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Student loan relief can come in two distinct forms which enables companies to offer a variety of complementary features. Whether providers settle student debts or consolidate student loans there are plenty of options out there.

Student loans often come with promise for the future, government backed loan programs, and really high interest rates. Once you’re working and paying your loan repayment bills every month, it can pay to refinance for different terms, lower rates, or to consolidate multiple loans into one monthly payment. Save money by paying for fewer years or lowering your rates dramatically. Do you have a cosigner you’d like to release from your loan? You can do that too. Check out this list of some of the best companies in the business and find out which companies offer the features that can best meet your student debt relief needs.

1. Credible

The average customer saves $18,668 when refinancing through Credible's lenders.

Credible is a loan marketplace that works with a large network of reliable loan providers. Credible requires no minimum credit score, which makes it a good option for people with poor credit. Depending on your finances, Credible will connect you with potential loan providers that can refinance up to 100% of your student loan. Variable rates start at 1.99% (with autopay)*. 

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2. Splash Financial

Refinancing can save you $350 per month or $29,340 over the life of your loan.

Splash Financial is ideal for people with advanced degrees and offers attractive packages for medical professionals. It requires a minimum credit score of 670 for refinancing, which is higher than some of its competitors but the rates are competitive. You can refinance anywhere between $7,500 and $350,000, depending on your previous loans and current financial situations. People who refinance with Splash Financial with a 3.50% fixed APR can save as much as $350/month or $29,340 over the life of the loan. 

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3. SoFi

Members choose between between a range of rates and terms with no hidden fees.

SoFi is one of the fastest growing alternative lenders in the financial technology industry. They have 148,000 members who have saved a total of $760 million from the more than $10 billion SoFi has lent to date. Variable rates start as low as 1.99% (with autopay) APR while fixed rates start as low as 2.99% (with autopay) APR.

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4. Earnest

The average customer will save $17,936 on their total student loan payments.

Earnest provides affordable student loan refinancing and student debt consolidation. Variable rates start at 1.99% (with 0.25% autopay discount) APR while fixed rates start at 2.98% (with 0.25% autopay discount) APR. What makes Earnest really unique is that they will customize a loan for your specific needs. Once thy have established your interest rate based on credit score, educational background, and employment information, you can customize your loan term between 5 and 20 years. Customers are able to choose a monthly payment that perfectly matches their budget constraints to ensure they are able to keep up with payments.

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5. LendKey

A free loan aggregator service that focuses on student loan refinancing.

The average customer of LendKey and their network of 13,000+ community banks and credit unions saves $10,500 on their total outstanding student loan payments. After inputting personal details, education accomplishments, and employment information into their platform, LendKey will match customers with lenders that fit their specific needs and qualifications. The most qualified borrowers can receive variable rates starting as low as 2.61% and fixed rates starting from 3.19%.

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6. CommonBond

The average customer saves $14,581 on their total student loan payments.

CommonBond is a student loan refinancing lender focused on low interest rate funding. Customers qualify for interest rates not only based on their credit score, but also by their education experience and job trajectory. The most qualified borrowers can receive a variable rate option as low as 2.99%, fixed rates as low as 3.18%, and a 10-year hybrid loan with an effective 4.04% APR. Loan terms are extremely flexible with 5,7,10,15 and 20-year term options.

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