How Can a Psychic Reading Help You Find Your Ideal Partner

Rebecca Wojno
How Psychic Readings Can Help You Find Your Ideal Partner
When seeking love, it’s no surprise many of us turn to psychics to unearth the answers to questions we long to know. When will I find love? Is my current relationship the right one for me? When will I find my soulmate and get married?

It’s tempting to believe psychics may have all the answers for when you’ll find your match or who you’ll end up with, but before accessing spiritual guides, you must first do your part. Below are 3 ways you can prepare for, and best optimize your love psychic reading to help you find your ideal partner.

1. Ask the psychic the right questions

For many, visiting a psychic for clarity on the relationship is a chance to put any worries and anxieties about whether they’re with the right person, or how to solve a relationship conflict to rest. Though natural and part of human nature, worrying does little good—especially if you allow those negative thoughts to lead your experience with the psychic. Examine the root of your worries. Are you worried about losing your partner because you’re afraid you’ll never find your match? Is your lack of faith in the universe causing anxiety around your relationship? These concerns may direct you to want concrete answers that close you off from receiving the psychic’s guidance. 

Instead of focusing on a line of yes or no questioning where you’re looking to verify whether you’ll continue on a specific path, open yourself up to the possibility that your journey may take you in different directions than you imagined. And that’s perfectly okay! Stay open minded and forgo questions like: is this person the right one for me? Is my significant other in love with me? Will I marry this person? 

Those questions indicate a lack of faith in the divine, the universe, god, or however you prefer to call that cosmic unexplainable presence of power. The universe will best respond to open-ended questions, so when meeting with a psychic, think about your goals and then phrase your questions in a way that shows you’re open to guidance. A few examples:

  • What does the universe want me to know about my current relationship?
  • How can I follow my heart and achieve my highest power?
  • What guidance does the universe have for me now?
  • Who is my ideal partner?

Try and stay open to various possible responses. Examining the root of your worries may help you better understand where you’re coming from and then channel your efforts into trusting the spirit guides. And when you’ve succeeded at maintaining a positive and trusting outlook?

2. Know what to expect from the person doing your psychic reading

You’ve put in the work mentally and spiritually to receive any guidance from the psychic and the universe. You’ve come ready with a list of open-ended questions. On your end, you’re ready for your session. But what can you expect from the person doing your reading?

When seeking a psychic for relationship guidance, they may:

  • Read and interpret the energy in your relationship
  • Determine whether there’s a connection and the extent of that connection
  • See whether there’s a match nearby
  • If the psychic is a healer, they may help unearth some of the challenges that are preventing you from growing in your relationship
  • Determine the qualities of your ideal match

Psychics can help uncover karmic reasons why you’re having trouble in your relationship, but they likely won’t be able to ascertain exactly when you’ll meet your partner/get married. What they can tell you is any relevant astrological advice that may help you find your match: Which signs are most compatible with yours at an in-depth level, the optimal times for finding love, and when to avoid looking for romance. Or if you’re “doing all the right things” and haven’t found love, a psychic can determine the level of your love energy and advise you how to strengthen that flow to help attract a partner.

If you’re already in a relationship, psychics can help decipher any blockages preventing you from growing together, or read his energy and determine whether he’s an optimal match. A good psychic can assess where the relationship could go depending on the path you want to take, and—by reading his chart and looking at his qualities—show you how to move forward.

Finding your ideal partner through psychics

3. Know yourself before asking a psychic about your ‘soulmate’ 

What does it mean if someone is your “soulmate?” A soulmate is someone who may be in your life for a certain amount of time to teach you a karmic lesson, and usually, there’s a connection between the 2 of you that’s inexplicably strong. It’s normal to question whether you’ve met your soulmate, or what it would look like when you do. Below are a few soulmate connection symptoms, to tell whether you’ve come across your soulmate:

  • Soulmate relationship is more intense than others. You have extreme highs and low-lows.
  • You feel you’ve known them for a long time and share a deep spiritual connection
  • You’ve experienced moments of deja vu or feel at times you’ve been together before
  • You feel incredibly connected to each other, even when not physically together
  • You understand each other through and through
  • Your emotional relationship brings up deep issues you weren’t aware of before

Though many of us question whether we’ve found our soulmate or when we’ll meet, make sure you’re avoiding the Soulmate Lie.

Psychologist and Life Coach John Pavlovitz, once wrote: 

“As a result of the Soulmate Lie, we nearly kill ourselves seeking perfection from others, we become hyper-sensitized to people’s flaws, we cut-bait and discard relationships whenever things turn less-than-ideal...The Soulmate Lie keeps us perpetually in search of something better; the foot that fits the glass slipper or Prince Charming on his white horse.”

The constant search of a soulmate can signify that you have trouble with intimacy or feel overwhelmed by the constant commitment in relationships. Seeking your soulmate could be an excuse to continuously seek perfection and escape the fear of vulnerability. Thankfully, a credible psychic can use astrology to help you overcome these blocks and call on astrology to identify those potential matches who serve as a great life partner. 

This doesn’t mean that you should feel wary of the idea of soulmates, however. If you’re in a place where you’re open to growth, expanding your consciousness, and learning soul lessons, the best thing you can do is conduct a little self reflection. Start by seeking the answers to questions such as: what are my talents, what is my purpose, what makes me feel most alive? Then, with the help of a psychic, explore how you can begin aligning with your true self to raise your love energy so you can begin the journey of finding a soulmate. 

Finding Your Ideal Partner With A Psychic 

Remember that the first step to seeking a psychic for romantic guidance begins with you. Invest time in understanding your motives for a reading and examine where those worries and fears really come from so you can open yourself up to new insights and paths. Avoid concrete yes or no questions and instead, allow the psychic to call upon the universe to answer questions like defining those characteristics of a potential great match. Finding your life partner or soul mate begins with unearthing your reasons for seeking guidance and allowing the medium to guide you towards a few paths that enable you to become your highest self and attract an ideal partner. 

Rebecca Wojno
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