The Credit People Review StaffDec. 10, 2018

In a Nutshell

The Credit People offers a bare bones,focused plan that can improve your credit within 60 days. It has one price, without any extra fees, making this company the ideal choice for the budget conscious customer.


  • Results in less than 60 days
  • Cancellation at any time
  • Flat rate for a set period


  • Few membership amenities
  • No proactive identity theft deterrence
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The Credit People at a Glance

Credit Bureaus
TransUnion, Experian, Equifax
Results in 60 days
Monthly fee or flat rate
Best At
Budget-friendly credit repair

Affordable Credit Repair

While many credit repair services charge extra fees for essential services, The Credit People offers a comprehensive service for one price. As such, the company has designed a credit repair solution that includes everything you need to fix your credit while respecting your budget. With a great variety of features that include 3-bureau credit reports, The Credit People presents an alternative credit repair service at a fantastic price.

Identity Theft Deterrence

The Credit People’s tools act as identity theft deterrence. While the company does not directly offer identity theft protection as part of its services, the products are designed to keep you safe. For one, the company provides you with credit reports from all 3 major credit bureaus as soon as you sign up, meaning that you can review them, and see updated versions whenever needed.

Additionally, a case worker will examine your credit report and find any areas of vulnerability to help you repair them. It also offers services beyond credit repair, which notify you if any of your personal information changes or needs to be updated, so you can stay on top of your identity.

Fraud Support

One area where The Credit People’s approach is strong is how quickly and efficiently your credit gets repaired. The company handles everything for you, from finding items on your reports that can be disputed, to identifying potential fraud and contacting the credit bureaus to ensure that you aren’t deeply impacted by any problematic errors. Moreover, the company guarantees that you will see results in as little as 60 days. The Credit People will send letters regarding negative items on your reports to all 3 credit bureaus to remove any faulty claims. Although a more detailed breakdown of the services would be helpful, including how many items are disputed on average and how much your credit can benefit from the solutions, overall the service is both reliable and effective.


The Credit People offers one of the best pricing structures for credit repair. The company offers a startup fee of only $69, which includes a 3-bureau credit report available directly on your account page, as well as an initial consultation to determine what can be done to improve your credit score. Once that is paid, you can choose between a monthly fee and a flat rate. The monthly fee is $69 a month, and includes all services.  

The Credit People The Credit People Visit Site

Credit Information Education

Education is one area where this company really shines. The Credit People offers an insightful blog that has very informative articles related to personal finances and guaranteeing your credit remains healthy. It offers a credit guide that focuses on helping you improve your credit on your own. The Credit People’s FAQ section also features some useful answers to common questions. While it would be nice to see a live chat feature, the customer support experience is excellent, and we agents are well trained and helpful when it comes to answering questions.


The Credit People presents a simple and efficient way to repair your credit. While it offers a narrower scope of services than competitors within the industry, the laser focus ensures credit success. The company guarantees results within 60 days, and backs it up by returning your money if you aren’t satisfied. With affordable and attentive service, The Credit People can offer a simple and straightforward solution to resolve your credit problems. StaffJun. 18, 2019 Staff byline
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