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Effortless Auto Loans Review StaffApr. 07, 2019

In a Nutshell

Effortless Auto Loans helps match car buyers who have bad credit or a history of bankruptcy and repossessions with auto finance lenders. It’s a loan marketplace that connects borrowers with a range of lenders that offer competitive rates.


  • Quick application process and fast approval times
  • Get loan offers from up to 5 auto loan providers


  • Website lackis information, no contact information
  • May receive unsolicited offers from multiple partners

Effortless Auto Loans Effortless Auto Loans Visit Site

Effortless Auto Loans at a Glance

Effortless Auto Loans is an auto loan aggregator that is focused entirely on car buyers who have bad credit, no credit, or a history of bankruptcy or repossession. Effortless Auto Loans isn’t a direct lender. The service it provides saves you time completing multiple application forms and sending those to lenders who are likely to refuse your loan request because of your poor credit situation. Effortless Auto Loans even offers loans for borrowers to buy a car without any down payment. When you complete the online form, you’ll be matched with up to 5 auto finance partners and another 5 car dealership partners who will get in touch to make you a loan offer.

Best For?

With its no minimum credit requirement and offer to provide loans even for borrowers with no credit at all, Effortless Auto Loans is best for anyone who needs help buying a car but can’t get a loan from traditional auto lenders. It’s also good for car buyers who can’t pull together a down payment.


With Effortless Auto Loans, you complete just one application form and have only one credit check made on your credit rating, so that your credit rating isn’t harmed even more by numerous credit checks from different auto lenders. Because Effortless Auto Loans is an auto loan aggregator and not a direct lender, there’s no information about typical APRs or loan repayment terms. Effortless Auto Loans promises to match you with up to 5 auto finance partners and another 5 car dealership partners so that you’ll get a range of loan offers to compare.

Effortless Auto Loans has the advantage of saving time and your credit rating by running just 1 credit check and sharing that credit check and your single application form with various auto finance lenders and car dealers. It’s a solid chioce for borrowers with bad credit and/or a history of bankruptcies and repossessions, since it claims that it will bring a positive response anyway. You can get a loan without needing a minimum down payment. Effortless Auto Loans promises fast response times and the online form is simple and quick to fill out.

Application Process

The application process for Effortless Auto Loans is simple. You’ll need to complete an online form that asks for your basic personal information. You’ll get a response quickly via telephone or SMS to make a loan approval offer. Effortless Auto Loans will do a credit check when it gets your application and share the results with the direct lending companies. It’s not clear how long it takes to get a final confirmed auto loan offer.

Loan Types and Terms

All loans are made by third party direct lenders so you won’t discover more information about the loans until you complete the application. Effortless Auto Loans does give you a choice of loans from up to 5 auto finance lenders and 5 car dealerships, including Detroit Trading, DriveTime, and 1800CarShow.

Repayment Options

Effortless Auto Loans doesn’t give any information about the length of repayment terms or the APR rates. You’ll need to complete an application form to learn those details.

How Safe Is It?

Effortless Auto Loans uses a secure server to process your application form and uses federally approved safeguards to keep your personal and financial information safe from hackers and cyberthieves. You can opt out of receiving Effortless Auto Loans’ communications whenever you’d like and the company promises to respect your request to remove and delete your personal information when you ask for it. Effortless Auto Loans is transparent about its policy regarding sharing your information and will share it only with trusted partners.

Help & Support

When it comes to customer support, Effortless Auto Loans falls short. The web site doesn’t give any way to contact the company – there is no phone number, email address, live chat, or even a customer support ticket possibility. Your only option is to complete the application form and wait for someone to get in touch. There’s also no FAQ section.

Effortless Auto Loans Effortless Auto Loans Visit Site


Overall, borrowers who desperately need to buy a car but can’t get a good enough down payment and/or don’t have a sufficient credit standing to get an auto loan through some other source, can turn to Effortless Auto Loans as a last resort. Effortless Auto Loans promises to help borrowers with no credit, bankruptcies, and repossessions and provides a choice of loan offers, so there’s no obligation to proceed with any given loan option. 

Physical Address

330 North Cutler Drive, 

North Salt Lake, 

Utah 84054 StaffJun. 18, 2019
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Effortless Auto Loans