A Christian Single's Guide to Setting up an Online Dating Profile

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If you’re a Christian single looking for love, then online dating is a great option for you. It’ll give you access to millions (literally) of other Christian singles who share your views on life, spiritual aspirations, and personal values. Online dating also offers a fast, easy, and effective platform for meeting these other singles, who are all prospective candidates for a long-term connection.

Where do you begin? There are so many questions, and there is so much information. How should you know what to do? If you’re ready to dive into the online dating scene but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s our handy guide to setting up a profile on one of the best online Christian dating sites, including a few tricks and tips to keep things fun, safe, and running smoothly.

How to Set up Your Online Dating Profile

While every online dating site has its own style and angle, most of the services have the same general signup and setup process. Take Match.com, for example. Match.com is the largest and most successful online dating service to date, and it’s been responsible for millions of matches over its 20-year career. So, this site knows a thing or 2 about dating. Setting up a profile with Match.com is simple:

Step 1: Sign Up

  • Tell the service who you are, your date of birth, location, and what you are looking for in terms of gender and relationship.

  • Sign up for the account type and subscription plan you want (annual or monthly billing).

  • Get started.

Step 2: Profile

Now’s where the real fun begins. You'll be asked a short series of profile questions to help the system better get to know you and your dating preferences. Each site has its own questionnaire, and the length and level of detail will vary greatly. For example, some sites like Christian Mingle will let you jump right in after a few basic questions. On the other hand, a site like eHarmony has hundreds of questions. Answer these questions to give the algorithm the best picture of you and your preferences.

Step 3: Pictures

Next, you’ll want to add a few photos to your profile. While we all want to be judged by the quality of our character, it always helps to put a face to the name, so toss a few photos onto your profile. In the tips below, we’ll tell you more about using good photos.

Those are the few simple steps you need to take to set up your Christian online dating profile. As you can see, it's really not difficult, and it can all be done in a matter of minutes.

Tips & Tricks for Better Profiles

Now that you know how to get yourself set up, here are a few pointers to keep in mind when you're writing your online dating profile:

Tip#1: Express yourself

Most dating sites ask you some basic questions about yourself. This gives the algorithm food for pairing you up with like-minded individuals. But if you don’t give them information, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any matches. Bottom line, fill up your online profile for maximum results.

How? It’s easy! Add details, talk about yourself (got kids? Talk about them too!). Let people get to know you as the person you are. This will not only lead to better algorithm matches, but it’ll also help other Christian singles learn who you are, so they can gauge if you are someone they want to date.

That being said, nobody’s sitting down to read a John Grisham novel on your dating profile. So, write a lot, but keep things to short paragraphs. Basically, put a lot of detail in as little real estate as possible.

Tip#2: Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want

A lot of people fill their profiles with what they're not looking for or lean toward date-hating. I've tried everything else, so here I am. Or I can't stand people who...None of that tells another single much about who you are or what you ARE looking for. So, avoid the negativity, and focus on things that you like doing, who you’re interested in meeting, and what you value in life.

Tip#3: Use good profile pictures

According to Zoosk, close second to Match.com, adding pics to your profile will increase the number of messages you receive by 203%! So, smile for the camera!

What makes a good profile picture? Let people see that gorgeous face of yours (though guys are more likely to get messaged if they're looking away from the camera), don't hide behind scenery, sunglasses, or a big floppy hat. Also, avoid overly silly, provocative, or disturbing snaps. Nobody’s looking for that on a serious Christian dating site.

Mix up the photos that you include in your profile. Nobody wants to see the same shot of you at your cousin’s wedding. You live a full, colorful life, so let your profile pics display your various sides. Full body shots, sporting activities, and travel photos also receive more messages in general.

Tip#4: Being romantic is a big plus

Let’s face it. You’re online dating so you can have a love relationship. So, love and romance are big wins in this world. In fact, you’ll get almost 50% more messages when you mention romance in your profile.

Word of caution: Though we shouldn’t have to mention this, we will. There’s a big difference between being romantic and being skeezy. Understand the difference and abide by it. Otherwise, you may get kicked off the serious Christian dating sites.

Tip#5: Be yourself

Be honest. People love it. You love it. And your dates will love it. Besides, after all the flirting, reading, and chatting, you will finally end up on a date with this person. And that’s when the truth comes out. They’ll see you’re not really as tall, as worldly, as rich, as thin, as whatever you pretended to be, and the relationship will be over before it began. They’ll find out the truth one way or another, so there’s just no point in faking it.

Tip#6: Give them something to talk about

Starting a conversation with a stranger is hard, and it’s even harder when you’re trying to get a date. So, give people something to talk about in your profile. Mention an interesting hobby you have, a cool trip you took recently, or ask a thought-provoking question. These give people an easy starting point to get the conversation rolling.

Tip#7: Check yourself

Nobody wants to date a guy or gal whose online profile is riddled with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and misplaced phrases. We're not saying you have to be the Grammar Geek, but a quick lookover of what you’ve written will catch most glaring mistakes and help you put your best foot forward.

Tip#8: And ask for advice

Also, don't be embarrassed or afraid to ask friends or family to check your dating profile for readability and likeableness. It can be hard to be your own critic, so enlist the help of someone you trust to give you honest, constructive feedback.

Finding the Perfect Someone is Just a Profile Away

Online dating can be a roller coaster of fun, funny, awkward, and interesting events. Some dates are great, others, not so much. Some people you meet are fascinating, others have literally put you to sleep on the date. Some dates have developed into meaningful relationships, while others have had you checking your watch to see when you can politely call it a night.

But the one thing all dating experiences have in common is this: they all bring you 1 step closer to finding your special someone to spend the rest of your life with. So, fill out your online dating profile today because the next date you go on might be with your soul mate.

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