Lexington Law vs. CreditRepair.com

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Lexington Law vs CreditRepair.Com
Seeking a credible credit repair company is a good starting point for successfully confronting credit issues. Both Lexington Law and CreditRepair.com have demonstrated that they offer superior services with their consumer ratings, business reputation and results.

Restoring your creditworthiness is easy with a reliable company like the 2 featured in this battle—but which credit repair company has the best services?

Credit Repair Programs

Lexington Law and CreditRepair.com each offer similar, comprehensive services. They will both help restore your credit with no contracts. This means that unlike some other credit repair options, there’s no contract that requires you to continue with a service for any length of time. So, you can end your relationship with a company upon completion, or if you are dissatisfied, without a costly penalty.

Both credit restoration companies work closely with the 3 credit bureaus. Each is able to dispute issues with your original creditors as well, writing cease and desist and goodwill letters on your behalf. These credit repair services can also resolve credit issues from where they originated, making certain that damaging elements on your credit report won’t come back.

Lexington Law and CreditRepair.com will not only analyze your past history, but they will also inform you if any extra items are added to your credit report, helping you detect identity theft before it causes further damage. Credit monitoring lets you stay one step ahead of credit reporting companies so that any issues can be resolved before they do any harm to your credit score.

Both Lexington Law and CreditRepair.com offer superb identity theft protection services, protecting you and your credit cards from fraud.

The Winner: Draw. Both Lexington Law and Credit Repair offer superior services, so the final result  based on their programs alone is a tie between the 2 of them.

Credit Restoration Timeliness

Everyone’s situation is different when it comes to the time needed for a credit repair company to rehabilitate your credit. Some companies can take 6 months or longer to fix your credit, but both Lexington Law and CreditRepair.com have similar time frames: 4 months.

Lexington Law takes about 45 days for the first results to arrive while CreditRepair.com takes between 30 to 60 days. Lexington Law does not commit to handling all disputes within the first month and Credit Repair agrees to dispute all negative items right away.

The Winner: CreditRepair.com wins this round because it starts to improve your credit score within 30 days (though they can take longer by a couple of weeks). Credit Repair is in the lead because of its concentration on disputing all issues within the first month.

General Costs

Both Lexington Law and CreditRepair.com offer free case evaluations. Most credit repair companies will then charge you per month to repair your credit and increase your score. Lexington Law is very competitive with charges of $79.95 per month while CreditRepair.com costs $99.95 per month. Lexington Law does a standard setup fee of $99.95, whereas CreditRepair.com charges $14.95 to pull your credit report, making Lexington Law more costly from the first day, but less over time. Lexington Law does offer a competitive couples discount of $50.00, yet CreditRepair.com tops that with a $100.00 discount to couples.

Lexington Law and CreditRepair.com have no additional fees, though each company offers many extra options that you may add to the cost of your plan, such as debt settlement services.

The Winner: CreditRepair.com wins because it is less expensive to restore your credit without the steep set up fee, and it offers a better couples discount. If on the other hand, you have more issues and you think it will take longer than average, then the monthly fee is lower with Lexington Law.

Overall #1 Leader – CreditRepair.com

Both Lexington Law and Credit Repair offer excellent services with millions of negative items removed each year from their clients’ credit reports. Each company also has many years of experience and skilled professionals to assist you with your credit.  Because there can only be one winner, and based on all the evidence collected, the winner of this neck-and-neck battle is CreditRepair.com by a slight margin.

If you’re having negative credit issues,don’t hesitate to use either of these top credit restoration companies right away. Contact them for a free evaluation and get started today.

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