6 DIY Home Security Hacks

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Guard your home with DIY hacks
Even if you're already paying for a home security system, it’s a great feeling to make your home safer using do-it-yourself hacks. A security system can make your home safe but there are still a few ways you can protect your home more. Use these simple tips and tricks that may help deter burglars.

1. Strong Doors and No Glass

Flimsy doors can be easily kicked in by a burglar. Replace them with solid wood or 16-gauge steel. We also recommend not buying a door with glass panels; the glass can easily be smashed to unlock your door from the inside. And while we're discussing windows, consider replacing those that are next to all doors with burglar-resistant glass.

2. Make Your Landscaping Work for You

The problem with trees and bushes is that they provide cover for criminals, but some homeowners feel that an empty yard will decrease the attractiveness of their home. A solution is to plant thorny bushes under windows and any potential hiding places. Also, make sure to keep bushes neat and trimmed, or else it will look like you're on vacation.

3. Install Window and Door Alarms

This solution requires you to either buy add-ons to your home security plan, or you can just go to the hardware store and buy the battery-powered alarms for doors and windows instead. The only downside is that you'll have to respond to the alarm yourself, but we recommend this measure as an extra precaution.

 4. Get a Dog

Dogs, especially large ones, are one of the best deterrents against home invasions. If a getting a dog isn't possible, then just install "beware of dog" signs around your home. Sure, any wise observer will see that an animal doesn't actually live there, but a criminal will most likely not put in the effort to check if you’re honest or not. It’s easier for them to walk on by and find a dog-free home.

5. Beware of Who You Invite into Your Home

Sad as it is, many victims of a crime actually know the criminal. Take care who you let into your home, don't brag about new purchases on social media, and take boxes from expensive purchases straight to the garbage. Also, never post vacation plans on social media; just wait to share the experience until after you get home. Doing otherwise is an invitation for a break-in.

6. Record Serial Numbers and Take Photos

In the unfortunate event that your property is stolen, you'll need proof of what is missing for insurance claims or recovery. Take a day to write down the serial numbers of all major items: computer, TV, laptop, tablet, etc. Additionally, take photos of every cabinet, drawer, closet, and room of your home. Hopefully you'll never need to use these records, but you should still be prepared.

You’ll hopefully never need to worry about these situations happening to you, but keep these DIY hacks in mind anyways. When you’re ready to buy a DIY home security system, take a look at in-depth reviews to help you decide.

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