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In a Nutshell

Smart Health Dental is a dental insurance provider that offers 2 service levels for its subscribers. Both service tiers provide access to a range of services, ranging from diagnostic and preventative work, basic services, major services (including oral surgery), and radiography. But the plans vary according to the coverage percentages, maximums, and deductibles.


  • Straightforward plans with easy-to-access policy information
  • Smart Health Dental Elevate provides comprehensive coverage


  • Orthodontics work not covered
  • Basic plan does not cover major services, including root canals

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Best For

Those without dental insurance that want access to a trustworthy provider that is transparent about the services they offer. Members also have the ability to choose their dentist and start using benefits as soon as they are accepted to the plan.

Top Features

Smart Health Dental Insurance members have access to a comprehensive range of treatments and services, ranging from basic services such as emergency palliative treatment (80% coverage with a participating dentist on the basic plan), to minor restorative services such as fillings and crowns (20%-50% coverage on Smart Health Dental Elevate).

Before considering signing up, users are also able to quickly regenerate a free quote by entering their zip code into the website. This allows them to review the best plan options in their locality and see a pricing breakdown for both levels of coverage. 

Smart Dental Insurance also maintains an online provider directory that it offers in association with The company works with a network of more than 200,000 licensed dentists throughout the US. This makes it easy for users to quickly find a dentist in their area that can offer the service they require.

The main benefits for users are:

  • Seamless quote generation based on locality
  • Accessible online provider directory with easy filtering options
  • Wide treatment options

Specifically, the plans cover:

  • Diagnostic and preventative services
  • Emergency palliative treatment, to provide pain relief in the event of a dental emergency
  • Radiography services, including bite-wing x-rays 
  • Minor restorative services, such as fillings
  • Periodontic services
  • Endodontic services
  • Oral surgeries, including extractions and dental surgery
  • Major restorative treatments, including crowns
  • Relines and repairs

On the higher tier (Smart Health Dental Elevate) members also get access to dentists that provide:

  • Brush biopsy services—for detecting oral cancers
  • Sealant treatments, to prevent the decay of permanent molars
  • A more comprehensive range of minor services covered, including fillings

Smart Health Dental also has a team of Care Coordinators whose job it is to advocate for their patients and explain to them the benefits that they are eligible for under the plan. They can be reached by telephone during business hours. 

Neither of the 2 plans cover orthodontic services, such as braces.

Who Is Eligible

Members must be:

  • Based in the United States.
  • Membership to Communicating for America (CA) is also technically required, although members are enrolled into their program as part of the subscription process.

Why It’s Good For Families

Families with members of different ages have differing dental service needs. Smart Health Dental Insurance is a great choice for families.

  • Parents suffering from gum disease can use periodontic services.
  • Children requiring their first fillings can receive a 50% deductible through a member or non-member dentist. 

Why It’s Good For Students And Seniors

Both students and seniors can also benefit from the services provided:

  • The comprehensive directory of providers includes dentists located both close to college campuses and within easy access of old age homes and residential care facilities.
  • Older patients have more complex dentistry needs. Thankfully, Smart Health Dental Insurance has options for all age groups, including fillings for younger patients and comprehensive denture repair options for older members. 

Which Areas Is It Available In?

Smart Health Dental Insurance has providers located throughout the United States.

The company is underwritten by the Renaissance Life and Health Insurance Company of America, Indianapolis, NY, and in New York by the Renaissance Life and Health Insurance Company of New York.  

However, membership in Communicating for America (CA) is required to enroll for coverage under the Smart Health Dental PPO insurance policy. This program provides non-insurance discounts, such as rebates on prescription drugs. 

Policy Types And Prices

Smart Health Dental has 2 policy types: 

  • Smart Health Dental PRO
  • Smart Health Dental Elevate

The pricing is dependent upon the user’s area, but a free online quote generation tool makes it possible to retrieve this information in minutes.

The plans vary according to:

  • The deductible percentage.
  • Which services are included. The Elevate plan provides a more comprehensive list of partially covered treatments, including minor restorative services like fillings, which are not available on the basic plan. Additionally, more advanced dental imaging methodologies, like bitewing xrays, are only available on the Elevate tier.

Application Process

To apply for membership, users complete the online application form, which requires that they input their zip code. As soon as their membership has been approved, members can start using the plan’s benefits immediately. 

Smart Health Dental Smart Health Dental Visit Site

Customer Service

Members have access to telephone-based customer service, which connects them with the company’s team of Card Coordinators. In addition to being patient advocates, the care coordinators can help advise patients on the lowest price options available to them in their area, and even help them to book an appointment with the provider that they choose. 

If users require additional information about their coverage options under the plan, the Care Coordinators are also able to assist with this information over the phone. Finally, there’s a live chat option which can help prospective customers learn more about what the plans cover.

Bottom Line

Smart Health Dental is a great choice for people without dental insurance that want access to a program that they can begin using as soon as they are accepted. The 2 service tiers contain plenty of treatment options that are suitable for users of all age groups. StaffJun. 18, 2019
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