Surprise President? Psychics Weigh in On the 2020 Elections

Scott Hirsch
Surprise President? Psychics Weigh in On the 2020 Elections
Did you know that Donald Trump was born on a full moon during a total lunar eclipse? Well, neither did we. But there are people who not only know that, but think it can give them some privileged insight into his performance this November during the 2020 elections.

Psychics have never shied away from weighing in on political matters. Astrologers, clairvoyants, and other intuitives have always chimed in with their own predictions around election time, and this year is no different. 

But the 2020 elections are arguably more heated than any in recent history. The race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is charged with so much energy, emotion, and passion on both a personal and public scale, that some psychics are taking it extra seriously, consulting natal charts, astrological maps, and their own intuitive voices in order to glean some insight into what we can expect this November and beyond. 

2020 Presidential Elections

So while political experts are digging into polls and analyzing swing states, psychics are hard at work with their own calculations. Here’s a look at what some of today’s top psychic readers are predicting about the 2020 presidential elections. 

4 More Years?

At the beginning of the year, notable psychic Judy Hevenly scored some major points when she correctly predicted that Pete Buttigieg “had a good chance of winning the Iowa race.” Though her prediction came true, it was Joe Biden who ultimately became the Democratic candidate. So what does Judy have to say for November?

  • According to Judy Hevenly, Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020
  • However, she says he may not finish his 2nd term
  • Another noted psychic, Craig Hamilton Parker, also predicted at the beginning of 2020 that Donald Trump will be reelected in November

It’s interesting to note that Judy Hevenly made some other successful predictions at the beginning of 2020, including correctly predicting 4 out of the 6 Oscar winners in the major categories, in addition to her long-shot Buttigieg prediction.

Surprise President?

Both psychics above are predicting a Donald Trump win in November. But if you’re hoping for a new face in the Oval Office next year, don’t worry--not everyone is predicting a Trump win. Which is good news for you....unless you’re a Biden fan. 

Surprise President?

According to at least a few psychics, there’s a chance that neither of today’s candidates will be sworn into the White House next year. 

Psychic Elyssa Heyman predicts that we could see a “surprise president”--one that will most likely be a female. Kamala Harris, you say? Nope.

  • According to Elyssa, there’s a chance that the elections will be so contested that there will be no president by the swearing-in day of January 20, 2021. 
  • If that happens, she says, then by Constitutional law the presidency would go to Nancy Pelosi. 

Evon Davis is also counting on a contested election. “I expect a similar situation to the Bush/Gore scenario of November 7, 2000,” Evon said in a recent YouTube video. 

Evon goes to some great lengths to arrive at this scenario. According to her:

  • On October 31, the full moon will be exactly conjunct to Uranus, and a few days later, on election day, Mercury stations direct. She points to the fact that the same thing happened on election day 2000, when of course the Bush/Gore elections resulted in historically contested results. 
  • If we experience a similar situation this year, Evon says, we could see a faithless delegate situation arise on January 6th, meaning the senate can theoretically select the president. 
  • In such a case, says Davis, “this would most likely be Nancy Pelosi.” 

A Bumpy Road Ahead 

While some psychics use sheer intuition to predict the next president, others have been diving into astrological charts in order to see what’s in store this November. 

Astrologist Tatiana Borsch points out that this year’s astrological terrain is looking a bit bumpy. According to Tatiana:

  • 2020 is primed for a total of 6 eclipses, and many planets will be in retrograde. This suggests that “2020 and 2021 are a transition period, when all problems will come to a head.” 
  • “On Election Day, and the entire period leading up to it, both Mercury and Mars will move backwards in relation to the movement of the Sun across the horizon (known as being in retrograde).” What can we expect from this? Says Tatiana, “a lot of unreliable or intentionally twisted information, large-scale protests, and this will peak the last week before Election Day, which is planned for November 3, and the entire month that follows.”
  • She also sees in the coming retrograde proof that the results of the election won’t be so clear cut. “Planets in retrograde also suggest that the opposition party is likely going to attempt to contest the election results, and all of this will go hand in hand with major scandals.”
  • Ultimately, she warns that the stars have some foreboding signs for us for these coming elections. “We are all used to American elections becoming scenes of political conflict, but I am afraid that this year, things will take a new shape and outdo previous years in terms of political upheaval.” 

The Sun, the Stars, and the Oval Office  

A natal chart, or birth chart, is a sort of map that tells you where the planets were at the time of your birth. Astrologists often use natal charts for insight into a person’s personality as well as key characteristics into their emotional, social, and yes, even political selves. Natal charts can also clue an astrologist into times of the year that are more or less favorable for that person based on the positioning of the planets. 

For the upcoming elections, Kaitlyn Maura wrote an in-depth series analyzing and comparing the candidates’ natal charts in order to get a better understanding of what we can expect this November. Here are some interesting finds:

Donald Trump’s Birth Chart

  • According to Maura, Donald Trump was born on a full moon and a total lunar eclipse, which typically indicates people with “larger than life personalities.”
  • The transits in Trump’s chart for this November pose some risks for Trump. “He may be deluded about his own capabilities or resort to escapism instead of addressing the problems that are at hand.”
  • However, as the general elections “correspond almost exactly around the time of his Nodal Return...It looks as if - for better or for worse - leading this country is part of his destiny.”
  • There’s plenty in his chart that could interfere with his plans, however. “There is also a lot of 12th house energy as well,” she says, “which tells a different story, maybe even one of hospitalization and/or imprisonment.”
  • Maura concludes with this prediction: “Trump might win but his victory may trigger a revolution before his next term actually starts.”

Joe Biden’s Birth Chart

  • Maura points out that Democratic candidate Joe Biden is a Scorpio, which is usually associated with power. 
  • The 12th house in his birth chart indicates a “secretive nature” and is the “house of self-undoing,” leading her to conclude that “perhaps Joe Biden is his own worst enemy.”
  • However, this seems to be balanced by the moon in the first degree of Taurus in his chart, indicating “a sense of inner steadiness and stability.”
  • According to Maura, November looks “pretty good” according to Biden’s transits, which point to “strength, and virility” during this time.
  • The position of Jupiter for November speaks well to Biden’s communication skills, as Maura predicts that “there will probably be fewer "gaffs" reported around this time.”
  • Biden’s lunar return for January of next year lands precisely on inauguration day, a detail that Maura finds “very significant”--and one that could bode well for the Democratic candidate. 

The 2020 Elections are Heating Up

As America enters the final stretch before the elections, everyone from pundits to your Facebook friends are weighing in on what they think the future holds. Psychics are certainly not exempt from this chorus of voices, and as the above shows, they have their own methods of “reading the room,” so to speak, and predicting the outcome. You may not believe their claims or their methods, but as history has shown, when it comes to presidential elections, even the experts can get it wrong. Regardless, soon we won’t have to rely on predictions anymore.

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