Top 10 Gamer Dating Sites for 2021

Sarah Pritzker
Top 10 Gamer Dating Sites for {year}
In short, modern-day gaming is definitely not a game. This is why gamers need dating options that are unique to their personalities and passions. Standard dating sites are stocked with people who just don’t get it. They simply can’t relate to the experience and personal bond most people develop to their gaming. And that’s how gamer dating sites have started to develop.

Why Do We Need Dating Sites for Video Game Lovers and Self-Professed Geeks?

These top dating sites and apps are bringing together the dating community for a chance to find love within a network of people who can completely relate to one another under a common interest: their love for gaming. Think it’s a little too niche? Think again. Here’s why gamers are flocking to gamer-specific dating services to help them find dates, relationships, and companionship:

  • Common ground

All dating experts will tell you that you need to find some common ground to launch a relationship. And gamers dating sites give you an easy, and enjoyable springboard to start from. Yes, each person in the network understands intimately the rush, the feeling of excitement and accomplishment, the elation you feel when you level up, and the personal bond you have with your avatar.

  • Genre-specific dating profiles and features

What’s more, these dating sites were designed for gamers. Everything from the questions on the dating profiles (what’s ) to the communication styles were crafted to make dating easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable than the typical dating sites.

  • Dating style preferences

What’s more, gamers tend to have a different dating style than most. While the occasional dinner at an upscale restaurant may be called upon for a special event, gamers frequently prefer to stay indoors for their dates. They’re not agoraphobic, they just want to play! In fact, some of the best dates gamer couples have enjoyed involved staying at home, sharing a meal together, and bonding over their favorite multi-player game.

  • A more real, relatable dating experience

Finally, gamers dating sites let you date without the stigma, queer looks, and lack of understanding. Generic dating sites are filled with people who just don’t get you, and more may even judge you for your passion. Gamers dating sites, on the other hand, offer you a wide variety of people who are real, understanding of your drive, and share your excitement about anime, fantasy, comic books, and the rest.

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Top 10 Dating Apps for Virtual Relationships

Gamers dating sites bolster a healthy, relatable, and positive dating experience for gamers all over the world. They encourage you to share, flaunt, and express your gaming passions (share your favorite games, play games together, use your gamer personas and experiences in your dating profile to answer questions creatively).

Here are ten of the best gamers dating sites for finding that perfect playmate at last.

1. Gamer Dating


  • Search for & add favorite games on profile
  • Profile verification via real photos
  • Free games rewards


  • Several features are not live yet
  • No free account

Gamer Dating Pricing

Price for 2 months
Price for 4 months

With a tagline of “Life is a game, play with someone you love,” you just can’t go wrong. Gamer Dating may have been the first gamer dating service on the market. It was literally made by gamers for gamers and has all of the features to prove it. Profiles are heavily game-oriented with things like a place to showcase your favorite games, gaming accomplishments, and gaming preferences. You can also search the singles scene of Gamer Dating based on games that other players play. So, if you are an exclusive Legends of Zelda Breath of the Wild fan, you can search for other members who are currently hot on that game too and find your “perfect player 2” on Gamer Dating.

Gamer Dating has a great community, as well. It consists exclusively of gamers, and the community chat rooms are filled with fun, interactive, and useful streams. Here, you can rate, discuss, and find new games based on your gaming experiences. So, whether you're looking for the best build order in StarCraft 2 or want to find the best talent choices in World of Warcraft, this is a great place to find your new best picks.

Gamer Dating has decent rates for members, as well. And when you subscribe to a premium account, Gamer Dating will give you a new game to add to your library. The options are pretty impressive. You can get titles like SpellForce 3, Cossacks 3 Complete Experience, War for the Overlord, and Assassin's Creed Syndicate.

Check out Gamer Dating

2. LFGDating


  • Lots of truly free features
  • Excellent iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Cheapest gamers dating site


  • More limited dating pool than traditional sites
  • 2mb file size limit for profile pics

LGFDating Pricing 

1 month
3 months
6 months
Lifetime membership

Aptly-named, the (for the) Love of the Gamer (aka Looking for Group) dating site is geared specifically to gamers. Balking social stigmas, LFGDating dares you to be your bold, beautiful, and best of all, gaming self and helps you find other gamer singles who want to share more than just a game or two with you. It's got a fresh mobile app that makes sign up, communications, and account management easy for tech-friendly gamers.

