Here's What I Learned During My Call With a Psychic Reader

Scott Hirsch
Interview with a Keen psychic
Have you ever wondered what it’s really like to talk to a psychic reader over the phone? This is how it went for me:

“So, what would you like to ask?” Miss Josephine, a psychic for, asks me. 

“I, um. Hmm…” I stutter. It’s a surprisingly tough question to answer. I mean, what wouldn’t I like to ask? 

After all, here I have a psychic on the line ready to answer any question I have. Where does one begin? 

It’s my first psychic reading, and I have no idea what to say, but I doubt I’m the only one. Psychics have found a thriving new audience online, with websites like Keen offering live guidance to the spiritually hungry 24/7. I’m sure many first-timers have eagerly called in, only to find themselves at a loss for words when confronted with that same question, “What would you like to ask?”

This is why I’m on a call with Miss Josephine in the first place. A professional psychic with more than 30 years of experience, and one of the top-rated readers on, she agreed to do a part-reading, part-interview with in order to give us some tips on how to get the most out of a session with a psychic from one of the best psychic reading websites.

During our call, Miss Josephine alternated between reading my cards and offering tips. As I stumbled, meandered, and rambled through the reading, she gave me some excellent pointers that will hopefully have you muttering less “um’s” and more “aha’s.” 

Psychic reader Miss Josephine gives insights into how to maximize your reading

Know What You Want to Ask   

  • Miss Josephine says: “Many times, people will lead with their question and very quickly we realize that’s not the question they’re asking. We’re going to get down to what they want or need to know.” 
  • What you should do: Think about specific questions in advance, but don’t obsess over them. Remember they’re just a starting point and the session could progress through many aspects of your life. 

Ironic as it may sound, a psychic isn’t going to read your mind and know what you’d like to ask. To get the most of your time (and money, as most online psychics charge by the minute), it helps to prepare specific questions in advance.

Before our reading, I’d decided to focus on my purpose in life. But once I had to articulate a question, I realized I didn’t have one. I tried to think of specific questions:

  • Should I go back to school? 
  • Will I ever write a book?

But these questions felt trivial to me, like each one was a missed chance at a deeper, more meaningful question. 

“The first thing I like to do,” says Miss Josephine when I tell her this, “is calm everyone down and say, “There is no wrong question.” 

She doesn’t mean this in the way a teacher would say it. Rather, that first question is a launching pad—the first puncture in the metaphysical realm, so to speak—but it by no means eliminates other topics from the reading. “Many times, people will lead with their question and very quickly we realize that’s not the question they’re asking,” she tells me. “We’re going to get down to what they want or need to know.” 

Avoid Vagueness 

  • Miss Josephine says: “The more general the question, the more general the answer. The more specific the question, the more specific the answer.” 
  • What you should do: Don’t generalize. Ask specific questions. Jot them down in advance and see if you can rephrase them to make them more proactive.  

With Miss Josephine’s encouragement, I began to formulate my first question. “I guess I’d like to know if, um, I’m in the right place, moving in the right direction, that sort of thing,” I say. 

I ask her if that’s specific enough, and she assures me it is, though she adds, “The more general the question, the more general the answer. The more specific the question, the more specific the answer.”

That’s a good thing to keep in mind before calling a psychic. If your question is, “What should I do with my life?” try and break it down into more specific questions relevant to your situation, for example, “Should I apply for that grad school program?” or “Is this relationship leading anywhere?”

Here are some more ways to make your questions proactive: 

  • Instead of asking, “Will I get married?” ask, “Are there any obstacles keeping me from finding a true partner?”
  • Instead of asking, “Will I be successful?” try asking, “What strengths should I focus on in my professional life?”
  • Instead of asking, “Will I ever be happy?” try asking, “What steps can I take to feel more fulfilled?” 
  • Instead of asking, “What does my future look like?” try asking, “What should I be prepared for in the coming year?”

