3 Reasons Every Homeowner Must Have A Home Warranty This Summer

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A home warranty is the smartest choice homeowners this summer

In general, a home warranty is a smart choice for homeowners because it guarantees that your home systems (like your AC or plumbing) and major appliances are repaired for just a fraction of the cost without one.

But now more than ever, a home warranty this summer is essential.

Here's why...

1.  None of us can afford to take a risk

Right now, the greatest advantage of having a home warranty are the thousands of certified and vetted local technicians that work with the major home warranty companies. These are professionals you can actually trust when a system or appliance in your home breaks down.

They come to you and you never have to leave your home. 

This eliminates entirely the nightmare of finding and trusting a random repairman that you're not sure if you can trust, and the possibility that you'd have to fix the problem yourself!

Choice has the largest national network of highly-rated and certified technicians.

Why Choice?

  • Fast same-day dispatch system
  • Pre-screened technicians nationwide
  • 24/7 support and customer help
  • 20% OFF & 1st month FREE

Choice Home Warranty Choice Home Warranty Get A Free Quote

2. Unexpected costs aren't in the budget

Your most important home appliances are also your most expensive ones and they can break down... any time.

Getting them replaced can cost thousands of dollars – an unexpected cost few of us can afford right now.

Repairs under a home warranty, on the other hand, only cost you a small service fee.

Liberty Home Guard is the leading home warranty company when it comes to protecting major, expensive appliances.

Why Liberty?

  • Combo plans
  • Claims addressed within 24hrs
  • Starting at $1/day

Liberty Home Guard Liberty Home Guard Get A Free Quote

3. Time is money

With a home warranty plan, a customer service team is always on-call to assess your claims. This saves you from wasting time on making multiple calls or waiting for the right guy to show up... which almost always means the problem just gets more expensive.

Select is a game changer in customized policies that give you 24/7 access to customer support and their network of technicians

Why Select?

  • Easy monthly payment option
  • Free roof leak coverage
  • $100 off & 2 months FREE

Select Home Warranty Select Home Warranty Get A Free Quote

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