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Last Updated: Apr 2024

Top 10 Adjustable Standing Desks for 2024

Sit in front of the computer for 6-8 hours a day? Given the health risks of sitting for too long, it may be time to invest in an adjustable standing desk.

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We find the 10 best options, so you can make informed decisions on tons of products and services.

How to Choose the Best Standing Desk for You

Sitting down for an extended amount of time can be harmful. In fact, according to an analysis of 13 studies by the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, sitting for more than eight hours a day with no physical activity poses a similar mortality risk to obesity and smoking. If you have a job that requires you to work opposite a computer for hours on end, one way to mitigate the health risk is to use a standing desk.

Stand-up desks fall into three main categories, the first two of which are the focus of this list.

  • Adjustable desk. Desk that can be adjusted for sitting or standing. There are manual and electric-powered options (although with the number of electric options on the market, there’s really no need to go manual).
  • Standing desk converter. Adjustable device on top of your regular desk that can be lowered or raised to enable sitting or standing. Also includes both manual and electric-powered options.
  • Fixed standing desk. Desk with fixed height for standing. Cheaper and easier to assemble than the other types. However, because fixed standing desks cannot be adjusted for height, they are less beneficial ergonomically. For that reason, we have excluded them from our list.

Read on for our selection of the best electric standing desks and standing desk converters on the market, including best budget desk, best-looking desk, and easiest desk to assemble.

1. UPLIFT Standing Desk V2 - Best Electric Standing Desk Overall

Uplift is one of the best-known standing desk manufacturers, and the V2 is its flagship product. If you’re looking for a standing desk that’s stable, reliable, and easy to adjust, then look no farther than the V2. Its extra-wide stability braces eliminate side-to-side wobble. Its dual motors mean you can adjust it in seconds. And its advanced sensors protect against collisions.

The V2 is highly customizable. There are 19 types of desktop for different tastes and budgets, from 1” thick Moso bamboo to different types of laminate and wood. There are even curved and L-shaped options. The desk also has several mounting points for accessories, including one where you can hang the complementary under-desk hammock that Uplift throws in with each purchase of the V2.

2. iMovR Eureka i1 Standing Desk – Best Budget Standing Desk

The majority of good adjustable desks cost $500, with the Eurekai1 being a rare exception. The Eurekai1 won’t give you the customizability of the higher-end options, but it will give you a stable and reliable sit-stand desk at a decent price.

The Eureka i1 actually has some pretty good features for a budget desk. It has a 7-button electric height adjuster with memory settings, making it easy to get the perfect height. It’s equipped with several safety and anti-collision features, including anti-tilt protection, overheat protection, and power failure/surge protection. The dual motor design offers strength and stability without creating a noisy work environment. 

3. iMovR Lander Desk – Best Premium Standing Desk

It’s not often a manufacturer can claim the best budget and premium options for a product, but iMovR appears to have achieved this feat in standing desks. Made in the USA, the Lander Desk arrives 98% pre-assembled, with no tools required to set it up.

The Lander is the most technologically advanced standing desk on the market. Its intuitive height control paddle enables double-tap height changes and subtle visual reminders to change position. The Lander’s Bluetooth-connected smartphone app lets you remotely raise your desk. All desktop options are ergo-contoured on precision CNC (Computer Numerical Control) equipment and hermetically sealed with Surf(x) 3D lamination.

4. Vari Electric Standing Desk 60x30 - Easiest Standing Desk to Assemble

Vari claims its flagship product can be assembled in 5 minutes or less. Judging from the reviews its customers appear to agree. The desk ships free, and you can return it within 30 days of purchase if you’re not happy with it.

What else can we tell you about the Vari Electric Standing Desk? It has four programmable memory settings with LED display. It features sturdy T-style legs with heavy-duty steel foot for enhanced stability. And all desktops come with a laminate finish that’s durable and easy to clean.

5. Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk – Most Sustainable Standing Desk

The best electric standing desks all boast of their environmental credentials, but none can match the Fully Jarvis Bamboo for overall eco-friendliness. That’s because the Fully Jarvis Bamboo is made from bamboo that’s sourced by hand from sustainable forests without using pesticides or fertilizers.

The Jarvis comes with the option of an up-down toggle handset or OLED touch programmable handset with height indicator screen. The OLED touch is best for accessing the many customizable features of the Jarvis, such as the Jarvis Monitor Arm, a single or dual gas-activated monitor arm for your desktop screen.

6. VertDesk v3 – Best Standing Desk with Voice Control

We researched dozens of standing desks for this article, and the VertDesk v3 was the only one we found with voice control. Like all other products in the VertDesk line, the V3 is made in the USA and is known for stability and reliability. The only difference is that its height can be controlled hands-free.

Voice control is made possible by the Activity Assistant app. You just tell your device one of your pre-recorded commands and your desk will move to your desired height. This app includes a number of other useful features, including customized notifications to sit and stand during the day.

7. Series C Height Adjustable L-Shaped Standing Desk – Best L-Shaped Adjustable Standing Desk

The majority of adjustable standing desks on the market are rectangular, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle. Another alternative is the L-shaped adjustable desk, like this one from Series C. It is just like any other L-shaped desk, but equipped with a standing desk converter on the shorter side of the L.

Being an L-Shaped desk, you’ll obviously need help assembling it – which will set you back a few hundred dollars. However, if you’re looking for a proper business desk to place in your work office which also happens to offer ergonomic benefits, then it’s well worth considering the Series C.

8. UPLIFT E7 Electric Standing Desk Converter - Best Sit-Stand Desk Converter Overall

You don’t necessarily have to invest in an entire desk to get yourself a standing desk. Another option is to place a standing desk converter on your desktop and adjust as necessary.  Once again UPLIFT wins first place – this time with the E7 Standing Desk Converter, which lets you quickly switch between seated and standing height with the touch of a button.

Like all UPLIFT products, the E7 is built for stability and reliability. It sits on top of your desk with no clamping or mounting required. It has a built-in advanced memory keypad which remembers your preferred heights. It’s built for comfort, with a tiered keyboard tray that puts your arms in the ideal position – whether you’re sitting or standing.

9. FITUEYES Standing Desk Converter – Best Budget Sit-Stand Desk Converter

For a cheap adjustable desk solution that lets you stand at eye level to your computer, there’s no better choice than the FITUEYES. Despite the low price, this is a solid option that’s suitable for single monitor, dual monitor, and laptop/monitor setups. It moves from sitting to standing in one motion using gas-spring force.

The FITUEYES desk converter arrives fully assembled, so you can start standing at your desk right away. With a range of flexible heights, it’s the ideal solution for obtaining a standing desk with minimal effort – and at minimum cost.

10. Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro Junior – Most Compact Sit-Stand Desk Converter

A sit-stand desk converter goes on top of your desk, so you probably don’t want it taking up too much space. The Kangaroo Pro Junior is the most-compact desk converter on the market, measuring 17.5” wide by 16” deep. It can support monitors up to 12 lbs without the monitor base attached.

The Kangaroo Pro Junior is a good option as long as your work setup isn’t too complicated. It’s not designed for mounting laptops, although you can place the laptop on the work surface and still use the Kangaroo Pro Junior for your mouse and keyboard. Optional add-ons include detachable side-work surfaces, cable management, and keyboard extension.

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