Know What Kind of Reading You Want 

  • Miss Josephine says: Read the psychic’s bio first and make sure they can offer the type of reading you’re looking for. 
  • What you should do: First figure out why you’re contacting the psychic. Do you want love advice, or do you want to contact a deceased relative? Familiarize yourself with the different types of readings and make sure the psychic specializes in that format. 

Online psychics work in a variety of techniques, and some may be more or less suitable for the types of questions you’re asking. 

Miss Josephine says its always best  to read the psychic’s bio so you know what they offer. Even if you don’t know what each reading is, you’ll have an idea of their specialties. And most of the time, such as in our case, the psychic will help you decide on an appropriate reading. 

“I do all the C’s,” Miss Josephine tells me, referring to cartomancy, clairvoyance, and cold readings. I ask her which reading would be best for us and she suggests we do cartomancy, which is similar to tarot readings except it uses regular playing cards (she avoids tarot cards, she says, because as an empath she gets too distracted by the energies of the cards’ creators).  

“I think the [cartomancy] cards are good, especially for a first reading,” she says. “I don’t know you and you don’t know me, so it gives us a way for me to get started with you, to connect.”

Pro-tip: Card readings are the best and most affordable option for first-time readings.

Don’t be Afraid to Speak Up 

  • Miss Josephine says: “If you have a question while I’m taking, jump in and ask that question. This should be very organic. I want you to feel like you’re talking with a friend.”
  • What you should do: Don’t be afraid to chime in, ask for clarification, or steer the reading in a different direction. 

The reading was a surprising combination of predictions, conversation, and practical follow-up advice. Miss Josephine made some pretty accurate statements about my life that she’d have no way of knowing about. But what impressed me more than the uncanniness itself was her unwillingness to simply take a bow and move on. Unlike those psychic TV shows, where the psychic drops some crazy reveal on an audience member, watches their faces drop with surprise, and then moves on to the next person, Miss Josephine used each insight as a springboard for discussion and practical suggestions on how to capitalize on (or in a few cases, counter) the situations revealed in my cards.  

On the whole, these ‘wow’ moments didn’t seem to be the point of the reading. Our session felt more like a spiritual therapy session than “fortune telling,” which gave the reading more substance and authority. And it should be said that not everything was on the mark. But the misses didn’t detract from the reading, since the point seemed to be less about showing off her psychic skills, and more about triangulating my psychic, emotional, and physical state. Even the inaccuracies led to a place  where I was forced to confront where I was in life and why.

Miss Josephine constantly invited me into the conversation and encouraged me to ask for clarification when needed, press an issue further, and even let her know when something didn’t resonate. 

Pro-tip: If you’re curious to dive deeper but can’t think of a follow-up question, you can just say, “Is there anything else the cards are telling you?” 

What a Psychic Won’t Tell You 

  • Miss Josephine says: “If you have to have a degree in it, don’t ask the psychic.”
  • What you should do: Steer clear of asking for medical or legal advice. Focus instead on life questions, romance, fulfillment, creativity, destiny, and emotional or philosophical issues.  

Though every psychic will have their own rules for what they will and won’t discuss, Miss Josephine pointed out a few of Keen’s policies, which seem to be standard across the board. 

“We’re not allowed to talk medical. And no legal questions. Because we’re not lawyers. If you have to have a degree in it, don’t ask the psychic.”

There’s a good reason for this. For one, it would be irresponsible to make medical diagnostics or offer legal advice. But more so, cold hard facts are not what people come to psychics for. Despite their reputation as “fortune tellers,” psychics are generally firm believers in free will. As I learned during our reading, psychics do more than tell you what’s going to happen to you. They help you learn what’s going on inside you so you can learn how to harmonize and gain control over it. 

Final Thoughts 

I’d encourage anyone considering a psychic reading to take Miss Josephine’s tips to heart. They’ll help you articulate your questions better and net you better answers, as well as save you money by getting straight to the point. The psychic may be a channel to whatever powers they have, but you’re the one directing the reading and you are allowed to direct it where you wish to go. And lastly, take notes during the session—you’ll hear lots of info you’ll want to remember after you hang up.

Scott Hirsch
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