LFGDating hosts tens of thousands of like-minded single gamers. It uses a data-driven algorithm to generate accurate matches from that dating pool. LFGDating has a free account that actually lets you do things (unlike most free accounts). With a freemium account, you can receive daily matches, respond to emails from premium members, and continue correspondences with any premium members. That's a lot more than most dating services offer. For a paid account, you'll get unlimited messaging and a no-ads experience. LFGDating has possibly the least expensive membership fee structure out there too. You can get a lifetime membership for only $50! That's the same price that some sites charge per month or year.

Check out LGFDating

3. Soul Geek


  • Fun and humorous profile questions
  • Easy search functionality 
  • Music and videos sections


  • Very genre-oriented
  • Sites a little outdated

Membership: Free

Soul Geek is the self-proclaimed hotspot for fans of the geekdom. If your interests span the spectrum from Sci-Fi to fantasy, video games, horror, cosplay, conventions, animation, comics, or even anime, then Soul Geek is the right address for you. The site was truly built with gamers in mind, and best of all, it has a refreshingly eclectic network of gamers (not just the stereotypical geeks you’d expect to find when cruising an exclusive gamer dating site).

Soul Geek offers gamer-friendly profile questions, and answers like The Force as your religion of choice, Klingon as your language, my other car is a tardis, ghost ship, or flying saucer, and which character would you be from the worlds of Sci-Fi, horror, and fantasy. Soul Geek also has good search functionality, letting you search by location (even country), interests (i.e., types of gaming you are into), occupation, and typical style.

Soul Geek has some cool features that let you see who is checking you out, who lives near you, and which of your friends are in the network. You can also see members who have birthdays today, an easy icebreaker to get the conversation started. Soul Geek also has a great section dedicated to user-generated video and audio content. This is a cool way to learn more about other members or just enjoy some great entertainment. But what most gamers like the most about this service is that it is completely free. Not like most dating sites that say they're free, but you really have to pay for a premium membership if you are looking to get anything out of the service. Soul Geek is truly free and will stay that way.

Check out Soul Geek

4. Girl Gamer Dating


  • Totally free dating site
  • Music libraries and photo albums
  • Large community forums for gamers


  • No mobile app
  • Limited info on the website

Membership: Free

Girl Gamer Dating is all about the games. It lets gamers come together in a non-judgemental and fun environment where they can meet other gamers looking for love and companionship. Did we mention that Girl Gamer Dating is completely free? That's right, you can chat up other members, search the database, and use all of the other features completely for free.

Girl Gamer Dating has an excellent gamer forum where you can discuss all things gaming and meet other gamers, share gaming tips, and learn about new games fresh on the market. We love the photo albums and music lists that you can browse and enjoy on this site, too. These features not only keep you engaged and entertained, but they can give you valuable insights into the type of person you are interacting with as well.

Girl Gamer Dating is exclusive to all gamers, nerds, and geeks. So, if this is your MO, you’re going to feel right at home in this network. Girl Gamer Dating prides itself on being a safe and free system so that gamers can feel comfortable speaking to other members without fear of personal safety or security.

Check out Girl Gamer Dating

5. Zoosk


  • Reputable dating service
  • More than 40 million members
  • Excellent matchmaking algorithm 


  • Not an exclusively player-centric site
  • No bisexual accounts
6 months
3 months
1 month

Full disclosure, Zoosk isn’t a gamer-specific dating service, which might turn some people off at first. But Zoosk has been pairing people up successfully for almost fifteen years with resounding success. That’s because it has an incredible dating algorithm (now we’re talking your geek language, right?!) that it uses to help singles find like-minded matches quickly and easily. And with almost 40 million singles in the database, you’re bound to find several other people just as passionate about games as you are.

Zoosk also integrates with social channels like Facebook and Google+, so you can easily sync your accounts and make signup faster and simpler. What’s also nice about Zoosk is that it gives incredibly detailed profiles, so you get to know a lot about a person before you’ve even made first contact.

