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Top10.com StaffByTop10.com StaffJun. 14, 2019

In a Nutshell

For almost 20 years, 1Dental.com has provided a means for users to get discounts of anywhere between 15% and 60% on dental care. The company works with a nationwide network of dental care providers and after signing up, users can start getting discounts within days, with no deductibles, and no annual limits on how much you use the card.


  • Free membership in a vision care discounts program
  • Orthodontics included


  • Not available in VT (dental access plan not available in WA)
  • Not a prescription drug plan

1Dental 1Dental Visit Site

Best for?

People who are looking for long-term and immediate dental care at an affordable price, without having to opt for full dental insurance. The plan allows you to also add parents or other family members to the plan, so it can be a way to get a lot of people discounted care. 

Top Features 

  • See specialists without a referral

  • Include anyone in your household

  • Find schedule of fees online 

  • Orthodontics included

  • Nationwide network of providers 

  • Get discounted vision care included with membership 

  • Save 15%-60% on treatment 

Who is Eligible? 

1Dental.com won’t prevent you from joining just because of a prior dental issue, and states online that “all dental conditions accepted.” As long as you’re over 18 and there is a network provider in your area, you are eligible to use the service. 

What it Covers 

1Dental.com provides discounts for dozens and dozens of procedures, including adjunctive services (anesthesia, analgesia, etc), orthodontics, oral surgery, prosthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, diagnostic, preventative, and restorative treatment. The following discount percentages are listed on the 1Dental website

  •  Oral evaluations (74% off)
  • Bitewings (65%-72% off)

  • Panoramic radiographic images (74%) 

  • Prophylaxis (68% off) 

  • Sealant (64% off) 

  • Crown (over 59% off) 

  • Endodontic therapy (61% off)

  • Pulp cap direct (75% off)

  • Periodontal maintenance (55% off)

  • Dentures (over 65% off) 

  • Tooth extraction (73% off) 

  • Orthodontics (20% off)

  • Nitrous oxide (70% off) 

Why it’s Good for Families

With 1Dental.com, you can add members of your household to your plan for $50 each per year as needed. Doing so means that you are able to save money on regular dental treatment as well as unexpected dental emergencies. In addition, if you have slightly older children, the savings on orthodontics alone could make the plan more than pay for itself. 

Why it’s Good for Students and Seniors

With plans as cheap as $99 per year for a single member, 1Dental.com can be a way for people like students and seniors—who often live on a budget and tend to neglect dental care - to save some money in the event that they need dental treatment. In addition, with the savings on preventative care, it makes them more likely to get treatment before dental issues become real problems. 

Which Areas is it Available in?

The plan is available across the country, with a network of more than 100,000 dental care providers. It is not available in Vermont and the Dental Access Plan is not available in Washington.  

Policy Types and Prices

Regardless of which plan you go with, 1Dental.com will give you access to a massive nationwide network of providers. The plan is ready to use within days of your online sign up, and online you can always find listings of the exact savings you can expect for each procedure. The plans also don’t restrict how often you use the discounts. 

Price per year
Price per month
Price to add a member
Careington Care 500
$99 + $20 processing fee (non-refundable)
$9.95 + $30 processing fee  (non-refundable)
$50 per year
Dental Access plan
$99 + $20 processing fee (non-refundable)
$9.95 + $30 processing fee  (non-refundable)
$50 per year

1Dental 1Dental Visit Site

Application Process

Signing up for the 1Dental.com plan should only take the average person about 5 minutes on the company website or on the phone with a 1Dental.com representative. They don’t need an extensive medical history readout or a pile of forms to get the application processed. 

Customer Service 

You can reach out to 1Dental.com customer service by way of an online form on the company website or the customer help email or phone number. Alternatively, if you are in the Fort Worth suburb of Haltom City you could in theory go by the office, though that shouldn’t be necessary.

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