Home Invasions - 6 Reasons Why Your House is a Target

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Professional burglars know how to quickly and efficiently walk in and out of your home, taking with them your most valued possessions. But why would they target your home? What makes your house stand out? Here are 6 factors that make a house easier to burglarize and a greater potential target, and how to make your home security system work to your advantage.

1. Easy access

Nobody leaves doors and windows unlocked on purpose, but houses with easy access are more susceptible to invaders. Some issues are just part of one's home design, such as doors with large portions of glass or simply having a garage connected to the home. Lock all windows and doors - even the garage door, before you step out of the house every day. If you need to, leave a note on the inside of your front door as a reminder. This can decrease your likelihood of being robbed.

2. Don't be a loner

Homeowners who are close with their neighbors are less likely to have their homes broken into. Closely knit communities are more likely to watch out for each other, and call the police if they believe something unusual is going on. Criminals tend to avoid neighborhoods that have a community watch or any other evidence of a close community. 

3. Landscape

Simple geography can make some houses more accessible than others. Burglars prefer to target homes with hiding spots and escape routes, such as trees or sheds. Being surrounded by trees or woods isolates a home from the surroundings, making it easier for invaders to sneak around. Homes that are open and exposed have higher visibility and not as many clear routes to make a clean getaway.

4. Lighting

Light is a simple but effective deterrent for nighttime break-ins. Nothing is more conspicuous than someone seen standing outside of a house at night. Burglars would rather target a home that is relatively dark at night. So just having an outdoor light or lamp can go a long way into preventing home invasion.

5. Occupancy

A house with nobody home is a house with nobody to call for help. Burglars look for signs that the occupants of a house have been gone for a while, such as an unkempt lawn, lack of cars coming and going, or a house that is consistently dark at night. Homeowners on vacation are a prime target for getting robbed. Try to leave a light or two on when you leave, to present the appearance of a lived-in house. Also, new home automation systems from home security companies like Frontpoint allow you to control the lighting even while out of the house.

6. Security

A house without a security system looks naked to a professional criminal. They see it as an unguarded castle, easy to break into and filled with treasures. Security systems are the bane of burglars, as they automatically alert police to them. Even the appearance of security can deter criminals. Something as simple as sticking a home security sign in your yard can make criminals avoid targeting your home all together.

Now that you know what makes your home a target, you can go make sure to avoid or fix these issues as fast as possible. When you’re ready for a home security system, take an in-depth look at what each company can offer you. Taking these steps may save your home from a burglary.

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