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Ways to Use VoIP
VoIP is the future of communications technology. Many business systems now integrate these technologies into their own infrastructure for greater flexibility and system monitoring. VoIP technology has many other uses, such as allowing users to connect to others worldwide with clarity and ease. Some of these applications are in use everyday, and many don't even realize it.

Take an Online Course

There are a great many things to learn, and quite a few of these things can now be learned online. Many colleges and learning organizations offer a wide range of courses on a great deal of subjects that are offered online. After registering for a course, you will be placed in a virtual classroom with other students from around the world. 

Live session courses are the most common and most likely being broadcast by an instructor, but many are pre-recorded as well. These pre-recorded classes are available by simply signing in and learning. Upon completion of your course, you have gained invaluable knowledge and in many courses an actual certificate of completion can be attained.

Play Games

Many people are playing games online with VoIP technology. This is most prevalent in the shooter type and multiplayer online role-playing games. Within these games, VoIP technology is used to communicate with other players. 

Using a headset and microphone, the players can form teams and groups to work cooperatively toward a common goal or mission within the game itself. This VoIP function also works in PC games where players from around the world congregate and play both with and against each other. Development such as this is a huge reason why gaming has become so incredibly popular.

Government VoIP

Now, the first thing that comes into most people's mind regarding the military use of VoIP is the use of telephones. This is actually just one of the many functions in which VoIP is utilized. On the ground, troops can communicate movements using VoIP technologies that are not only encrypted, but more heavily secure than radio or even standard telephony. Networks work as "channels" where secure methods of communication are imperative. Another use of VoIP technology is in the use of monitoring cameras. These cameras can instantly transmit video to their destination, securely and effectively.

Conference Calling

This is generally the most common utilization of VoIP technology, but it goes rather unnoticed. Many business meetings, project plans, and other type of group calling is often done using VoIP conference calling services. 

While this does include standard telephone calls, it also provides ample use of bandwidth for video feeds. This allows people from across the globe to be able to connect simultaneously. Business VoIP providers, such as Vonage, offer a wide range of conference calling options.

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Mobile Telephony

One of the greatest aspects of VoIP is that it bars the restrictions of land-line technologies in regards to location. Since VoIP uses the internet to connect, making long distance calls is easy, as well as affordable, with business VoIP services like RingCentral

Using online interfaces, callers can connect around the world with the ease of simply dialing. The cost of this is much less than that of standard telephone lines. What makes this so amazing is that there are now applications for the mobile phone that allow for calling using VoIP at limited or no cost.

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Find Love

In the age of technology, communication is done over the wire. Many breakups and even proposals have been made via text messages and online communications. Using VoIP technologies, finding love (and losing it) can be done face-to-face, without actually having to face the other person. Isn't love grand? Messenger services and VoIP technologies allow for video chatting to happen with somebody that is either right next door or thousands of miles away.

Be Productively Lazy

There was a time when a "case of the Mondays" meant having to reluctantly leave the comfort of your home to embark on the process of going to work. Using VoIP technology, getting work done from home has become much easier. 

Making phone calls, faxing papers, even having those dreaded weekly meetings can be done using VoIP. The greatest part of this is that while you can be lazy on a Monday morning, you are also able to be productive as well. All of which can be done before your first cup of coffee.

Broadcast Yourself

Do you have a special talent? Perhaps you enjoy giving instructional presentations. Some people even just have the vernacular for talking about any subject in particular. Using VoIP broadcasting, you can provide a forum for your talents. Here, you can stream online while also interacting with those who are watching. If anyone misses a broadcast, you can simply save the transmission and rebroadcast later.


No matter how you choose to utilize VoIP technology, it serves a great and functional purpose for many different things. In this, VoIP is the future of communication and whether used for work or play or in learning and teaching, this technology is only headed toward greater purpose. Check out our reviews of the top business VoIP providers and get equipped today. Staff's editorial staff is a professional team of editors, writers and experts with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.