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In a Nutshell

BNC National Bank is a financial solutions service for anyone looking to purchase or refinance properties. BNC National Bank works with individuals who want to buy a first or second home and even has solutions for major corporations or property investors looking to make huge real estate purchases.


  • Home purchase and refinance loans up to $150,000
  • Member FDIC
  • Lots of different types of loan choices


  • Only available in a few states
  • No live chat customer service

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BNC National Bank at a Glance 

Loan Types
Purchase, refinance, home equity
Featured Loans
VA, FHA, ARM, Hybrid ARMs, HARP 2.0
Repayment Terms
Minimum Down Payment
Minimum Credit Score
Suitable For
First or second home purchases, refinances


BNC National Bank offers a wide range of financial products, so borrowers have their pick of the right type of loan for them. From straightforward first home purchases to government-funded FHA loans and beyond, BNC National Bank has a lot to offer. With online and in-person customer service and a fast application process, it’s not hard to see why this lender has clocked $824 million in deposits over the years.

Suitable For?

BNC National Bank is a great option for just about anyone who wants to take out a mortgage loan or refinance their homes. As you’ll see below, there are so many different loan products, that BNC National Bank has one to fit every need.

Types of Loans

Because its product offerings are so varied, there's really something to fit everyone. If you're having any difficulty getting approved for a loan elsewhere, the featured loans such as VA, FHA, or ARM loans could be a good fit.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to make a major land purchase, BNC National Bank has loans available for multi-family, condominium, townhouse, and manufactured homes as well. So, you can have your pick of the litter.

The Application Process

The BNC National Bank application process can be done completely online, which is a big benefit when you're dealing with financial services. It will save lots of time and aggravation. Just go to the website and fill out the questionnaire. It takes about 2 minutes. From there, someone will contact you with your loan offer. You're under no obligation to take the offer, it is just there if you want it.

What’s nice about BNC National Bank is that everything is very straightforward and upfront. For one thing, the application process includes questions about your individual situation. So, BNC National Bank is getting to know you and your needs right away. This helps get you the right service for your situation.

Additionally, BNC National Bank provides a clear guide to exactly what you’ll need before you even begin. Some of the requirements include:

  • A copy of sales contract signed and dated
  • Any confirmation of deposit already made on the property
  • A comprehensive list of numbers and addresses of anyone involved in the sale and construction of the property (could include realtors, builders, insurance agents, attorneys, etc.)
  • Listing sheet and legal description
  • Copies of pay stubs, W-2 form and/or work visa/Green Card
  • Names and addresses of employers for the last 2 years
  • Letter clearly explaining any unemployment periods in the last 2 years
  • Tax returns, profit loss statements, K-1s, Federal Partnership, Corporate Income Tax Returns statements, etc. for any self-employed, commissioned, or rental incomes
  • Sale of existing home contract
  • Bank statements for the last 3 months
  • Debt obligation documentation

There are other requirements for unique cases such as alimony, child support, disability, or VA benefits that will require supporting documentation as well.

A Deep Dive into Pros and Cons

To begin with, BNC National Bank has been around for a while. Many online lenders are just starting out, so you can't be too sure what you'll get. BNC National Bank has been an established business for almost 2 decades, and that says a lot in this industry. Plus, BNC National Bank has excellent financial records and is currently one of the top banks in its region.

BNC National Bank holds great ratings, including an A health rating, an A+ from Better Business Bureau, and 4.4 out of 5 stars from SmartAsset. What's also unique about this lender is the fusion of traditional banking and modern convenience. For the 21st century borrower looking for fast and convenient, BNC National Bank has an online application and even a mobile app. For those who may prefer a more personal touch, BNC National Bank offers in-person banking like the more traditional methods some are used to. Either way, you get what you want. Something that's not seen in most financial services today.

While BNC National Bank does have a great website, it lacks some basic information, such as repayment terms and APRs. Borrowers would like to see more details before jumping into a loan. Also, BNC National Bank is lacking in the customer service options department. In today’s tech-based society, you really need to have live chat available for those who want it.

Rates and Fees – The Bare Basics

One thing that is both a drawback and a credit to BNC National Bank is the fees and rates. On the one hand, this company offers very little information about its rates and fees, so you can’t get a good idea of overall costs until you’re sitting down with an advisor.

On the other hand, BNC National Bank is very upfront about fees that may be incurred. For example, the site even states that you can expect to pay certain fees like origination fee, credit report, points, lender’s attorney’s fees, document preparation fee, amortization schedule, land survey, appraisals, mortgage insurance, title insurance, release fees, inspections, prepaid interest, and escrow fees.

In addition to the standard fees, some basic fees may apply, including:

  • Transfer fees
  • Deed recording fees
  • Prorated taxes
  • State and local taxes
  • Attorney fees
  • Title search costs
  • Homeowners’ insurance
  • Real estate agent's sales commission

These additional fees are not associated with BNC National Bank, but it’s nice to know what you’re getting yourself into beforehand.

Repayment Terms

BNC National Bank offers mortgage and refinancing loans ranging from 10 to 30 years.

Help & Support

LendingTree, a major financial institution, ranked BNC National Bank sixth out of all the lenders reviewed for having superior customer service. BNC National Bank customer support can be reached during business hours, Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm CT, in the following ways:

How BNC National Bank Compares

BNC National Bank
Quicken Loans
Credit requirements
Minimum down payment
Repayment terms
10-30 year fixed rate
10, 15, 20, 30 year fixed rate
5/1, 7/1 ARM

15-30 year fixed rate

5-7 year ARM

APR from


If you're looking for a solid, reputable, and no-nonsense bank to finance your home purchase or refinance project, then BNC National Bank is a great option for you. It offers several financial products and provides straightforward and flexible service. BNC National Bank doesn't service many states, but if you're purchasing in one of those, this is definitely worth the paperwork.

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BNC National Bank FAQ

Q: What kind of properties can I purchase with a BNC National Bank loan?

A: BNC National Bank loans are available for primary, secondary, and vacation homes, investment properties, and even house flipping projects.

Q: Does BNC National Bank offer unconventional mortgage programs?

A: Yes! In addition to conventional loans, BNC National Bank offers FHA, HARP, and VA loans to qualifying borrowers.

Q: Where is BNC National Bank available to do business?

A: BNC National Bank currently has branches in 7 states, AZ, IL, KS, MN, MO, and ND.

Q: Can I work with an individual or is everything online?

A: BNC National Bank has dedicated loan officers that will give you one-on-one service with a smile. You can visit one of the BNC National Bank branches, choose a loan officer from the website, or fill out the application and have someone get in touch with you.

Physical Address

7007 College Blvd Suite 600

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