How to Compare Legal Service Providers Staff
Start an LLC
The decision to open a business for the first time or to change the legal structure of your business can have many short- and long-term consequences. Get assistance online from a registered agent service or from a lawyer or business advisor you trust.

Online providers are a quick, convenient, and cost effective way to register a business as an LLC in the United States. Before you hire a lawyer to file your LLC, it may be worth comparing legal service softwares and online companies that can match you with the legal provider that’s right for your business.

What Does LLC Mean?

Okay, this is not a basis for comparison between services. It’s still critical to know what you’re looking for when you compare providers, and if you’re seeking an LLC filing, you should understand the details.

An LLC is a limited liability company that provides a measure of protection to individuals who want to safeguard personal assets from business losses. A person considering incorporating as an LLC should seek legal advice before choosing the type of business structure, but there are many advantages to the LLC type of company. The definition of what an LLC means will vary in each state. The advantages and drawbacks of the LLC as a company type by state will also influence the choice of state in which to incorporate.

If you’re seeking LLC registration services, here are the main things you should consider:

1. Online Forms and Documents

A reliable legal service will offer a simple registration form, asking you to provide information about yourself and your company. You might be asked to provide your name, type of company, state of registration desired, employer identification number, date of formation, and other relevant data. This helps prepare the proper documentation and electronically file it on your behalf with the chosen state government. Some legal services, like Rocket Lawyer, also offer online contracts, non-disclosure agreements, leases and more. The more templates available to you, the faster and simpler your online legal service can get.

2. Customized Services

A registered agent service that assists customers in different states must also customize its web form to collect enough information for each state's requirements. You’ll want to know that they offer the service you need specifically, and can grow with you as your business needs change. The advantage of a lawyer or law firm is the custom service, but some online providers have competitive customizable plans and options at much lower cost.

3. Customer Support

An online service may handle most or all of your registration services online, but it is equipped to provide you with individual assistance. Look for customer support features such as live chat, toll-free customer service number, email contact information, web forums, and FAQ. A good online legal service provider will provide all steps for the registration process in one location and have enough materials to answer most of your questions and people available for you should you need further explanation.

4. What Type of Service is Included

Some providers will offer software to write up your own documents and walk you through document filing on your own, while others match you with the right lawyer for your business or personal needs. Many focus strictly on LLC filings or businesses in general, but if you need personal legal services, a company offering trusts and estates, leases, or family law paperwork for you will be the place to turn.

5. Price and Value

Depending what you need from your legal service company, many offer specific pricing plans, with ranges from basic to advanced or premium retainers for any products your business may need. It doesn’t pay to overpay, so price compare for exactly the level of service and documents you need. Enlisting the help of a law firm can cost about between $1000 to $1000, with state filing fees alone costing around a mere $127. Online legal services like IncAuthority have fees ranging from just the state fees to around $350, which can save a bundle if you’re getting what you need. Some packages include upgrades, such as extra certified copies or rush processing, so if you need that, a deluxe package may serve you well.

Time to Buy

If you have a small business already, either alone or with a partner, take a good look at creating an LLC and enlisting some legal help for assistance with contracts and agreements, non-disclosure agreements, leases, etc. Remember to consider the selling points of each company before you sign up for anything in order to find the one that’s really right for your business. Staff's editorial staff is a professional team of editors, writers and experts with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.