Top Payroll Choices Overview

Derek Cromwell
Top Payroll Providers
When you’re trying to narrow down your choices for payroll providers, it’s important to know what features the leading brands offer, whether they’re meant for small or large businesses, and what kind of pricing plans are available.

We’ve compiled a list of the top choices with a quick summary to help you zero in on which payroll provider might be best for your business. 


ADP offers multiple bundles for payroll processing, including a la carte options and value-added services. This makes a great, customizable solution for growing businesses of any size. It provides an easy-to-use Do-it-Yourself (DIY) HR management tool that is easily accessible from anywhere. While there is no pricing information available on the site, there is a friendly and informed customer support staff. The full set of features it offers also includes full tax compliance, including multi-state filing. ADP offers customizable solutions for businesses of every size and across various industries. It provides a wide range of workforce management tools, and its HR product is well-received by users. Its services are easily accessible from anywhere and the support staff is friendly and readily available. Its payroll services include time management, analytics and reporting tools. 

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Paychex has a solid offering with a nice selection of additional services to help any business owner run a smoother operation. This processor is likely best for medium to larger businesses that are already familiar with payroll solutions as opposed to a smaller business just getting started. It has outsourced or on-site HR management included in its all-in-one business solution, and easily syncs with 3rd-party apps like QuickBooks. 

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Intuit Payroll

Intuit Payroll is a vastly popular platform thanks to its simple pricing model and ease of use. It cuts payroll time down to just minutes instead of hours. This makes it perfect for busy small business owners who can’t be tied down by administrative tasks. Intuit’s more advanced plans are likely the best choice given the added tax form support.

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From filing all local, state and federal taxes to sending employee paystubs and W-2’s, Gusto offers a comprehensive feature suite to help businesses focus their efforts. It’s a complete payroll platform that integrates with benefits and workers’ comp so you can manage everything in one place.

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Heartland Payment Systems

Heartland provides employee payroll services to businesses ranging in size from small to large. Whether you need turnkey payroll services to improve efficiency or benefits like 401(k), Heartland has solutions that any business owner can trust.

Patriot Software

Patriot Software is a payroll and accounting provider with a business model designed around small businesses who require limited overhead. While the features are limited, those they do offer are done extremely well at a very affordable price.

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MyPayrollHR promises to never surprise you on your invoice, offering transparent pricing with a single monthly fee based on number of employees—nothing more. Combined with the long feature list, it’s a great choice for growing businesses that need a scalable solution without having to pay a premium for extra features.

Still not sure which provider is right for you? Check out our top list of payroll services and read the individual in-depth reviews to help you decide.

Derek Cromwell
Derek owns a consulting company that specializes in advising small businesses. Derek particularly focuses on credit card processing, point of sales, call centres, and payroll solutions, helping to save growing businesses time and money.