Top 10 Meal Delivery Services to Know About If You Keep Kosher

Sarah Pritzker
Top 10 Meal Delivery Services to Know About If You Keep Kosher
Keeping kosher isn’t exactly something most people would consider a trendy lifestyle choice. Either you do it because your tradition mandates it (i.e., you’ll break your Jewish mother’s heart), or you don’t. But aside from the goliathan guilt trip that it alleviates, many people are surprised to learn that eating a kosher diet has several health benefits, as well.

What is a kosher diet, anyway? Kosher food is more about the way things are prepared, the ingredients used, and the inspection of the foods, rather than a cooking style like Chinese food or Italian cuisine. The laws of kosher eating are extremely complex, but the key differences are the ingredients being used, the selection process, and the cooking procedures used.

Some differences from the average diet include:

  • Exclusion of shellfish (crab, lobster, shrimp, prongs, etc.)
  • Exclusion of any pig products
  • Proteins include poultry, beef, deer, and specific fish products
  • Not combining dairy products with meat or poultry

Why Stick to Strict Kosher?

For religious Jews, keeping kosher is a lifestyle choice that cannot be compromised. Devotees strictly adhere to the numerous rules and won't waver in any detail because of strong religious beliefs. However, for people who are sticking to a kosher diet for their health, there are good reasons to be just as stringent about your diet. Because of the various laws regarding the health and quality of the ingredients being used in kosher cooking, this diet is lauded as being among the healthiest options out there. Here are a few ways that eating a kosher diet can improve your health.

There are certain animals and animal products that cannot be used

As mentioned, there are several animal products that cannot be included in your kosher diet. These are all excluded for health reasons. For example, shellfish are excluded because of the high levels of harmful mercury they contain. Meanwhile, salmon and other types of healthy fish are promoted in a kosher diet. These types of fish are rich in omega3 fatty acids and are bursting with health benefits.

The food needs to be checked, watched, and tested for optimal quality and health

Any animal used in kosher cooking needs to be checked for diseases, broken bones, signs of infection, and other possible health hazards. It’s interesting to note that kosher certification will turn down roughly 3x more animals than the USDA. What this means is that kosher-certified proteins are the healthiest option out there. Most of the time, kosher meats and poultry are also hormone-free, an added health benefit.

Additionally, vegetables, fruits, and spices need to be checked carefully for bugs. The presence of bugs disqualifies many foods from being eaten. So, the quality of the ingredients is significantly higher in kosher food products than the average, leading to a healthier and better quality result all around.

Ingredients are carefully monitored

This means that no unspecified ingredients can make their way into the mixing pot at any point. All ingredients must be clearly labeled, and this reduces the amount of contaminants that enter the food production. This is not only helpful for maintaining a healthier lifestyle, but the strict kosher certification ensures that anyone with allergies will be aware of exactly which ingredients are used in each product to know just what to avoid as well as what's safe for consumption.

What’s more, because of the certification, people who are lactose intolerant (or have other allergies) can rely on these labels to ensure that there are absolutely no traces of milk or milk products in any of these packages.

Kosher Meal Kit Deliveries: In a Word, Convenience

Whether you’re doing it for health reasons, because you have a serious allergy, or to make your grandmother proud, keeping a kosher kitchen is a great solution for more and more individuals all around the world. But cooking kosher can present several challenges, including finding kosher-certified ingredients, learning new recipes to cook up, and, as with any type of diet, having enough time to whip up a home-cooked meal.

But kosher meal kits provide kosher enthusiasts with an excellent alternative to the stress. The best meal kits come ready to make, delivered straight to your door, and include all of the ingredients you need to make a stellar meal for you, your family, or your friends. You can choose from a selection of menu items, follow the easy instructions, and feel like a first-class chef from your very first encounter. And since everything is delivered straight to your door, you don’t have to waste time and money on visits to the grocery store. Everything is right there for you when you’re ready to begin.

Kosher meal kit delivery services generally keep their meals on the easier side of the preparation scale. This means that anyone can cook up a winning meal. Oh, and most of these meals can be prepared in less than 30 minutes.

Here’s a list of the top 10 kosher meal kit delivery service that you should know about:

A kosher meal kit delivery service is ideal for religious jews, vegans, vegetarians, and anyone else who wants to eat a healthier diet. Check out ten of the best places to get your kosher meal kits delivered to your doorstep in no time.

1. JChef


  • Premium kosher-certified meats
  • Tons of protein for every plate
  • Overnight delivery
  • Family plans to suit larger orders


  • More expensive than other meal kit options
  • Some recipes can take longer than 30 minutes
Classic Box 3 recipes*
Family Box 3 recipes
Shabbat Box
Price per week
Servings per box
6 adults
12 adults
12 adults

*Option for just two recipes per box for less

JChef is probably your best bet if you are looking to follow a strictly kosher diet. That’s because it is one of the few meal kit delivery services that offers a 100% kosher-certified menu. All products are carefully checked, washed, and watched over by a kosher-certified “mashgiach” (overseer). JChef has a ton of plan options, including a family plan and a Shabbat box. So, you can order a lot of food. Speaking of a lot of food, JChef really loads on the proteins. In fact, it has 33% more proteins per plate than any other meal kit delivery service out there!

