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Christian Online Dating
As a good Christian man or woman living in the 21st century, you’ve no doubt had the internal debate with yourself at some point or another. Should Christian singles be using online dating sites to find their matches?

It’s a heated discussion topic with adamant supporters on both sides. Some people are just in it for the antagonism and excitement of the fight. When you peel away all the arguments, politics, and facades though, the question remains legitimate.

While nobody can tell you what is right for you, here are a few interesting Christian online dating statistics about online dating in general and some specifically referring to dating for Christians. We found them interesting, and the numbers just might help you go into the whole prospect with a clear conscience.

Stigma No More

A lot of Christian singles are hesitant to try online dating for a very real reason: they feel like friends, family members, or pastors will look at them like they’re desperate. Anxious not to be labeled as such, many Christian singles opt to wait around their parishes hoping some well-meaning neighbor will finally get it right with one of their suggestions.

Well, 2019 is where this fallacy stops. In fact, online dating has long since lost its stigma as being the frantic last option for hopeless singles. No, today the numbers tell a very different story:

  • 49 million singles use dating sites today.

  • The number of singles in the 18-24-year-old age range using online dating has more than tripled over the past few years, and doubled for seniors.

These numbers tell us that a lot more singles are turning to online dating as a viable, reasonable, and effective solution for singlehood.

Yes, Even for Christians!

We know what you’re thinking. Ok, that’s nice for some people, but not for a nice Christian girl (or guy!) like me. Guess what? The numbers prove you wrong again! Apparently,

And what’s more, 44% of Christians currently use multiple dating apps to get the job done. In fact, on average, Christian singles are utilizing between 3-5 online dating sites and mobile apps concomitantly. This is a clear sign that those of religious affiliation have wholeheartedly accepted online dating as a viable and efficacious way of exploring their dating options.

Here’s one of the lesser-known Christian online dating statistics that you might not have seen coming. Contrary to what intuition might dictate,

  • Christian singles reported that they actually preferred using non-exclusively Christian sites for dating prospects.

Maybe it’s the ability to connect to more singles simultaneously. Or maybe it’s the lack of being boxed into a specific category. Whatever the reasoning behind the action, more and more Christian singles are flocking to mainstream dating sites to find love and marriage. Among the most popular sites are, of course, eHarmony and Christian Mingle did come in at a close third, though, so if you prefer sticking to an exclusive niche site, this is a great choice.

Options Abound

And in case you were worried that you wouldn’t be able to find the right online dating site for you, never fear. There are currently 7,500+ dating sites around the globe. And what’s more encouraging is that many of these sites are niche dating services that cater to specific groups of singles (like Christians singles, hint hint). So, you are getting a huge pool of like-minded people all in one place.

Success Rates are Skyrocketing

Now, let’s get down to brass tacks. You’re probably thinking ‘All these stats are nice, but SHOW ME THE MONEY!’. Try on a few of these success statistics on for size:

  • Close to 75% of Christians find more dates using online dating websites. That's three-quarters of the people! On average, Christian singles have gone on dates and developed a relationship with a minimum of 6 matches thanks to online dating profiles.

That’s cool, but online dating, especially for most Christian singles, isn’t about having fun. It’s about finding someone to build a serious relationship with, probably even marry, eventually. So, moving beyond dating itself, does the online option help form deep, long-lasting relationships? These figures say yes:

  • One-fifth of committed relationships today started online.

  • 17% of marriages this year started online.

In fact, eHarmony is listed as being responsible for 4% of marriages in the US today. This stat doesn’t speak directly to the Christian online dating success rate, but it certainly gives you an indication that online dating is going in the right direction. What’s even more encouraging is that online dating relationships statistically lead to marriage faster than offline relationships. According to a StatisticBrain study, couples who met one another through an online dating site got hitched after 18.5 months of knowing one another. Offline marriages usually take on average, 42 months to develop.

And for the most exciting discovery of all, online dating couples have reported higher marriage satisfaction and lower divorce rates. This is typically because these people are more serious about marriage, have more things in common, and are more open from the beginning about goals and intentions.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Oh, and if finances were holding you back from taking the online dating plunge, you could put that worry to rest because:

  • 82% of Christian singles are spending between $0-$30 on their online dating careers.

Even if you’re strapped for cash, that’s chump change.

Making Things Work

God is working behind the scenes at all times and no matter what dating venue you opt for, but you kind of have to feel like His Master Plan has BIG plans for online dating. Aside from the supernatural assistance, here are a few reasons why Christian online dating success rates are getting higher by the month:

  • Widening the net

In fact,, one of the 3 highest ranked dating sites for Christian singles, has a whopping 23.5M users. That’s a staggering amount of options that are suddenly available to you when you sign up for just this one site.

  • Getting straight to the point

People tend to be less coy and more upfront about their intentions for the relationship (i.e., marriage) as well as their own personality traits, life goals, and preferences. This makes for a refreshingly open relationship and an easy way to filter out those candidates that just aren’t worth wasting your time on.

  • Like-minded singles

Finally, online dating sites have tons of features to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. You can filter by location, (yes) religion, hobbies, education, physical appearance, and more. Then you can send messages to the ones who are actually relevant to you, rather than random connections with people who don’t share your views. And with Zoosk shuttling around 3 million messages each day, there are plenty of people connecting to like-minded singles all the time.

Putting Itself in its Proper Pecking Order

And lest you think that online dating sites are taking God out of the picture, you can think again. We’ve certainly got to praise those who give credit where credit is due, so we’ll end off with a heartwarming and encouraging quote from Gary Kremen. The brassy founder was known to have said (with a twinkle in his eye and sincerity in his demeanor) that " will bring more love to the planet than anything since Jesus Christ." So, does online dating work? Well, apparently, it’s a close second. And let’s face it, playing second fiddle to some figures isn’t all that bad!

For the Love of God, Get Online & Get More Dates

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