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Fast Track Debt Relief Review StaffDec. 30, 2018

In a Nutshell

Fast Track Debt Relief specializes in negotiating debt settlements on behalf of its clients. If you owe a certain amount of unsecured debt to one or more creditors, Fast Track may be able to get those creditors to reduce the amount of money you owe.


  • Free consultation
  • Fees reportedly go as low as 15% of total debt
  • Serves residents of 34 states


  • Only help with unsecured debts
  • Not a member of any of the major trade associations
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Why Go with Fast Track Debt Relief

Judging from customer reviews, Fast Track is competitive with other debt relief services in regard to fees and outcomes. Although Fast Track’s website doesn’t offer any information about fees, it reportedly charges clients as little as 15% of their total debt in return for negotiating a debt settlement on their behalf—putting it on par with some of the other leading debt-settlement negotiators in the industry. 

According to a summary of “top settlements” published on Fast Track’s website, between January and September 2020, Fast Track helped 183 customers reduce their debts by 55%-90%, at an average of 64% debt relief per customer. Going back to 2012, it says it has helped thousands of customers reduce their debts by 20-90%. Debt amounts range from hundreds of dollars to more than $40,000.

Let’s assume you qualify for the average settlement. Fast Track would get your creditors to settle for $1,800 and charge you at least 15% of your total debt, or $750. In this example, you’d end up paying $2,550 in total (to your creditors and Fast Track) instead of $5,000—a savings of almost 50% (or 49% to be exact). 

Fast Track doesn’t offer any guarantees about what it can achieve for each individual client, and its website lacks updated pricing information, but assuming it can help you achieve what it claims to achieve for many other clients—then you’d be getting a good deal.

What’s Offered

Fast Track only offers debt-relief services through third-party partners. It doesn’t offer any of the related services typically associated with debt-relief companies, such as credit counseling or debt consolidation. Its website is a little vague on the prerequisites of becoming a client. For example, some sources say it only takes on clients with a $10,000 minimum, but judging by Fast Track’s own site—which claims to have settled debts worth as little as $500—this clearly isn’t the case.

As with other debt-settlement companies, it would be accurate to say that Fast Track considers clients on a case-by-case basis. If it believes it can successfully negotiate your debt to the point where it can collect a reasonable fee and save you a reasonable amount of money—it will take you on as a client.

Here are the basics of how Fast Track’s program works:

  • Client requests a quote, and one of Fast Track’s agents calls client back within 24 hours for a no-obligation free consultation. 
  • Your assigned debt specialist will explain our program and our strategies to negotiate your debts in detail.
  • You and Fast Track work together to create debt resolution program. 
  • Fast Track opens negotiations with all of clients’ creditors and reaches a debt settlement.
  • Client makes monthly payments to an FDIC insured dedicated savings account to accumulate funds. 
  • Fast Track notifies your creditors to cease contact with you and begins the negotiation process based on the funds in your savings account.
  • With your consent, terms are agreed upon and you pay your new accounts through Fast Track.


Fast Track specializes in debt settlements or, in other words, successfully negotiating with creditors to get its clients’ debts reduced. 

Highlights include:

  • Free consultation
  • Debt reduced by 20%-90%
  • Debt settlements for amounts of $500 to $40,000+

Types of Debt Covered

Fast Track Debt Relief offers debt relief services for unsecured debt, such as credit card debt, unsecured personal loans, and unpaid medical bills. It serves customers in all 50 states and DC.

Unfortunately, Fast Track doesn’t offer services for any secured types of debt. It can’t help with any debt linked to collateral, such as a car loan or mortgage, or tax debt with the IRS.

Site Security 

In order to get a quote, applicants are asked to fill out only your first and last name, phone number, email address, state, and level of total unsecured debt. Fast Track doesn’t ask for any sensitive information at the application stage. There’s no need to enter your home address, employer information, or Social Security number into the online form.

Fast Track isn’t a member of the AFCC or IAPDA, the 2 main trade associations for debt-relief companies. This in itself doesn’t mean Fast Track is any less secure than other debt-relief services, but it does mean Fast Track lacks an official seal of approval and that it hasn’t been independently verified for meeting the highest industry standards. That said, those certifications are not required for practicing in this field.

Fast Track Debt Relief Fast Track Debt Relief Visit Site

Help & Support

Trustpilot gives Fast Track a total score of 8.5/10 based on a handful of customer reviews since 2013. Although Fast Track hasn’t received as many customer reviews as you’d expect from a company operating for more than 6 years, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive and attest to the fact that Fast Track has helped many individuals from around the US negotiate successfully with their creditors.

Fast Track offers customer support by live chat or through its toll-free phone number below. It also promises to call applicants within 24 hours of filling out an online request for a free quote.

Physical Address

Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.

1901 Cypress Creek Rd. Suite 400

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 StaffJun. 18, 2019
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