JChef ships its kits overnight so that you get the freshest products on your doorstep in a matter of hours. All kits come with carefully portioned ingredients that are conveniently organized according to meals. JChef meals take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to prepare, and the results are phenomenal. One of the primary selling points is that JChef offers an exclusive Jamie Geller menu. For those who don’t know, Jamie is the queen of kosher cooking, and her meals are always inspiring!

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2. KosherBox


  • Can order subscriptions or one-off meals
  • Loads of traditional Jewish dishes
  • Shabbat box
  • Comes with snacks included with meals


  • No regular meal plans
  • Meals are only single servings

Individual meals
Shabbat Box
Snack Box
What's included
Everything you need for a traditional kosher meal
Everything you need for Sabbath meal
10-15 kosher certified snacks

KosherBox is a delightfully eclectic blend of the old and the new. It’s got a fresh menu of some delectable recipes that will make you salivate just from looking at them. From stuffed chicken with rice and mushrooms to beef pepper steak served on a bed of fluffy white rice, KosherBox really knows how to get those salivary glands going!

KosherBox also has some good old-fashioned comfort food. You know, the kind your bubby (grandma) used to make. From chicken matzo ball soup to roasted chicken with potato kugel, if you’re hankering for some hearty meals steeped in Jewish tradition, the KosherBox will make you feel right at home.

And if kosher isn’t the only Jewish tradition you’re trying out, the Shabbat Box from KosherBox might be right up your alley. It comes with everything that you need to host a classic Shabbat meal, including a silver kiddush cup (for the traditional blessing made over a cup of wine to sanctify the Sabbath), Sabbath candles, challah bread, fish, chicken, grape juice, and more. For $65 a box, this is one Jewish tradition you'll want to make happen regularly! 

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3. The Fresh 20


  • 20-ingredient meal plans
  • Printable menus, shopping lists, tips, & nutrition info
  • One-time payment plan for kosher menu plans


  • Ingredients aren’t included 
  • Have to go to the store to buy ingredients yourself
Monthly plan
3 months
12 months
Kosher plan 16-week EVERGREEN plan

The Fresh 20 boasts a unique and creative way to eat healthier (and totally kosher, too). The idea is simple but brilliant. Get all the prep you need to cook five healthy, fresh, and deliciously-nutritious meals every week using just 20 ingredients! How’s that for efficiency? The Fresh 20 will send you everything you need to plan for a stress-free cooking experience. The boxes include a 20-ingredient meal plan, printable menus, a categorized shopping list, an organized list of what can be prepared ahead of time to cut down on cooking time, and daily and weekly prep guides.

What’s more, The Fresh 20 has a tremendous menu that caters to all sorts of dietary lifestyles, including dairy-free, paleo, vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian eaters. The kosher plan is the most economical of all the meal plan options. Instead of constantly paying per month, The Fresh 20 offers a 16-week, evergreen plan that contains 4 season menus for spring, summer, winter, and fall all for a one-time purchase price of $18. That’s smart savings.

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4. Veestro


  • A la carte ordering
  • Great for weight loss
  • Bulk ordering to save
  • No cooking required


  • No standard subscription plan
  • Meals come frozen

Chef's Choice
Price per box 10 meals
Price per box 20 meals
Price per box 30 meals

Veestro is healthy meals made simple. It delivers fully prepared meals straight to your door. So, you can heat and eat in minutes. This is the quickest way to get nutritious and delicious food into your body, a great option for people who are just too busy to cook. Choose from three different ordering options and a tremendous menu selection. Meals range from roughly $9-$11 per meal, depending on your ordering options. 

Veestro offers a lot of conveniences, aside from delivering ready-made meals to your table. For one thing, you can order a la carte. That means you are not confined to the choices and quantities that the service dictates. Want more of one dish? Go ahead and order two! Craving something specific? Pile it on! The a la carte ordering is a flexible way to get the meals you want every night. And if you want to save on your meal kit delivery charges, you can order in bulk for greater savings. Veestro lets you order up to 30 meals per box for a deep savings plan.

Veestro also has a weight-loss option that consists of 5 and 7-day plans. This plan can be gluten-free and comes with all sorts of delectable options, including Thai chic ‘n stew, shepherdless pie, and red curry with tofu.

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5. PlateJoy


  • Custom meal plans developed by nutritionists
  • Free trial
  • You can choose your own produce, proteins, etc.
  • Option for grocery delivery


  • Doesn’t come with ingredients
  • Shopping adds to the expense and hassle

Meal Planning
Weight Loss
3 months
6 months
12 months

PlateJoy understands how hard it is to eat healthily and how important it is too. That's why this service offers customized meal plans to fit you perfectly. All PlateJoy meal plans are created exclusively for you, with your specific dietary restrictions, health goals, and lifestyle taken into consideration. Every meal plan is developed by certified nutritionists and chefs, so you get the healthiest and most delicious meals every time.

