Embrace Review

Top10.com StaffByTop10.com StaffAug. 15, 2019

In a Nutshell

Embrace offers A+ customer satisfaction with excellent service for pets at risk of hereditary conditions and for accident and illness coverage. The plans are customized for you, and Embrace donates money from each new policy towards animal charities.


  • Full cover for congenital conditions
  • $50 off your deductible for each claim-free year


  • Some exclusions are quite broad
  • Wellness and prescription medication is extra


Embrace Highlights

  • Top-rated customer service
  • One comprehensive plan
  • $2 of each new policy goes to an animal charity
  • Discounts for neutered pets

What’s Covered?

Embrace has only one standard plan, which covers both accident and illness. You can customize the plan to your liking by selecting your preferred annual deductible, reimbursement percentage and annual maximum payout.

Coverage is extremely wide-ranging. Aside from diagnostic procedures, surgery and hospitalization, it also includes rehabilitation. You’ll also get full coverage for congenital conditions, a unique service for the pet insurance industry. This makes Embrace ideal if your pet is at risk of problems due to breed-specific traits.

Limits and Deductibles 

Embrace’s pet insurance policy has an annual deductible, a choice of $100, $200, $300, $500, $750 and $1000.

Payouts are a percentage of your total bill - 70%, 80% or 90%, depending on your choice - but are subject to a maximum annual limit. The maximum annual limit is also customizable. The lowest annual limit is $5,000 whilst the highest annual limit is $15,000.

Value for Money 

Embrace isn’t the cheapest around, but given the extent of cover you get, it’s surprisingly affordable. You can get a plan for as little as $13 a month if you choose a $750 deductible, $5,000 annual limit and 70% reimbursement option.

You can also benefit from various discounts. You get an extra 5% off if your pet is spayed or neutered, as well as $50 off your deductible for each year you don’t make claims. There are also additional discounts to be had if you pay a year’s worth of insurance up front, if you’re a veteran and if you insure more than one pet.

Age Limits 

Embrace does not typically insure pets older than 14, however pets older than 14 are still eligible for coverage via the accident-only policy.

Given that the average lifespan of dogs is 13, while cats live about 15 years, this is a more than reasonable cutoff period. In any case, coverage is locked in for the lifespan of your pet. Unless you let your policy lapse, your pet is covered for life.


The Fine Print: What’s Not Covered? 

Embrace won’t cover pre-existing conditions, dental, anything related to pregnancy and injury or illness caused by abuse or neglect. The latter exclusion is quite broad, and could extend to accident or injury in circumstances that are out of your control. Injuries caused by another pet, for example, aren’t covered.

Certain conditions will no longer be classified as pre-existing if they don’t recur for 12 months after your pet is insured. Unfortunately, however, certain conditions, including ligament tears, are considered incurable and will be considered pre-existing for the whole length of the policy. It seems that even ligament tears to a previously unaffected limb would be considered pre-existing.

Embrace coverage has been updated so that only the type of cancer the pet was previously diagnosed with is excluded, however other types of cancer can be covered.

An Embrace Review from Heidi


Embrace has an extremely comprehensive offering at surprisingly affordable rates. Its unlimited coverage for congenital conditions makes them a great choice for pets at risk of breed-specific problems. You should however beware of the broad exclusions.

Wellness and prescription medications are only available as additional extras, which means you’ll have to pay for them separately.

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