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RoboForm Review

Jacob Parker

In a Nutshell

RoboForm is a budget password manager that encrypts and syncs your online credentials, payment information, and other sensitive info such as ATM pins across multiple devices. This platform stands out thanks to unlimited password storage which is available even with RoboForm Free.


  • Supports offline password access
  • Easy to search through linked accounts
  • Captures new passwords automatically


  • Can’t sync passwords with free version
  • Not the most modern interface

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  • Features: All the password management tools you could need 
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly desktop and mobile apps available
  • Security and Reliability: Unbreakable encryption used to safeguard passwords
  • Value: Cheaper than most password managers
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30-day

Best For 

  • Users who are tired of trying to remember their logins
  • Staying secure with strong alphanumeric credentials
  • Protecting your privacy

Why Choose RoboForm

How many online accounts do you own? These days, most of us use multiple social media platforms as well as services like Gmail and banking apps. And that’s not to mention shopping services like Ebay and Amazon. To stay secure online, you need to use a different username and password for each of your accounts. 

Consequently, to access all your services, you need to memorize dozens of passwords at once. Plus, you have to remember to change them regularly to stay protected from data breaches and malware. RoboForm offers a better solution than trying to remember all of your credentials. With this password manager, you can log into websites and services automatically, and enter payment information in seconds. 

What RoboForm Offers

  • Autofill password tools
  • A strong password generator
  • Password syncing and auto-save across multiple devices
  • High-end encryption capabilities

In short, RoboForm is a tool designed to simplify your digital existence. It’s a password manager with cross-platform compatibility, room to store unlimited passwords, and a super helpful form auto-input system that works with bank account details, addresses, and any other type of information. 


  • RoboForm Everywhere - Adds useful features such as cloud backup, web form fillers, built-in TOTP authenticator, login sharing and, most importantly, password syncing. RoboForm Everywhere subscribers can add an emergency contact to their account and are granted access to a priority support service.
  • RoboForm Everywhere Family - Comes with the same features included in the RoboForm Everywhere individual subscription. The difference is that you can create accounts for up to five users, and each account holder can save and sync their own unique logins.
  • RoboForm For Business - All the RoboForm Everywhere features plus the ability to manage employee logins and business data through a centralized management system. You can create individual accounts for workers and set different permissions for each.

Ease of Use

You can use RoboForm on your mobile, in a browser window, or via a selection of desktop applications. Your experience will vary slightly depending on how you decide to access the platform but, overall, RoboForm is user-friendly and easy to use no matter how you connect to it.

A good example of Roboform’s intuitive design is the new Start Page web editor that was added to the latest version of the service, RoboForm 8. Here, you can pin your most used login credentials for quick access and management. On this screen, or through your RoboForm desktop client, you’ll see alerts about insecure passwords. Another excellent RoboForm feature is the ability to secure your RoboForm account with a fingerprint or PIN, rather than a lengthy master password. 

Security and Reliability

When RoboForm saves your passwords, it encrypts them using AES256. This is standard practice across the cyber security industry, and makes it virtually impossible for hackers to gain access to your information. 

But that’s not all. RoboForm will also help you to set strong passwords in the first place with a Security Center that alerts you if the same password is used across multiple sites. You can also use RoboForm’s password generator to create keys that are up to 500 characters in length and secure your RoboForm account using two-factor authentication. 


With each paid version of RoboForm, you can sign up for one, three, or five years of service. The longer a subscription you take out, the cheaper your monthly cost will be. Do be aware that RoboForm business pricing is per user as well as per year. If you have a large organization you want coverage for, costs will stack up fast. 

For Business
One year subscription
Maximum Number of Users
AES256 Encryption



Send Logins



Password Security Check



Sync Between Devices



Emergency Access



Priority Support



Centralized Account Management

Value for Money

The single-user RoboForm Everywhere subscription is reasonably priced at $23.88 per year. However, the best value RoboForm product is the Family plan, which costs just $9.55 per user per year, assuming you share the subscription between five people. Dashlane, a competing password manager, would cost nearly $60 per user. 

Help and Support

If you sign up to RoboForm and encounter a problem with your account or software, you’ll be able to get it resolved quickly. Support staff are available 24/7 via an online chat system, over the phone, or support tickets. There’s also an online Help Center available in several different languages. Paid RoboForm users can get priority support during EST working hours. 

RoboForm RoboForm Visit Site

Bottom Line

RoboForm is one of the best password managers on the market. It’ll keep your information secure with advanced encryption and sync logins between each of the devices you use to access your online accounts. This platform also makes it easy to keep on top of your password organization with subfolders and a useful search tool.

About RoboForm

Founded in 2000, RoboForm is one of the most reliable and best known password management platforms. It makes the difficult task of staying secure while using the internet significantly easier with user-friendly tools to store and sync your login credentials. 

Jacob Parker is a financial and technology writer for With a background in climate science, he's deeply interested in the intersection of fintech and sustainability and has a passion for impact investing and ESG research.

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