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In a Nutshell

Credit Saint offers transparency and customer service with its three credit repair packages, removing mistakes and increasing credit scores. It offers many educational resources and works transparently, with outlined terms designed to help applicants make informed decisions before they decide on an offer.


  • Fees are returned during a 90-day money back guarantee period
  • Multiple channels for customer support, including live chat
  • Each customer gets a personal advisor


  • Credit Saint is not available in all 50 US States
  • Start-up fee
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Credit Saint at a Glance

How Much 
As low as $49.99 monthly
90-day money-back
One-time work fee, monthly fee
Best At 
Communication with collections agencies

Best for?

A rare feature in the industry is Credit Saint’s live chat feature, which is great for people who prefer the ease of online customer service. Customers who are not sure they need a credit repair service but want to try it will appreciate the money-back guarantee, which promises to return all funds if no progress can be made. Credit Saint is best for those seeking top customer service and credit repair guidance.

Features and Services Offered

Credit Saint provides a credit repair service that hunts through credit reports and financial history to find inaccuracies. It then highlights this data, which may have impacted the credit score, and reports it to credit bureaus for immediate removal.

There are 3 packages offered by Credit Saint, designed to fit any budget. After a quick application process, which asks for a few personal details, customers are shown what price they can expect to pay in fees for each package. 

  • Credit Polish Package: Many customers will find what they need here, including access to Credit Saint online, eligibility for the 90-day money back guarantee, and checks on debt validity, late payments, identity theft, charge-offs, collections and other inquiries. Credit Polish purchasers enjoy toll-free support and are charged an initial work fee after which a monthly fee is assessed.

  • Credit Remodel Package: Designed to protect against an expanded array of mistakes, such as details about bankruptcy or repossessions. Customers can expect to pay the same initial work fee as the Credit Polish Package, along with a slightly higher monthly fee for this package.

  • Credit Clean Slate: The most vigilant service that Credit Saint offers, the Clean Slate Package comes with the proprietary dispute avalanche feature, a system that seeks out errors on credit reports with a high degree of efficiency. It also covers disputes on judgements as well, for a higher initial work fee and monthly rate.

Credit Saint works in 45-day periods. Customers receive a report, after the first 45-day period, from each of the 3 main credit bureaus. Individuals are also supplied with advice on how to improve their individual financial situation. The money-back guarantee is 90 days, which allows time to see Credit Saint’s results.

Customers have access to a personal advisor who they can contact to be appraised of their progress or ask questions about building new credit, dealing with creditors and handling debt. Users are connected to the same advisor every time, ensuring consistency and a personal touch.

Monitoring Utilities

The blend of services provided by Credit Saint works to accomplish improvements on credit reports.  After the initial repair cycle has concluded, during which Credit Saint does a full analysis of the customer’s credit history, finds discrepancies and pressures creditors to fix them, you will receive a new report from each of the 3 major bureaus. If no errors have been found, Credit Saint uses one more cycle before fully refunding those users who have not benefited from the service. How frequently Credit Saint checks a report or puts through requests to credit bureaus is unclear, but considering that there is a monthly fee for any of the 3 packages, it is safe to say that at least once a month every credit report receives a thorough checkup.

How Safe is It? 

Credit Saint is clear about which information it collects and when, how or if it is stored and shared. All of this is outlined on the policy page, which also explains that Credit Saint never sells or rents user information to third parties. Data of its customer is only shared with business affiliates and other internal partners to provide the most tailored solutions possible.  Additionally, Credit Saint is protected behind an HTTPS secure socket layer, and ensures the integrity of all personal and financial information that its customers provide. Credit Saint has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and there have been no incidents of information being shared or leaked, with customers accordingly satisfied from the thorough protection received.


One of the best features of Credit Saint is the fee structure transparency which ensures that each customer understands exactly what they will pay before picking a solution. The first work fee is a 1-time payment that covers the initial effort that Credit Saint expends on getting the process started. It is billed just 6 days after signup and ranges from $99.99 to $195. Credit Saint expects to find discrepancies within the first 45-day cycle, and at the end of every month customers are billed the monthly fee. 

Help & Support

Credit Saint makes its phone number accessible and has operators standing by at all hours to help with any request or concern. An email address is also provided and Credit Saint provides a live chat option.  Wherever support is contacted, expect pleasant service and someone who is familiar with credit repair. Customers who use the phone line do not have to wait long before receiving an answer. Emails typically take about a day for a response, and live chat is even quicker. 

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Credit Saint provides one of the most comprehensive and transparent credit repair services and succeeds at delivering an array of solutions that fits the needs of most customers.The company is quick to track down inaccuracies on credit reports, contact the appropriate bureaus to fix the reports, and produce tangible credit improvements quickly--or the customers receives their money back. These features combined with the easy access to customer support and educational materials help inform customers well before they decide which of the three packages offered is the best fit.

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