Remember, Zoosk has more than 40 million members. So, you are very likely to find plenty of gamers hanging around this network too. And with all of the cool features like personalized dating insights, sleek mobile app, and the fun carousel of dating profiles.

Read the full Zoosk review

Zoosk Zoosk Visit Site

Those are the top 5 gamer dating apps and sites around. Here are 5 more dating sites that are worth an honorable mention. 

6. MaiGamer

MaiGamer is a location-based dating service that lets you quickly find other single gamers in your neighborhood. Create a free profile, browse through the network, and leave comments on other members’ profile pages to get the conversation rolling. MaiGamer also has a neat video game log feature that helps you easily find other gamers who love the same games as you for almost instant compatibility.

Check out MaiGamer

7. GamingPassions

Designed to be both a social network for gamers to find love with ease and a fun interactive gaming platform, GamingPassions offers single gamers a double win for anyone who loves gaming. In terms of dating services, GamingPassions delivers it all, including rich profiles with photos and descriptions, webcam videos, and chat forums. What’s more, there is no end to the social interactions available from this entertaining gaming solution.

Check out GamingPassions 

8. Dating4Gamers

Dating4Gamers spells it out very clearly. Press someone’s buttons, hit on a gamer chick, and have fun with other geeks and nerds who live life for the games! With a list of gaming systems you can relate to from Nintendo Wii to Playstation, Dating4Gamers offers a totally safe dating platform for gamers to browse unabashed. Join a free gaming chat, set up online competitions, and make new friends on this top-rated gaming network.

Check out Dating4Gamers

9. is another mainstream dating site with the numbers on its side. Founded back in the '90s, Match has incredible success for pairing up people regardless of where they are and what they're looking for. With millions of singles in the database, is a great place to find loads of other gamers looking for love just like you.

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10. VideoGamerDating

VideoGamerDating is an online matchmaking service that dedicates its time and energy to pairing up gamers exclusively. From multi-player online role-playing games to more traditional video games to cosplay convention enthusiasts, VideoGamerDating is all about helping gamers find people who love the sport as much as they do. So, don't give up on your favorite hobby. Find a friend to play the game of life alongside you at VideoGamerDating!

Check out VideoGamerDating

Find Your Perfect Player 2 on Exclusive Dating Sites for Gamers

With the advances in technology, the more open societies we're living in, and the movement towards embracing who you are as a person, dating sites that are designed specifically for gamers are on the rise. New sites crop up every day, and this is a trend that seems to be growing.

But not all gamer dating sites are the same. In fact, just a quick Google search will reveal just how many (and varied) these dating services are. So, how are you supposed to find the best one for you without trying them all? Here are a few things to look for when scoping out the gamer dating scene:

  • Niche

Maybe MMORPG are all you can think about. Or perhaps you are an exclusive Xbox 360 fan, and wouldn't have it any other way. Whatever your flavor, most gamers have their preferences. And these preferences can be as hotly debated as the mind-numbing details of a current political contest for more traditional singles. If this sounds familiar to you, then you will completely understand why niche shopping is a good idea. Find a gamers dating service that caters to your specific style of gaming and personality. If one caters to many, that's also suitable. But the more niche you get, the better.

  • Price

Let's not mince words here. Even gamers need to eat. Price matters when it comes to any service. The good news is that gamers dating sites are frequently completely free of charge. If you've noticed, several of the services mentioned on the top ten list include free sites. So, if you don't have a lot of money to spare, you can still find love. Even the for-pay dating services are by no means pricey. These gamer-oriented services are meant to help gamers find love and companionship, not empty their bank accounts. You can easily find a quality site that has a good price tag, too. Just make sure the dating service is legit and that you're not signing away your privacy or your life inadvertently.

  • Quality

Finally, look for a quality dating service. This means two things for dating sites:

1. User interface

As a geek, you can certainly recognize a clean interface over a sloppy one. Messy, cluttered, or outmoded websites are clunky, hard to use, and painful to look at. Find a gamers dating site that makes you want to be there. After all, you’re likely going to be spending a lot of time on this forum hanging out with your new love or BFFs.

2. Features

A good dating site has easy search functionality, good communication tools, and intelligent matchmaking algorithms. Good features = a good user experience.

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