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In a Nutshell gives you a personal home loan experience that is targeted to your specific area and location. Obtain personal rates for 4 types of mortgage options including refinancing and new home loans. Access and compare mortgage lenders with a few easy clicks.


  • Forms are easy to follow
  • Multiple types of home loans are available
  • Local rates are provided based on zip code


  • Duplicate forms for different lender quotes
  • Only highly qualified borrowers can receive instant quotes

MortgageOnline MortgageOnline Visit Site at a Glance

Loan types
Purchase, refinance, home equity
Featured loans
Fixed rate, adjustable rate, reverse mortgage
Repayment terms
15-, 20-, 30-years
Credit score
Best for
Comparing quotes of many lenders Highlights

  • Easy-to-use interface speeds up the estimate process
  • Large graphics make it easy to find rates on mobile devices
  • Compare loans and lenders from your local area


Mortgages can be complicated, but streamlines the process. The website’s quote wizard guides you through the process step-by-step. Many selections are indicated by large icons, allowing you to easily follow the process on smaller screens, like your mobile phone or tablet. Navigation is made easy with lenders broken down into different sections based on loan type and qualifications.

Types of Loans

Easily access mortgage rate information for 4 types of loans: new home loans, refinancing, reverse mortgage, and home equity loans. The rates are broken down by:

  • Annual income
  • Estimated credit score
  • Loan term

Rates are available for standard 30-year loans, and special rates are available for FHA loans, 15-year loans, and adjustable-rate mortgages. The versatility makes it easy to compare lenders and gain access to local lenders in your area.

Rates and Fees: The Bare Basics

Easily access a list of available lenders on a single results page. If you are highly qualified for a loan, it’s easy to compare rates and visit the lenders’ websites to finish the loan application process. One of the pitfalls for users with low down payments or low credit scores is the inability to see instant quotes. In this case, you’ll receive a list of qualified lenders, and you then must fill out additional forms for information on FHA loans or various rate options. offers rates at no charge to users. The information is not available anonymously, so you must use a valid address, email, and phone number to receive direct quotes. The organization and lack of fees make it easy to compare rates and get loan comparisons without impacting your credit score.

Customer Support

One-on-one customer support is limited on The best way to get support is to seek a direct quote from one of the lenders that you are compared with. is a third-party aggregate provider, so there is no direct help available by email, online chat, or phone. Once your data is entered, you will often receive direct contact from lenders so they can answer any questions that you have.

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First-time homebuyers and others seeking mortgage rates and estimates will have an easy time navigating The website’s instant quote tools are easy to follow and compatible with phones and tablets. Users with low income or credit will need to do a bit of extra work, but lender access is easily made available to find out more information.

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