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In a Nutshell

Agile Health Insurance is an online comparison website that allows users to search the full gamut of health and dental insurance plans, including those designed to cover cosmetic procedures, such as tooth whitenings, as well as more invasive procedures like root canals that could easily cost tens of thousands of dollars without insurance.


  • A quick and effective health insurance comparison engine
  • Allows users to easily find affordable plans from providers


  • Agile Health doesn’t provide any plans of its own
  • As an aggregation tool, it may miss some worthwhile plans

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Best For

Agile Health Insurance is perfect for somebody that needs to get health insurance for whatever reason, but does not have the time to trawl through various providers’ websites and compare prices. It’s quick and easy to use—users can simply input their zip code, birthday, and requirements and the system will generate a list of potential coverage options which can be conveniently sorted by price. Its dedicated dental insurance landing page also means that customers do not have to sift through pages of irrelevant listings as they try to find the policy that best suits their needs.

Top Features

Agile Health Insurance's online dental insurance comparison engine makes it easy to search for dental insurance plans. Users have a variety of sorting options, enabling them to easily find the plan that best suits their needs. These include sorting by monthly premium, deductible, and annual max benefit.

Additionally, the website provides a further set of filtering options in a sidebar that displays to the left of the displayed results. These allow users to (for example) only display options from a certain company or within a certain price bracket. 

When users click into a plan, they are provided with a plan-language summary that lists exactly what the plan provides. This is often easier to understand than the information on the providers’ websites. 

In addition to the searching and filtering options, Agile Health Insurance features an online “Health Insurance Learning Center” which is designed to provide customers with impartial information to further assist them with finding a short term health or dental insurance plan that meets their needs. A PDF brochure is posted at the top of each page along with the price and a convenient link to apply for coverage through the plan. The application process can be handled directly through Agile’s system.

Licensed insurance agents can also be contacted over the phone and by email to assist customers that want to ask specific questions about policies displayed through the site.

Agile Health does offer one service of its own. Teledoc is America’s leading telehealth service. It allows customers to access remote healthcare provided by one of the company’s telemedicine doctors. Video and audio-only consultations are both supported by the service. 


  • Comprehensive search engine, allowing users to easily compare dental plans
  • Learning center to receive impartial information about dental insurance products
  • Telemedicine service allows users to receive remote diagnostics.

Who Is Eligible?

Any customer based in the United States can use the service. Agile Health Insurance focuses on helping customers choose between health and dental insurance plans intended for those based in the US. A zip code is needed to use the search functionality. 

Additionally, the telemedicine service, marketed as TelaDoc, only involves US board-certified doctors. Those not residing in the US are therefore not eligible to receive remote consultations via its platform.

What It Covers

The dental insurance search engine will locate, and provide details about, the following plans:

  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans
  • Plans intended to cover cosmetic procedures such as tooth whitening treatments
  • Restorative dentistry and fillings-only insurance coverage
  • Plans that include oral surgeries and root canal treatments
  • Plans with maximum levels of coverage and no basic service waiting periods

Why It’s Good For Families

Agile Health Insurance’s search engine will be useful for families that have multiple members that require short-term dental insurance. Many of the plans featured contain offers for the whole family, such as discounted gym memberships for those that subscribe to a specific provider.

In addition, when families are located in different states, or require different levels of dental coverage, each member can use the search function to find a plan that is suited to their requirements and budget.

Why It’s Good For Students And Seniors

For those that don’t have a lot of time to learn about the intricacies of dental insurance coverage, or those that want easy access to a friendly phone helpline with specialist agents able to provide clear guidance about which plan to choose, Agile Health Insurance is a perfect option.

Students, in particular, may find themselves without access to health insurance for a variety of reasons—as may seniors who are post retirement and haven’t worked out a retiree policy through their former employer.

For both parties, the short term dental insurance policies that Agile Health Insurance specializes in sourcing could prove the ideal temporary solution to allow them to have access to the dental treatments that they need to stay healthy.

Which Areas Is It Available In?

Agile Health Insurance is intended for residents of the United States. The dental insurance comparison engine requires a US zip code to conduct searches. Additionally, the company’s telemedicine service only includes US board-certified doctors. Those located in other areas will need to find an alternative means of finding and comparing short term dental insurance plans.

Policy Types And Prices

The insurance search engine can find a vast variety of plan types from policy providers located around the USA.

Policy types: Short-term (PPO) dental insurance plans

Price: Policies found can be filtered to as little as $20 or less per month

Deductible: Varies depending on plan

Maximum coverage: Varies, but best suited for reimbursing small amounts, such as less than $2,000 

Application Process

Once users have found a satisfactory plan through the comparison engine, they are able to initiate a secure encrypted application directly through the website. Once details about the policyholders are entered, users are prompted to access a payment and billing terminal where they can input their credit card details. After the policy has been approved by the dental insurance provider, the users should receive complete information about their policy. The entire application process takes mere minutes.

Agile Health Insurance Agile Health Insurance Visit Site

Customer Service

Agile Health Insurance has an entire team of licensed insurance agents ready to take user calls through the company’s helpline. These can be reached on a toll-free number from within the US and also by email. Feedback on these support channels has been overwhelmingly positive, with users reporting that the agents helped explain the intricacies of various dental insurance products to them in order to guide them toward choosing the most suitable option for their requirements.

The company also operates an online learning and help center which contains a helpful glossary, impartial information about insurance products, and an FAQ section. Customers should be able to source all the information they need here to make an informed decision about which plan to subscribe to.

Bottom Line

For those looking for an easy means of taking out short term dental insurance, Agile Health Insurance is the perfect comparison and booking agent. It allows customers to get quick and easy access into the various short term policies that are available in their zip code. The streamlined application process takes minutes and the company has extensive support resources available to help out. StaffJun. 18, 2019
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