of contact center call recording storage, contact center visual IVR, and contact center graphical reporting and analytics.

8x8’s Virtual Office Analytics Suite provides businesses with an overview of their phone usage, to let you know when quality is best, when they are using the most lines, how many calls are lost and how many returned. The 8x8 virtual office mobile app makes the service accessible to you on mobile devices, and whatever platform your company is using, you can rest a little easier knowing that 8x8 has 99.9983% uptime.

That said, 8x8’s customer service does not include a 24/7 live chat or help line, and there are limited call queuing options.

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  • Unlimited local and long distance calling minutes
  • Conference bridge which allows you to host conference calls with up to 10 attendees
  • Integration with an assortment of top business software
  • Affordable and easy to set up and migrate contacts

Tier 4Tier 5
Monthly Price per User$21.95$19.95

 Jive communications offers a number of affordable, easy-to-use VoIP arrangements that can be a boon for an enterprise level company. Jive’s cloud-based enterprise solutions are fully customizable and include hundreds of advanced features including auto attendants, virtual fax, voicemail to email, call queues, and missed call indicator, all backed up by 24/7 customer service.

Jive provides comprehensive analytics to help you make sense of your phone data, as well as features to track calls, filter calls, and monitor employee performance.

The service is mobile-ready, with an intuitive online management portal to allow employees to stay connected even if they’re on opposite sides of the globe.

The smallest enterprise level pricing package is Tier 4, for 25 – 49 users, at $21.95 a month per user, followed by Tier 5 for companies with 50-99 users at $19.95 a month per user.


  • Free on network calling
  • Onsip mobile app for remote use
  • Auto attendant standard
  • 5-way video conferencing and video chat
  • Intuitive setup and account management
  • Integration with wide range of programs including Slack, Google Analytics, Outlook

Per month/per userRestrictions
Free$0OnSIP & internet calling only, up to 100 users
Pay as You Go$0External rates apply, minimum of $49.95 features
Metered User$8.95External rates apply, 5 user minimum
Unlimited User$24.95Unlimited calling, 5 user minimum

OnSip VoIP offers enterprise solutions that can save big companies money and improve efficiency. In recent years the company has racked up a number of big name clients like Tumblr and Mozilla, proving that it can handle major enterprise clients.

OnSip comes with many of the standard features you’d expect from a VoIP system, like auto attendant, free on network calling, and a mobile app, but there are dozens of other features available, including third-party softphone integration, SIP domain hosting, and developer API, among others.

It also has extensive integration potential, including Zendesk, Slack, Outlook and Google Analytics.

The pricing system for OnSip is rather unique. It doesn’t require a contract and you basically pay as you go based on which features you want. For one thing, internal calling is free, so you only pay for external calls made and cloud phone system apps used. For another, since no contracts are required, you can change plans or opt out whenever you want without consequences.

Comcast Business

  • Access the system remotely with mobile app
  • Capacity for up to 500 phone lines
  • Stay on the line with unlimited local and nationwide long-distance calls
  • Professional auto attendant
10-19 Phones
$39.95/phone per month
20+ Phones
$34.95/phone per month

*also requires a one-time installation fee of $29.95 per phone

Comcast’s Business Voice Edge harnesses the power of one of the world’s telecommunications giants for an enterprise level VoIP that has a host of features and call clarity that is among the best in the business.

The service is cloud-based and fully accessible remotely by way of your desktop, laptop, or mobile device by way of an app for Android and iOS. Customer service includes live agents available 24/7.

The service has a number of central integrations, including Business VoiceEdge for Office 365 which integrates with Microsoft Outlook Web Access. This allows you to click-to-call contacts, and click on phone numbers in emails to dial. The service also has an integration with Google Chrome, and in 2017, VoiceEdge Skype for Business won an “Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award.”

Features to look for in enterprise VoIP providers

  • VoIP must be scalable so that it can be fit to any size business from small to large
  • Flexible pricing
  • Video conferencing w/screen sharing
  • Ease of operation
  • Affordable international call rates
  • Pricing plans that include free calls within network
  • High quality audio and no dropped calls
  • Simultaneous, no-delay calling between phone lines in far apart locales

The VoIP industry includes a wide variety of providers for all types of customers. VoIP initially started out as a service solely for residential customers looking to slash their phone costs. In time, VoIP providers realized how lucrative it could be to sell their services en masse to big companies who have far more to gain from cutting their phone costs. Some of the options listed below include major industry leaders like Vonage and RingCentral, and lesser-known companies like Lightspeed and Jive that offer solid VoIP service in their own rights. While most of these companies still offer VoIP service for residential customers, they’re focused more heavily on enterprise business customers who are in the market for much bigger purchases.


Like with residential VoIP or small business VoIP, there’s no single solution or product that will work for every enterprise business. When considering which enterprise VoIP system to purchase, first consider your company’s needs and budget. Every option will be scalable with some sort of mobile access. If the cost is the deal maker, then take some time to crunch the numbers and figure out the return on investment after paying for hardware and monthly service - only then will you know if the monthly savings on your phone bill are worth it.

Otherwise, there are some services which offer more integrations, or include advanced features which require an extra charge with other providers. Take some time to look at some of the best VoIP providers on the market and see what they have to offer.