PlateJoy is a great choice for all types of dietary requirements, including low-carb, dairy-free, allergy-free, clean eating, ketogenic, vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, paleo, and gluten-free. It even has a kid-friendly menu option. PlateJoy delivers a lot of value for your money and helps you eat healthy, even on a busy schedule. You'll get unlimited recipes that are just right for your requirements and nutritionist-designed menus to help you hit your goal weight and other health goals. The in-app smart grocery lists help you save time and money on your shopping trips, and it reduces food waste, as well. You can get optional grocery delivery with Instacart too to save more time. And you can add your menu to the app, so you know just what to get. 

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Now, if you've been paying attention, you'll notice that the first 5 services all offer specific kosher meals. That's great if you are sticking to a very strict kosher diet. The last 5 meal delivery services on our list are regular meal delivery services that offer plenty of options if you follow a kosher-style diet or want to order vegetarian or vegan food. So, they’re not exclusively kosher, but they’ve got loads of meals if you like the general idea of eating kosher (or vegetarian or vegan for that matter) but don’t need the rigorous standards for religious reasons.

6. BlueApron

BlueApron offers chef-designed recipes that are tried and tested before they get published on the site. All ingredients are responsibly-sourced, with fresh produce and sustainable seafood. BlueApron also has a wide selection of BeyondMeat products, a vegan and vegetarian-friendly animal product alternative. Choose mouth-watering meals like creamy pesto cavatelli with mushrooms and spicy breadcrumbs or go even healthier with the BBQ chickpeas and farro with corn, cucumbers, and hard-boiled eggs. Bon appetite! 

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7. HomeChef

HomeChef is one of the most popular meal kit delivery services, and for good reason. It offers tons of menu options, has a great variety of cuisine styles, and meals start at just $6.99 a serving. What’s more, HomeChef has a great customization option that lets you swap out a protein, add more, and change things up to suit your dietary needs. HomeChef even has great vegetarian options, as well.

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8. HelloFresh

HelloFresh is another one of the big names in meal kit delivery services. Every week it offers a fresh menu of more than 20 meal options, and each one is always mouth-watering and exciting. From balsamic fig chicken with roasted potatoes and lemony green beans to brown butter rigatoni with asparagus, walnuts, and ricotta, HelloFresh has some of the most tantalizing menu options out there. There's no commitment, and HelloFresh even has a family plan for more savings.

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9. PurpleCarrot

PurpleCarrot is the unrivaled champion of vegan eating online. It offers kosher eaters and vegans alike a convenient way to prepare delicious, healthy, and diet-friendly meals in minutes. The entire menu is plant-based, so you know you’re eating foods that are good for your body with every bite. PurpleCarrot has a variety of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks that are loaded with healthy ingredients that are nutrient-rich.

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10. SunBasket

SunBasket is the first USDA-certified organic meal kit delivery service. That means that all ingredients are clean and organic for the healthiest meal options yet. SunBasket has a wide range of menu options that cater to several dietary plans, including paleo, pescatarian, gluten-free, diabetes-friendly vegetarian, low-carb, and of course, some great kosher-friendly meals. Proteins are hormone and antibiotic-free, lambs are pasture-raised, milk, yogurt, and eggs are all organic, and beef is grass-fed, grass-finished always. And best of all, meals can be ready in as little as six minutes! 

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How Kosher Meal Delivery Services Work

Kosher meal delivery services are great! They work like most online ordering systems, and are easy to use in a pinch. Here’s how:

  • Go through the menu to find the meals you like.
  • Subscribe to a kosher meal kit delivery service.
  • Choose your meals and enter your delivery schedule.
  • Receive your boxed meal kit and get cooking!

It’s really that simple. Kits come with all the ingredients, minus a few staples like salt and pepper. There are also easy-to-follow cards with directions for each recipe. You can generally pause or cancel anytime you want, so there’s no long term commitment involved either.

How To Choose The Meal Delivery Service

We've already provided you with a list of the best kosher meal kit delivery services out there. So, choosing the right one now is just a matter of sorting through these options to find the one that works for you. Have in mind a few things:

Level of strictness

If you need strictly kosher for religious reasons, opt for one of the services at the top of the list. If you’re doing this to eat healthier, you can have your pick of the litter.


Some meal kit delivery services offer more options than others. If you’re the type who likes a lot of variety, then look for one that has the most menu options and sign up for that one.

Delivery schedule and areas

Check that the meal kit delivery service delivers to your area! Don’t spend all that time salivating over a gorgeous plate only to find out that you can’t have that delectable meal delivered.

Tips For Saving Money With Kosher Meal Delivery Services

Meal kit delivery services have been proven to save people money in the long-term. Here’s how:

  1. You spend less on groceries because you’re not purchasing impulse buys, or buying those extras that you toss into your cart because you’re hungry or bored or enticed to do so.
  2. You save on the time and commute of going to the store.
  3. You don’t buy more than you need. Kits come with just enough ingredients to make the meals, so you don’t end up wasting food or money on extra ingredients.
  4. Order family plans to get discounted rates on your meals.
  5. When you cook at home, you save on the pricey restaurant foods (that are also super unhealthy for you!).
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