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Assurance Review

Sarah PritzkerBySarah PritzkerDec. 10, 2018

In a Nutshell

Assurance offers many different life insurance and health insurance policies through a variety of platforms. Its main strength lies in its willingness to help customers find the right life insurance product for their needs.


  • Quick and simple application process
  • Licensed in 50 states


  • Must apply for a quote to access insurance policy rates
  • No live chat support
Assurance Assurance Visit Site

Best For?

Someone looking for a traditional life insurance model with the option of applying online as well as over the phone. Assurance emphasizes that its goal is to help every customer find the right life insurance product, even if that’s with a different company, so it’s also ideal for anyone who needs a lot of guidance and explanation instead of a life insurance application form that is completed and underwritten without any discussion with a personal advisor.

Application Process

The application process for Assurance life insurance policies is very straightforward. You can begin online and then move to the phone or conduct it entirely online or over the phone. The online application process is a very simple set of guided questions asking about your age, height, weight, whether or not you are a smoker, and your basic health, as well as your current address.

You’ll receive a life insurance quote by email. There’s no information about whether or not you’ll need a health check or how long it takes until your coverage is in place. Because of Assurance’s individual approach to life insurance policies, you won’t be able to check out rates without completing the application form first.

Policy Types and Terms

Assurance offers both life insurance and health insurance policies. The most popular policy is Term Life & Final Expense. There is no information about the requirements or details about the policies.

How Safe Is It?

Assurance has a rating of A+ from the Better Business Bureau and the website is secured by Norton antivirus to make sure that your sensitive personal information is kept safe. Assurance is transparent about the data that it collects, which includes your financial information, health profile, and device information, and it will share that data with trusted partners only.

 Help & Support

Assurance offers customer support via email at and over the phone at 1-844-358-4700. There are no clear hours given for customer support so it appears to be available 24/7.

Assurance is very eager to help potential customers choose the right life insurance policy through its own company or another life insurance company for which it is a carrier and broker. The website offers very little practical information and the FAQ section is very sparse. Once you have a policy through Assurance, though, you can log in to the personal customer platform to access more information and support.

Assurance Assurance Visit Site


Assurance offers both life insurance and health insurance policies as a direct insurer. It offers its own life and health insurance policies as well as acting as a broker for many other insurance brokers, products, and carriers. It aims to give customers the flexibility to apply for insurance online or over the phone. In this vein, the website is very simple and easy to navigate. Assurance has a rating of A+ from the BBB and is licensed to sell life and health insurance policies in all 50 states.

The website is simple and easy to use and the online application form is clear and well-presented, with the option to stop and talk to a customer service representative repeated on every page. Assurance offers many different life insurance and health insurance policies through a variety of platforms, but the lack of information about eligibility requirements, policy terms, and rates is a frustrating obstacle.

Physical Address

11400 SE 8th ST Suite 360

Bellevue, WA


Sarah PritzkerBySarah PritzkerMay. 14, 2018
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