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In a Nutshell

Fast and easy money transfers—with no fees—that’s the recipe XE has used to become one of the leading international money transfer companies. XE uses enterprise-grade security to handle transactions in 60 currencies across the world, with no minimum or maximum daily transfer. The company allows you to track your account online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • No fees
  • Transfer up to $500,000
  • Enterprise-grade security


  • Fewer locations and currencies than other services offer
  • No credit card payment for transfers

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What You Need to Know

Transfer fee
No fees
Transfer time
Most are completed same day
Transfer types
Bank account
Daily transfer limit
No daily maximum
Transfer purpose
Business and personal
24/7 support

XE Fees and Rates

XE doesn’t charge any fees for using their transfer service, instead they make money off the spread, which is the difference in rates between the currencies you’re sending. 

That doesn’t mean you won’t face any charges though. Depending on the bank you use, you can face charges from your bank to carry out the transfer with XE, and the recipient may be charged on their end too. 

How Does It Work?

XE keeps things easy for sending money overseas—no matter how much you’re sending. 

First things first, sign up for a free account on XE and log in. Confirm how much you’d like to send and in which currency, as well as the destination and the total cost. 

Approve the transaction and XE will take care of the rest, all you need to do is wait for the confirmation email or SMS. You can also track the transaction 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Step by step, here’s how you transfer money with XE:

  • Set up an account and log in

  • Confirm the currencies you would like to exchange

  • Enter the amount of your transaction

  • Tell XE the destination 

  • Confirm your form of payment

  • Agree to exchange rate and total cost

  • That’s it, just wait for the confirmation email

How Long Does It Take?

XE carries out the majority of its money transfers on the same day in which they are placed. You will receive a payment date confirmation and that marks the moment at which the company receives your payment and can carry out the transaction. 

The company will notify you by way of email or SMS message and says that while most exchanges can be carried out within a single day, you should allow 1-4 working days for the payment to go through. 

XE Top Highlights

XE makes sending money easy and doesn’t load you down with a lot of fees and hidden costs. The company will let you send up to $500,000 in a single day, in dozens of currencies to countries around the world. 

It also allows you to manage your own personal account with the company online 24/7 and locks everything down with top notch security and encryption. 

The transfers take 1-4 days, so there are actually quicker options out there, but XE has earned a top reputation and will let you know by email or SMS the second your transfer goes through. 

  • No fees

  • 60 currencies

  • Top notch security and encryption

  • Make transfers and manage account 24/7

  • Track your payment by email and SMS

Customer Support

There isn’t a a 24 hour customer service live chat or toll free helpline available, but you have a variety of options for customer service online. You can easily call toll free lines in the US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, and Australia, and reach the company by email as well. The phone lines are only open during normal business hours in the country of origin. 

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Privacy and Security

XE prides itself on having “enterprise-grade security” and going the extra mile to safeguard customer data. This also includes physical security measures at the company's facilities, in addition to firewalls and other security systems. 

Regarding data, the company uses cookies and similar technologies in order to gauge the performance of its site and in order to boost security. They may also use your data for compliance reasons if there is suspicion of a crime. The company may also share your personal data with other XE companies in order to “facilitate us to provide you with any of the services you have requested.”

Bottom Line

XE offers an international money transfer service that can work with a large number of currencies and has received high marks for security, ease of use, and customer service. The company doesn’t charge any fees, rather it makes money off the exchange rate. The company can work with 60 currencies across the world and does not limit the amount of money you can send in a specific day (assuming that you don't want to send more than $500,000). 

With XE you can also track your account online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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