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Organixx Vitamins & Supplements Review (2024)

Doctor Formulated and Endorsed Vitamins & Supplements
By Larry ArmsteadBy Larry Armstead -
Last Updated: Oct 20, 2023
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From $39.95 per unit
Ethical Standards
NSF-certified GMP
Capsules and powder

Our Verdict

Is Organixx Worth It?

With products containing anti-aging proteins and supplements to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, Organixx is a leading choice when it comes to vitamins and supplements. As well as having an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, it provides a 12-month money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with your purchase. And, while it has slightly higher prices than some competitors, you’ll receive attractive discounts on its subscription plans.

From $39.95 per unit
Ethical Standards
NSF-certified GMP
Capsules and powder

Organixx Pros & Cons


Free shipping on subscription purchases
One-year money-back guarantee
Contains added vitamin C, B6, zinc and silica


No capsule or tablet form
No flavored option

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Organixx at a Glance

One of the features we found most appealing about Organixx is its rewards program, which allows you to receive bonus points and cash back on your purchases. You’ll also receive points for opening an account, referring a friend, signing up for the company’s newsletter, and engaging with Organixx on social media. 

Once you have collected your points, you can use them to receive a discount on future purchases. Every 200 points provides a $5 discount, although you should be aware that points will expire after one year.

The company also provides you with a free recipe ebook containing 33 superfood, smoothie, and drink recipes if you enter your email address into its website.

Is Organixx Safe and Reliable?

When assessing the trustworthiness of the brand, we were reassured to see that Organixx is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has a rating of A+ with the body. 

It also currently has a rating of 3.63/5 on the site based on eight customer reviews. Of those who rated the company highly, several were enthusiastic about the health benefits of its products. In contrast, less satisfied customers reported issues with the company’s delivery service. Likewise, Organixx has broadly positive reviews on other sites, with many reviewers praising its pain-relieving products.

All its products are manufactured in the US at FDA-registered, CGMP-compliant facilities. The company’s website also contains the details of third-party testing on its products.

How Organixx Works

Organnix’s website is extremely user-friendly, making it easy to research the company and its product range. 

If you’d like to place an order, you can do so online by selecting your chosen product and entering your shipping details and email address. Alternatively, you can create an account, which will allow you to see details of your past orders and subscribe.

If you’re interested in collagen, you should note that its product is available only in powder form. And although it is free from gluten, dairy, soy, and preservatives, it does contain eggs.

The company ships its orders seven days a week. Orders received before 9pm (ET) will likely ship the same day, while all others will ship the following day.

If you’re not satisfied with your order, you can receive a full refund if you return your bottles, canisters, or flex packets within one year of the shipment date.

Organixx Customer Support

You can contact Organixx over the phone, by email, or by creating a ticket on its website. Customer support hours are Monday-Saturday, 9am-6pm (ET).

When we contacted the company by email with a query about allergens, we received a polite and helpful response the following work day that answered all the questions we had. 

Organixx also collaborates with a naturopathic physician and nutritionist, whose approach promotes wellness by regarding the body as a whole. In addition to answering customers’ questions online or through videos, the doctor is available for 30- and 60-minute consultations, which you can schedule via the website.

If your query is more general, there is an extensive selection of FAQs on Organixx’s website, which provided most of the details we wanted to find. Likewise, the company provides a range of healthy recipes and a selection of blog-style articles on topics such as “Collagen for Weight Loss” and “Collagen vs Bone Broth: What’s the Difference and Which Do You Need?”.

Organixx Pricing

Clean-sourced collagens 
Best for combating symptoms of aging

Best for creating a healthy gut barrier

7M+ immune
Best for boosting the immune system

Cost Per Unit




Bulk Price

  • One bag: $33.96 (save 15%)
  • Two bags: $66.22 (save 17%)
  • Three bags: $96.78 (save 19% and free shipping)
  • Six bags: $183.36 (save 24%)
  • One bottle: $38.21 (save 15%)
  • Two bottles: $74.72 (save 17%)
  • Three bottles: $106.98 (save 21%)
  • Six bottles: $203.76 (save 24%)
  • One bottle: $46.71 (save 15%)
  • Two bottles: $91.72(save 17%)
  • Three bottles: $132.48 (save 20% and free shipping)
  • Six bottles: $249.66 (save 24%)
  • Helps maintain smooth skin
  • Can help joint mobility
  • Supports thick hair and strong nails
  • Supports clear arteries and cardiovascular health
  • Helps healthy metabolism
  • Supports liver and gut health
  • Supports digestive function and can help digestive pain
  • Supports gut barrier health and nutrient absorption
  • Can help against bad bacteria, viruses, and yeasts in gut
  • Supports immune defenses
  • Can help mood and stress resilience
  • Supports healthy weight and cholesterol levels
  • Supports strong, adaptive immune system
  • Can help with bodily inflammation
  • Supports mental clarity and memory recall
  • Supports healthy blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and digestion
  • Helps maintain energy levels and physical performance
Five collagen types (Types I, II, III, V and X), vitamin C, B6, zinc, silica
Single “super strain” of L. plantarum OM 
Proprietary blend of seven medicinal mushrooms 

How much does Organixx cost?

While the prices for Organixx’s one-time purchases are at the higher end of the market, we were impressed by some of the discounts available on bulk purchases, which could be as high as 24%.

When purchasing from Organixx, you’ll also receive a discount if you subscribe to receive your supplements on a regular basis, with the savings increasing for larger orders. You can receive your subscriptions every 30, 60, or 90 days.

When you’re making your purchase, you’ll see the cost of shipping added to your cart. Note that you will not pay for shipping on subscription purchases, and the company provides free shipping on orders of over $99 in the US, over $149 in Canada, and over $199 worldwide.

What else does Organixx offer?

In addition to the above items, Organixx offers a broad suite of products addressing different health concerns.

  • Ageless Brain (for memory improvement and brain fog reduction): $54.95 per bottle

  • Enzyme 17 (for improved digestion and increased metabolism): $49.95 per bottle

  • Immunity3 (for defense against viruses and bacteria): $34.95 per bottle

  • Iodine (for boosting energy and combatting sluggish metabolism): $29.95 per bottle

  • Magi-Complexx capsules: (for alleviating joint pain): $54.95 per bottle

  • Magi-Complexx Essential oil blend: (promotes healthy immune function): $39.95

  • Magnesium 7 (for reducing stress and anxiety levels): $39.95 per bottle

  • Multi-Vita-Maxx (for enhancing diet and filling nutrient gaps): $54.95 per bottle

  • Turmeric 3D (for supporting healthy pain-free joints): $54.95 per bottle

  • Optimal Digestion Kit: (for creating healthy gut barrier): $94.90 

  • Memory and Focus Kit (for increasing mental capacity and improving memory): $109.90

You can also purchase a range of skin care products from AnnieMak via Organixx’s website.

Organixx Organixx Visit Site

Bottom Line  

With its accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and doctor endorsement, there’s an undeniable appeal of Organixx if you’re considering taking a collagen supplement. We were especially pleased to see the 12-month money-back guarantee on all its products and free shipping for those who take out a subscription. Although it would be ideal to have all claims about the company’s products to be evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, determining whether Organixx’s provides good value for money will depend on how your body responds to its products.

Frequently Asked Questions
What does Organixx collagen taste like?+-

Organixx’s collagen is a fine powder that is designed to be tasteless and odorless.

Does Organixx test on animals?+-

No, the company doesn’t test any of its products on animals.

Is Organixx collagen powder vegan?+-

No. As collagen is made from the body and only comes from animal sources, the company states that it is impossible to make a vegan collagen product.

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