Spoof-Site Amazon Dating Brings Just the Right Amount of Irony this Valentine’s Day

Scott Hirsch
Amazon Dating Brings Just the Right Amount of Irony this Valentine’s Day
It looks like Amazon. It feels like Amazon. And yes, it’s a spoof—but the timing of Amazon Dating is perfect.

After all, Valentine’s Day is this Friday. Amazon is known for next-day shipping, so why not carry that over to the lovesick and alone still trying to salvage some Valentine’s Day plans?

In all actuality, don’t expect one of the various singles listed on Amazon Dating to show up to your door 24 hours later. But the experiment, created by conceptual artist Ani Acopian and music producer Suzy Shinn, has been blowing up on social media, clearly tapping into the absurdity of online consumerism and our weary resignation to it. 

Amazon Dating looks exactly like the Amazon platform, from the iconic Amazon logo up top to the modular product listings, each adorned with Prime icons and star reviews. Except these products aren’t products, they’re singles supposedly looking for a date. 

Each listing features a smiling, awkwardly posed co-ed, their name and date listed below the photo. Click on any listing and you’ll find a hilarious Amazon/dating-site hybrid of a profile with wry, sardonic descriptions. Katherine, for instance, aged 35, is described as being “upfront about her dad issues.” Ted, 22, “thinks he’s a good liar,” though one of his reviews—yes, each person has customer reviews—reads, “This unit needs a “quiet mode”—super annoying.”

"It started basically because I made a joke that I wished I could Postmates a girlfriend,” Acopian, the brains behind the spoof, told Refinery29.com. The joke turned into a project when she and Shinn teamed up with designer Morgan Gruer and brought in animation studio Thinko. 

The site is filled with plenty of working links and easter eggs that will keep visitors chuckling deviously as they explore. You can choose a different height for your date, purchase people “used,” and even “set up your friends.” The humor is dark, ironic, decidedly millennial and entirely appropriate. 

It’s a perfect facsimile of Amazon with a dark twist, a mirror-version of the world’s largest consumer site run through the filter of cynicism, instant gratification, modern romance, and online culture. 

According to interviews, the creators have yet to hear from Bezos and company. We expect to see a partnership soon. But until then, those looking for a Valentine’s date will need to resort to the old, Prime-less methods of meeting people.

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Scott Hirsch
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