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Last UpdatedJun 2023

Best Pest Control Services 2023
Debug your home or business today

When you have a bug or rodent infestation you need a pest control company to manage it fast. These are the top-ranked pest control services.

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We find the 10 best options, so you can make informed decisions on tons of products and services.

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Bed bugs

Bed bugs tend to hide themselves in cracks and crevices near a food source, usually in a human environment. It’s quite common to discover them living inside furniture, behind baseboards, and of course, in mattresses and beds. Even though bed bugs do not carry diseases, they are known to bite people leaving them with itchy welts. These pests are elusive, and therefore require a professional to completely expel them from your home.


Termites are common pests in homes, especially those built from wood. These pests are responsible for billions of dollars of structural damage in the U.S. every year. These creatures often eat away at a home’s wood while leaving the outer layer untouched, giving homeowners the impression that they’re free of infestation. If you find termites on your property, you will most likely need professional help to treat the issue.


Roaches are one of the most commonly found pests in the U.S. Due to roaches’ filthy habits and unsanitary habitats, they pose great problems for those in the food industry. Since some are capable of withstanding extreme conditions and temperatures, it can be challenging when attempting to clear them from your home. It’s not uncommon to find a single cockroach occasionally in your home. If you notice this becoming a common occurrence, you should probably call a professional.


Ants can cause great damage in homes when searching for food and water. Generally, they are attracted to products most commonly found in the kitchen, like sweets, oils, fats, and meats. It is not uncommon for ants to build a nest within a home’s foundations; in the walls, under the floors and even inside electrical appliances. Ridding your house of ants can be difficult as they tend to relocate rapidly when their nests have been compromised, but an exterminator will be able to help and there are many traps and sprays you can buy.


Bees are generally clean insects that mind their own business. They aren’t particularly aggressive either, but they can be if they are bothered or feel threatened. Bees do not have to be considered pests per se since they perform a multitude of activities that benefit humans and the environment as a whole.  Approaching a beehive is extremely dangerous and should therefore be left to an expert beekeeper to handle.


Mosquitos often dwell in areas where there is tall grass, brush, weeds and stagnant water. These habitats are usually near inhabited spaces like homes and buildings. Most people are familiar with the annoyance of a lone mosquito during the night, but a mosquito infestation can be significantly worse. Banishing an infestation of mosquitos is hard work which requires someone with adequate knowledge and expertise on the matter.

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