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AIG Review StaffMar. 26, 2019

In a Nutshell

AIG Direct offers an impressive number of term and whole life insurance policies that suit a wide array of needs. Policyholders of any budget, age or health status will find something to help their loved ones financially in the event of death.


  • Range of policies that suit a wide variety of circumstances
  • Long history of excellent service and financial stability


  • Strict requirement of medical exams with just a few exceptions
  • Quotes available only via representatives

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Best For?

AIG Direct is excellent if you’re looking for a good variety of options. One of the aspects that stands out the most is the low rates AIG Direct charges, which are ideal for younger applicants or new families looking for affordable fixed rates. 

AIG Direct also caters to older applicants, as well as people who are sick with terminal or chronic illness. If a provider’s long history of serving companies and individuals with life insurance is something that helps you sleep better at night, then AIG Direct is a solid option.


AIG Direct’s degree of flexibility make it one of the premier insurance providers on the market. Its many riders and extensions for life insurance policies mean you can create a unique and bespoke policy to cover your every need.

Major credit ratings agencies have given AIG a series of solid report cards, due to its history of solvency and good reputation. After recovering from the United States’ financial crisis in 2008, the company’s standing with the US Government insured that all policies remain underwritten in their entirety. Today, AIG’s financial standing is as good as ever, and it can entirely underwrite all its existing and new insurance policies.

Application Process

Whereas some competitors offer online forms and applications, email integration and other features that save time, AIG Direct relies on its expert agents and support staff to guide customers through the process of choosing life insurance. After filling out a short form on the website, you will be contacted promptly by a knowledgeable agent who will work diligently to understand the best plan for your specific needs and get started on the application.

Though a medical report is mandatory in most cases, for some special policies like Accidental Death it is not, and in cases like these AIG Direct agents will work to expedite the process as much as possible.

Policy Types and Terms

There are an impressive number of term, whole and universal life insurance policies available from AIG Direct to fit any financial requirement. AIG Direct has rates starting at just $14/mo for a $250,000 term life insurance policy. The flexible term life insurance packages feature the traditional “set it and forget it” ease of a fixed rate, fixed benefit policy alongside a renewable option and convertible term plan. The former comes in terms of between 10 and 30 years, with the benefit and rate based on factors including age, and the option to renew the policy after an adjustment, and in some cases proof of insurability. The convertible term policy offers term life insurance at flexible rates with great benefits, plus the ability to switch to permanent life insurance within a certain time frame, pending a review and readjustment of the premiums.

AIG Direct can help if you have urgent needs, as long as you are eligible for a fully underwritten term life insurance policy at the time of underwriting. A policy called Quality of Life provides benefits before a policyholder dies to help family members pay for medical costs and other expenses. It accumulates cash value, which can be added to other policies as a rider or extension with extra benefits. Flexible terms are available and patients must be diagnosed by a doctor as in chronic, critical or terminal condition.

AIG Direct also offers excellent plans for the elderly. Guaranteed whole life insurance is designed for older people around age 50 to 85 who want coverage no matter their state of health. Rates start at just $25,000 with no medical exam, with living benefits providing some income for those who are ill.

The company also offers a Universal Life Insurance package that enables you to pay a fixed monthly premium and then borrow against it or even withdraw tax-deferred cash from the policy. If you want living benefits of greater value you can opt for the Return of Premium policy, which is expensive in terms of monthly rates but rewards the premiums back on top of the original death benefit.

Accidental death is covered as well, and is available up to $500,00. If you can’t find a whole life or term solution that properly matches your needs, AIG Direct also offers universal life insurance, in which you can choose a flexible premium and death benefit, and accrue interest and cash value for life.

Help and Support

The support staff at AIG Direct is extremely experienced, and the company operates several phone lines and support divisions to handle a variety of customer needs. 

The AIG website has a host of useful information designed to answer the most common customer questions, educate you on finding your specific needs and address other specifics that could be confusing for some.

AIG Direct AIG Direct Visit Site


AIG, the parent company of AIG Direct, has 100 years of experience in the field of life insurance and has provided policies to 88 million customers in 50 US states and more than 100 countries. It has pioneered several unique policies that cover a diverse range of individuals and does so at rates that stack up well against the competition.  

AIG’s diverse life insurance plans are sure to be a match for most, and the company can work with you to adjust a policy to fit your unique requirements. You will find fair rates on whichever policy you choose, and will be pleased by the service that AIG’s support staff and agents provide. While other services may be more streamlined, AIG lays out its many options in a distinctly organized manner and relies on a practiced team of representatives to help you get what you need.

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